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  • CHIREC Escapade


    Our CBSE primary students stole the show at the Grand Presentation themed ‘Escapade’! With Chief guests Ms. Suma Kanakala and Ms. Dasari Harichandana in attendance, it was a truly unforgettable event as the parents had the opportunity to witness an aspect of the holistic development offered to every student at CHIREC. The success of the event is a result of the hard work and the talent of our students and the teachers.

    More: KP | GB

  • Pre-Primary Grand Presentation


    A grand presentation with our tiny tots! Our pre-primary students took us on a colorful journey across India with their stunning state-wise dances and enthralled the audience with their moves. The event was themed as "Dazzling Dances of India", and the performers left the attendees awe-inspired with their confidence and adorable stage presence. Mr. B Sashikanth, IRS, Joint Commissioner of Income Tax and Ms. Mourya Boda, Chairperson of Brilliant Bio Pharma Pvt. Ltd. graced the event as our esteemed guests, who added to the joyous atmosphere of the presentation. .

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  • Stage 5 Graduation Day Celebrations


    We mark a significant milestone for our Stage 5 students from the CHIREC international section as they graduate and embark on a new chapter in their academic journey. We commend each one of our students` unwavering commitments to their education and are proud to celebrate such accomplishments.


  • Stage 10 Graduation Day Celebrations


    The graduation ceremony for the 10th-grade students at CHIREC was a momentous occasion. We celebrated our student`s hard work, dedication, and achievements as they completed this critical milestone in their academic journey. The students have grown academically and personally throughout their time at the school, demonstrating a commitment to excellence through challenging coursework and extracurricular activities.


  • Grade V Graduation Day celebrations


    The graduation day ceremony for our primary school students was a special occasion filled with joy, excitement, and pride. We celebrated the achievements of our young graduates as they prepare to embark on the next phase of their academic journey, having shown a commitment to academic excellence that will undoubtedly continue in secondary school and beyond.


  • CHIREC Hosts Two-Day CBSE Career Guidance Workshop for Teachers


    CHIREC hosted a two-day workshop on Career Guidance, initiated by the CBSE and conducted by two experienced educators, Ms. Lakshmi Prabha, the Principal of Prasan Vidya Mandir Mamandur, and Ms. M. Rajeswari, the Academic Advisor of Hayagriva Vidyashram School, Kanchipuram. The workshop aimed to provide valuable insights and knowledge to teachers across CBSE schools on guiding students in choosing the right career path for their future success.


  • EduFair@CHIREC


    CHIRE`s Educational Fair was an extraordinary showcase of creativity and innovation by secondary students, featuring an impressive array of subjects, including Mathematics, Biology, Fashion Studies, Economics, Mass Media, and Psychology. The event provided a valuable platform for our young minds to exhibit their outstanding projects and ideas, highlighting the immense potential of the future generation in education to witnessing parents.


  • CHIREC students win National Makers` Hackathon


    Our CBSE Grade 8 students Meehan Jain, Sahas Sandesh Maraboina, and Anirudh Amancherla stood first in the 10-13 years category at the Makers Hackathon organized by the Pravaha Foundation and IIIT Hyderabad. The event had 55 teams and four elimination stages. The CHIREC team`s project was a model PUD (Pipe Unclogging Device) that can autonomously unclog drains.

    On the other hand, CAIE students Ishan Edlabadkar and Hari Hara Nalamotu of Stage 10 won the first position in the senior category amongst 120 teams and four elimination stages. They developed systems to sustainably prevent, predict, detect, and alert forest fighters about forest fires

  • Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, Principal receives IPN Impact Leaders Award 2022


    Ms Iffat Ibrahim, our Senior Principal, received the prestigious IPN (Indian Principals` Network) Impact Leaders Award 2022 at Grand Honor Ceremony hosted at Greater Noida & Bangalore! The Indian Principals` Network (IPN Foundation) is dedicated in bringing 100 impactful school leaders for the annual event in one frame. We take a lot of inspiration from Ms. Iffat as she showcases outstanding leadership and has contributed in exceptional ways to the education industry, which is truly remarkable.

  • 10th Grade Graduation Day


    The 10th-grade graduation ceremony of the Class of 2023 at CHIREC International School was a joyous occasion that marked the end of a glorious chapter in the students` lives and the beginning of a new one. The ceremony took place on February 11th, 2023, in the school`s auditorium, and it was a gathering of proud parents, teachers, staff, and of course, the graduating students.

    The ceremony began with a warm welcome from the school Principal, Mrs. Iffat Ibrahim, who congratulated the students on their achievements and encouraged them to continue working hard as they embarked on their journey to higher education.

    The highlight of the ceremony was the awarding of certificates to the students. The students walked up to the stage one by one, dressed in their graduation robes, to receive their certificates from the school principal and other dignitaries. The atmosphere was electric with excitement and pride as the students received their well-deserved recognition for their hard work and dedication over the years.

    After the certificate presentation, a few students gave their farewell speech, thanking the school, teachers, and parents for their support and guidance throughout their time at CHIREC.



  • Activity Presentation GB


    Activity presentation for the pre-primary classes was a delight for both, students and parents. The day began with students showcasing the skills they have been learning through various activities such as aerobics, taekwondo, and Kuchipudi. The parents in attendance were impressed to witness the skill development in their children.

    Our parents also participated in a series of fitness exercises in partnership with their children, creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere. This was a great opportunity for families to bond and promote healthy habits. A musical performance by the students and their music teacher demonstrated their singing skills with confidence and energy, leaving everyone in the audience thoroughly entertained. The performances were a testament to the importance of physical activities embedded in the school`s curriculum and their impact on the student`s overall development.


  • Fun Fit February JH


    Nursery students participated in the Fun Fit February activities, which highlighted the importance of physical activity and fitness in the lives of children. The event saw students and parents participating in group games and activities which aimed at promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. The students played short race games with their parents, creating an environment of fun, excitement and healthy competition. Fun Fit February provided children with an opportunity to bond with their parents.


  • The Safety Club Launches at CHIREC


    Ms Shilpavalli Koganti, Madhapur DCP, served as the chief guest and graced the launch of the Safety Club. The Safety Club is an initiative to create awareness and promote safety measures among students. The program aims to educate students about various safety aspects, such as personal safety, cyber safety, anti-drug abuse & mental health.

    Ms Shilpavalli Koganti delivered the keynote address and shared her insights on the importance of safety and students` role in promoting safety in their communities. The program also included interactive sessions, demonstrations, and hands-on activities, allowing students to learn about safety in a fun and engaging way. The launch of the Safety Club is a significant milestone in the efforts to create a safer community. By educating students, the club aims to create a new generation of safety ambassadors who will lead by example and promote safety in their families and communities.


  • CHIREC Hosts Successful Activity Presentation for Pre-Primary to 5th Grade Students


    In our efforts to promote a well-rounded education, the school encourages its students to participate in various extracurricular activities throughout the academic year that challenges and inspire students, including physical exercises like aerobics and gymnastics, intellectual pursuits like chess and table tennis, classical dance forms like Kuchipudi, and musical instruments like the tabla, violin, guitar, and keyboard.

    Parents were offered the opportunity to get an insight into the activities offered and witness the growth in their children through an activity presentation session hosted by CHIREC for the students from pre-primary to 5th grade. The presentation was a showcase of the students` talents and skills. The students were motivated to give their best performance, knowing their parents were in attendance. The joy on the parents` faces was evident as they watched their children perform with confidence and pride.


  • Republic Day and Grandparents Day Celebrations


    Honoring the sacrifice and devotion of our nation`s founders, our students proudly salute the National Flag hoisted by our Principals, Ms Iffat Ibrahim (CBSE), & Ms Sanchita Raha (International Section), as we celebrate India`s 74th Republic Day. We also took the opportunity to celebrate Grandparents Day with performances put up by our students for their beloved elders.


  • CHIREC hosts`‘Learning without Borders` Teacher Exchange Program


    Learning without Borders is a Teacher Exchange Program that aims to bring together teachers from around the world to share their knowledge and experiences. Our Cognita colleagues from Latin America have been teaching in schools across Europe and the Middle East and now they`re here in CHIREC for a span of 12 days to learn and connect with fellow teachers and students. This program is an amazing opportunity for teachers to gain valuable new experiences, broaden their perspectives, and enhance their leadership skills. By participating in this program, teachers will have the opportunity to share best practices and collaborate with other educators from different cultures and backgrounds, in turn proving to be beneficial for the students.


  • CREX 2023 Robotics and 3D Exhibition – The Future of Technology


    CHIREC hosted a one-day event dedicated to celebrating student skills and creativity in Robotics and 3D Exhibition through their robotic models. They presented their projects in various categories, from 3D drawing and designing to sustainable robotic models. We were pleased to see the future of technology in action!


  • CHIREC alumni recall their journey to prestigious undergrad universities


    CHIREC alumni, Vrinda and Sanjana, who are pursuing their higher education at Virginia Tech and Northeastern University, respectively took the opportunity to reflect on how the CBSE curriculum at CHIREC aided them. It helped them blend into the rigorous academic structure at their respective universities. We are certain that their experiences will help many of our students looking to get into undergrad colleges abroad.

  • More on AP Exams 2023


    College Board’s Advanced Placement Program® is recognized by universities around the world as a standard of academic excellence.  Since 1955, the AP® Program has enabled millions of students to take U.S. university undergraduate-level courses and earn undergraduate degree credit, advanced placement, or both while still in high school/secondary school.

    Nearly all colleges and universities in the United States and Canada — as well as more than 700 universities worldwide — consider AP Exam scores for admission, and grant credit and placement for qualifying AP Exam scores. Most universities also acknowledge course participation, regardless of AP score, favorably in the admission process.

    AP Exams are administered once every year during the first two-three weeks of May. Registration in the Fall prior to the testing year is strongly recommended to ensure students have time to prepare.

    For more information visit College Board’s website: https://international.collegeboard.org/students/ap/taking-ap-india
    Access the list of universities around the world offering AP credits: https://international.collegeboard.org/students/ap/find-universities-recognize-ap

    Some benefits of Taking AP Program Exams
    AP enables students like you to:

    Stand out in university admissions
    Earn university credit
    Skip introductory university classes
    Save money on tuition
    Build skills and confidence

    Review the AP course descriptions for the subject(s) you want to test in. Each description explains which topics are covered in the AP course—and what might be on the exam.

    CHIREC International School, Hyderabad is authorized by the College Board to administer AP Exams.  

    AP Exam in 2023 will be conducted on:

    Regular Testing dates Late Testing dates
    May 1st to May 5th, 2023
    May 8th to May 12th 2023
    May 17th to May 19th 2023

    Detailed subject wise exam schedule for academic year 2022-23 can be accessed here

    Registration Timeline:
    AP Exam Fee (INR) per subject

    Late Registration Start Date

    Late Registration End Date

    Late AP Exam Fee (INR) per subject

    January 3rd 2023

      March 5th 2023

     INR 15,000- Regular Testing
     INR 18,000 - Late Testing

    2023 AP Exam Eligibility

    Students must be enrolled in or affiliated with a secondary school (high school) to take AP Exams. Students in any of the categories below are eligible to test:

    • Students testing at the secondary school where they’re enrolled.
    • Students enrolled at a secondary school but testing at another authorized school/test center.
    • Secondary school-level students who are homeschooled, participate in independent study, or attend a virtual school.
    • Younger students who are not yet enrolled in secondary school (i.e. below ninth grade) but are prepared to take an AP Exam.
    Prospective exam takers who do not meet the above requirements and have a legitimate need for AP testing must request approval via email from College Board at aptestsecurity@collegeboard.org, prior to registering with a test center.

    Testing Policies

    • I acknowledge that I will be under 21 years old (born after May 31, 2002) at the time of taking any AP Exams in 2023
    • I acknowledge that I will need to pay the test center and register online with the College Board by the stated deadline to complete my AP Exam registration and receive an Admission Ticket from the test center, or I will not be able to test.
    • I acknowledge that I have read and agree to test center policies above, with respect to payment deadline, payment instructions, refunds, and cancellations.

    Additional testing policies

    • You can take any or all of the 4 physics exams in the same year.
    • You cannot retake an exam in the same year, although you may retake it in a subsequent year.
    • You cannot take both Calculus AB and Calculus BC in the same year.
    • You cannot take 2 exams scheduled at the same date and time. Decide which exam you wish to take first and then take the other exam during the next testing window.
    • AP Exams at test centers are paper-and-pencil based and administered in person at the test center. In-person digital exam options are not available for students outside the U.S. at this time. Important ID Policy Update

    ID Policy for test centers in India:

    • Please plan any ID processing and applications in advance. Ensure you have acceptable ID to bring to the test site on exam day or you will not be able to test.
    • AP-authorized test centers in India will only accept original, valid passport as ID for entry to the AP Exam administration.
    • If original, valid passport is not available, then student must have the Aadhaar in either original Letter format or the PVC version with hologram only (both received from UIDAI). No other Aadhaar versions will be accepted.
    • A sample of the letter version is shown on the left; it’s the entire piece of paper and not just the card portion at the bottom. The PVC card sample is given below:

    Students will have to create an account on College Board’s website for registering for AP exams, Link to MY AP account: https://myap.collegeboard.org/login

    Find detailed information related to our Test Centre’s AP Exam policy and Registration process, Exam Fee in the .PDF document listed below:

    Steps to register for AP Exams: Please click here for Steps for AP Registration 2023’ for CHIREC

    AP Codes

    Payment link

    Late Registration link

    Cancellation link

    Mode of Payment - Online / DD

    The admit card would reach you via email by April 1st, 2023.

    Registration is valid only if information submitted through the form is credible.

    Successful payment alone cannot be considered as complete registration.

    Please create your college board account and register there. Registration on the google form link and college board both are mandatory

    Students must ensure that they have Registered for all AP exams, paid the Exam fee to AP Test centre and completed the entire process mentioned in the AP Exam registration policy by the deadlines listed. There will be no extensions to the deadlines allowed later.  


  • CHIREC offers Cambridge International Certificate for Classroom Practices


    CHIREC International nis an authorized Cambridge center for offering professional development qualifications (PDQ) in teaching and learning and educational leadership. It is a very proud moment for us to announce that we are among the 8 schools across the world to have been chosen by Cambridge to do a pilot launch of their new PDQ program in classroom practices. Cambridge International Certificate for Classroom Practices (CICCP) is a program meant for pre-service teachers or new entrants into the field of teaching. The program introduces them to the Cambridge standards for educators and trains them to understand planning, instructional strategies, assessment methods, feedback techniques and reporting mechanisms.

    The program is a 24-week long online training with dedicated hours of guided learning (expert led), individual and collaborative learning (peer learning) and work based practice (demo sessions). The program is expected to be launched in the 3rd week of January 2023. For more details, you can reach out to Shirisha Kondury at shirisha.kondury@chirec.ac.in

  • Winning a challenge at Cognita School of Future Conference 2022


    Grade 8 CBSE students Anika, Anusha, Aryan, Mehul, Sourabhi and Vivan won a challenge at the Cognita School of Future Conference 2022. As part of the challenge, keeping CHIREC and its holistic thought in mind, under the theme of computational thinking and programming, our students developed a project titled Myth to suggest an ideal school in the future and designed a virtual world in Minecraft education.

  • Christmas Celebrations


    It`s Christmas time! It was a super fun day at CHIREC when our Primary and Pre-Primary students across all campuses dressed up in red, white and green to celebrate Christmas at school. We spotted children decorating and eating their yummy cupcakes, watching skits to learn the meaning and value of the festival, singing Christmas carols, presenting the story of Jesus and having ultimate fun playing with the Santa Clause. It was a package of laughter, learning and lots of fun celebrating Christmas at CHIREC!


  • A Theater Ensemble


    Here`s to a dazzling week of theatrical experiences performed by students of the CHIREC international section. From an adaptation of Charles Dickens`s - A Christmas Carol to the Arabian Nights: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, this Theatre Ensemble named `In the Limelight` was immensely loved and appreciated by parents who witnessed these shows.

    Ms. Gayatri from our CHIREC parent community wrote to us, `I truly appreciate the efforts by the teachers and students who made the event as successful as possible. Being able to think on our toes around the situation and making it work to be a memorable day for us parents was commendable. Truly appreciate the role of the teachers, to be working in the rain under the tarpaulin sheet. A beautiful example for the kids to learn is `that no matter what, the show must go on`, and not to give up`.


  • Open house for Stages 3-5


    We witnessed an excellent attendance of parents as they visited the school for an open house for the International Section, Stages 3-5. At the open house, students displayed projects and activities from their regular coursework and had parents participate in a variety of engaging activities.


  • Rankings by Education Today 2022


    CHIREC International School once again clinches a top spot and regains its dominant position in the Annual Education Today rankings! CHIREC is ranked the best CBSE & International School in Telangana & Hyderabad categories. Retaining its place in the top 10 International schools of India, CHIREC has been ranked 5th for 2022-`23. We extend our gratitude to the CHIREC community of students, teachers, parents and staff for their enthusiasm, support and dedication to our vision.

    CHIREC International School awarded the Exemplary Digital Learning Efficiency title among deserving schools in India under the Jury`s Choice Award from Education Today.

  • Regional Science Exhibition


    One hundred twenty-three innovative projects were made part of the two-day CBSE regional science exhibition hosted by CHIREC International School on the 8th and 9th of December. Students from renowned schools across Telangana came together to participate in this science fair. Ms Iffat Ibrahim, senior Principal of CHIREC International gave the opening address, followed by a welcome song and a mesmerizing classical dance performance by the students of CHIREC. The purpose of the exhibition was to provide a platform for students to showcase their innovations and connect and exchange ideas with co-participants, mentors, and leading experts in the field of science.

    The exhibits were the innovative ideas and solutions offered by students from Grades 6 – 11, which revolved around the themes of Advancements in Technology and Communication, Eco-friendly Materials, Environmental Concerns, Health and Cleanliness, Mathematics for Us, Transport and Innovation, and Historical Development with Current Innovation. The distinguished judges for the event were Dr Rajanikanth, Dr P. Sumithabhashini, Dr Mudrika Kandelwal, Mr Ramchander Nirudi, and Dr G Kumaraswamy, who are experts in the field of Science and Innovation. At the end of the 2nd day, 14 projects were selected by the judges for the national-level exhibition.


  • A Theater Ensemble - December 12 to 17th


    CHIREC School proudly announces its Theater fest: `In the Limelight`. Please join us for the theater extravaganza that will showcase the talents of our students in the middle wing, the Senior wing and the IBDP.

    The details of the celebration are listed below:

    Monday, December 12, 2022
    Stages 6 A and B 
    Tuesday, December 13, 2022
    Stages 6 C and D
    - Alibaba and Forty thieves (A musical)

    A popular children`s story taken from the Arabian Nights work, One Thousand and One Nights, has been adapted into a mesmerizing musical, enthralling enough for all of us to say, "open sesame!" With the main character as Alibaba, watch the actors dance and emote in this enduring tale of love, greed and betrayal. The script for this production is written by one of the faculty members from the English department.

    Wednesday, December 14, 2022
    Stage 7
    - Wizard of OZ

    With the timeless message of friendship and teamwork, The Wizard of OZ continues to delight young people everywhere with its enchanting tale of magic, witches, flying monkeys and silver shoes. As you follow the journey of Dorothy to Emerald City to seek the Wizard of Oz, get ready to be bewitched at the spectacular show put up by our students of stage 7

    Thursday, December 15, 2022
    Stage 8

    - Pygmalion

    George Bernard Shaw`s famous work- Pygmalion gets its title from the Greek myth – the renowned sculptor of the same name fell in love with one of his masterpieces, Galatea. Later, the word Pygmalion evolved to mean "A man who "shapes" an uncultivated woman into an educated person." In Shaw`s Play: Pygmalion, Professor of Phonetics Henry Higgins is Pygmalion, and Cockney Eliza Doolittle is Galatea. Join us to watch this reflection on Human complexity in a theatre production put up by stage 8.

    Friday, December 16, 2022
    Stage 9
    - A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens `1843 novella, A Christmas Carol, remains popular and inspires adaptations in every artistic genre. A tale of hope, family and giving, the plot revolves around a bitter, miserly Ebenezer Scrooge. For him, Christmas is just another day. But all that changes when the ghost of his long-dead business partner appears, warning Scrooge to change his ways before it`s too late. We welcome you to join stage 9 as they bring the characters of this enduring work alive in a flamboyant adaptation.

    Saturday, December 17, 2022
    - Charley`s Aunt

    Brendon Thomas` romantic comedy of 3 acts is set in the late 1800s in Oxford, England. The original production in Globe theatre broke all records as the longest-running Play worldwide. We hope that at CHIREC, we break all records in laughter and comic timing with this production which has been an entirely student-led (IBDP) initiative- one that we are proud to share with all of you. Join us to be part of the plot as it twists and turns with the fortunes of Jack Chesney and his friend Charley.

  • SAT 2022 Examination Info


    SAT Date:

    03rd December 2022

    SAT Time:

    8:00 am – 12:30 p.m.

    SAT Duration:

    4 hours 30 minutes (includes entry and breaks)

    School Entry Gate:

    Gate No. 3 

    Student should carry the following:

    • -SAT Admission ticket (Required)
    • -Original hardcopy of Aadhaar Card/Passport or School Identity Card for photo Id verification (Required)
    • -Stationery as per the College Board Guidelines (No.2 Pencils, eraser, scale, sharpener, appropriate calculator). Please check the Admission ticket or website for more details - https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat
    • -Transparent water bottle and snacks
    • -Extra masks and sanitizer

    Students should follow the below protocol:

    • -Student reporting time is between 7:15 am to 8:00 am.
    • -Students will not be allowed to enter after 8:00 am.
    • -SAT exam will start at 8:30 am sharp and will end by 12:30 pm.
    • -The student will not be allowed entry without one of the Government ID proofs mentioned above. Photocopies, softcopies and Digi locker will be not be permitted.
    • -Covid-19 protocols to be followed strictly by the students.
    • -Students must wear the mask at all times on campus and in the testing room.
    • -Parents are not allowed to enter the campus and wait for the students.
    • -Thermal scanning will be done before entry into the campus.

    Please Note: No Covid-19 tests, RT-PCRs or Vaccination Certificates are required for entry.

  • Academic Fair - International section


    Students of the International section had an instrumental time at the academic fair to showcase and share the skills they learnt throughout the academic year. Students worked in individuals and groups and exchanged knowledge of the skills they acquired.


  • Global Be Well Day celebrations


    Over 12,000 of CHIREC’s students, staff and families gathered for the annual Global Be Well Day celebrations on 19th November 2022! The event centered around promoting nutrition, exercise and giving through the lens of sustainability witnessed students, parents, small businesses and wellbeing enthusiasts put up over 50 stalls. Activities such as Table-Top Cooking Challenge, open-air Zumba, life-sized Snakes & Ladders, Pebble Painting, Pottery, Rock Climbing and more kept the participants engrossed in a day filled with learning and joy!


  • Children`s day celebrations


    Children`s day 2022 was celebrated with great zeal at CHIREC! The school was buzzing with cheers and applause for our teachers who put up energetic performances and sang songs with the students during the celebrations.


  • Staff outing 2022


    In our constant efforts to improve the wellbeing of the staff and maintain a positive work culture, a fun-filled outing was organized for the CHIREC staff to The Hidden Castle, Hyderabad. This was an opportunity for the staff members to take part in various bonding and adventurous activities which helps in promoting a culture of trust and effective communication among the team members. 


  • CogCon2022


    CogCon2022 is a global conference of facilitators from the Asia Pacific region, of which CHIREC is a part. It is a day devoted to the professional development of During CogCon, educators at CHIREC engaged in fruitful discussions, collaborations, and problem-solving sessions. They learnt the latest teaching techniques to make learning a more exciting and enjoyable experience for all our students & teachers, where they learn & practice the best global teaching practices to improve student learning outcomes. CHIREC`s Teachers participate in a SWOT analysis activity through which they could reflect and capitalize on opportunities using their strengths. Participants at CogCon, explored pathways to build a mindful teaching community during the psychological safety session, which also emphasized creating infrastructural support for the educators.


  • Veer Gatha Project address by Gallantry Award Winner, Mr Sachin Mehta


    As part of the Veer Gatha Project undertaken by CBSE, an interaction with Gallantry Award Winner, Mr Sachin Mehta, Group Captain, was organized on 29.10.2022 for Grade XI and XII CBSE students to share the details of acts of bravery and the life stories of these brave souls. The Government of India has instituted Gallantry Awards to honor the acts of bravery and sacrifice of the officers/personnel of the Armed Forces and other lawfully constituted Forces and Civilians. These Gallantry awards are announced annually on Republic Day and Independence Day.


  • Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Celebrations


    At CHIREC, Rashtriya Ekta Diwas was celebrated to reaffirm our people`s inherent strength and resilience to withstand threats to the country`s security, unity and integrity. Secondary students of CBSE spoke about a digital exhibition titled `Sardar Patel - The Architect of Unification` in their classrooms. The students took part in the activities with zeal and immense pride.


  • Rankings by Education World 2022


    CHIREC continues to be one of the best in India for the 8th consecutive year! Education World has ranked CHIREC International School as India`s #9 Best International Day School in India and #1 Best International Day School in Telangana & Hyderabad. In the Co-ed school rankings, CHIREC International School ranks as the #11 Best Co-ed School in India 2022 and #2 Best Co-ed School in Telangana & Hyderabad. Ms. Katyayini & Ms. Swapna received the awards during the presentation ceremony on 12th October 2022.

    CHIREC International continues to be at the top with the following awards at Education World India Preschool Rankings 2022-23:

    -CHIREC, Jubilee Hills is ranked Hyderabad`s #1 Proprietary Preschool
    -CHIREC, Gachibowli is ranked Hyderabad`s #3 Proprietary Preschool and awarded for its safety and hygiene

  • Rankings by Education Today 2022


    CHIREC International School once again clinches a top spot and regains its dominant position in the Annual Education Today rankings! CHIREC is ranked the best CBSE & International School in Telangana & Hyderabad categories. Retaining its place in the top 10 International schools of India, CHIREC has been ranked 5th for 2022-`23. We extend our gratitude to the CHIREC community of students, teachers, parents and staff for their enthusiasm, support and dedication to our vision.

    CHIREC International School awarded the Exemplary Digital Learning Efficiency title among deserving schools in India under the Jury’s Choice Award from Education Today!

  • Ms.Praachi Nagpal, the winner of Miss Grand India - Homecoming event


    CHIREC was excited to celebrate the homecoming of their esteemed alum, Praachi Nagpal. The open-air auditorium was filled with joy as the students and teachers waited to catch a glimpse of Prachi, the winner of Miss Grand India, at the Glamanand Supermodel India beauty pageant 2022! The accomplished lady received a warm welcome from the Principal, Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, Ms. Susan Bird, Director of Operations, and Ms. Katyayini, Senior Vice Principal. The Principal felicitated Prachi in front of an audience of cheering students and staff.

    Ms. Iffat recalls Prachi as a PP1 student in 2002 who graduated from CHIREC in 2016. With a proud smile, she exclaims “It is wonderful to see the crown brought back to the school and remarkable to see her achieve what she has set her heart out to. We are proud of her for using the platform in association with WHO to spread awareness about Type-1 diabetes in India.”

    In her address, Prachi thanked CHIREC for laying a solid foundation, saying “My first show ever as a model was here at CHIREC. The foundation and values instilled in me at CHIREC have made me the person I am today. It was my dream to return to my school with this crown to bring the school the glory it deserves.” She signed off with a message for the students by saying, “If you believe in yourself, limits do not exist.”


  • Tenth edition of CHIREC Model United Nations


    The students of CHIREC International School organized the CHIREC MUN 2022, which kicked off to a great start in the early hours of 23rd September 2022. The three-day event, inaugurated by the prominent actor, Mr Akhil Akkineni, aimed to Represent, Reason, & Resolve issues on a global scale. On this occasion, Mr. Anthony Millward, Senior Cognita Group Executive, addressed the audience and delivered a welcome note. This year witnessed delegates from schools all over Hyderabad who represented various committees and came forward with set agendas that provided valuable solutions to the ongoing problems of our world.

    CHIREC MUN offered 11 special committees this year covering a diverse spectrum of issues ranging from health emergencies to political, economic, and sociological perspectives. Some of the committees that the students represented include; The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) – Rights of Migrants in Europe and North America considering increasing radicalism, & The Lok Sabha – Discussion on The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Amendment) Bill, 2022. Being a part of the creative communities enabled students to improve their rhetorical skills and accept dialogue and negotiation as ways to resolve conflicts. They utilized this engaging debate as a platform for education, discourse, and success.

    The 2nd day of the CHIREC MUN 2022 witnessed some enlightening and intense sessions from different committees and took part in the much-awaited event of the day, the social night. So far, the students had made the most of the opportunities and enhanced their social skills by interacting with students from schools across Hyderabad.

    Day 3 of the CHIREC MUN 2022 summed up the debates and agendum set forth by all 11 committees with high commendations. Delegates then proceeded to the closing ceremony to receive awards from Ms. Sanchita Raha (Principal, International Section) and Ms. Iffat Ibrahim (Principal, CBSE). Students kept up with the tradition of producing the after-movie that was screened at the closing ceremony, which collated all the emotions that went into the labour of love that CHIREC MUN 2022 was.


  • Founder`s Day 2022 celebrations


    The CHIREC fraternity witnessed ecstatic celebrations on Founder`s Day 2022. The event brought together our staff, parents & students to celebrate our Founder and Chief Guest for the evening, Mrs Ratna Reddy.

    The open-air auditorium was buzzing with energy and excitement as we also celebrated a significant achievement on this occasion of awarding a total of 245 gold medals and trophies to students who achieved path-breaking results in the 2022 final examinations across CBSE, Cambridge and IB Boards.

    Mr Anthony Millward, Senior Cognita Group Executive, the Principals, & the Senior Vice-Principals awarded 66 subject toppers from IBDP & 38 subject toppers from CBSE Grade 12. In addition, one hundred twenty-two students from IGCSE & CBSE Grade 10 bagged trophies for their exemplary performances.


  • CHIREC MUN 2022


    10th edition of the CHIRECMUN

    The students of CHIREC International School organized the CHIREC MUN`22, which kicked off to a great start in the early hours of 23rd September 2022.

    The three-day event, inaugurated by the prominent actor, Mr Akhil Akkineni, aimed to Represent, Reason, & Resolve issues on a global scale. On this occasion, Mr. Anthony Millward, Senior Cognita Group Executive, addressed the audience and delivered a welcome note. This year witnessed delegates from schools all over Hyderabad who represented various committees and came forward with set agendas that provided valuable solutions to the ongoing problems of our world.

    CHIREC MUN offered 11 special committees this year covering a diverse spectrum of issues ranging from health emergencies to political, economic, and sociological perspectives. Some of the committees that the students represented include; The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) – Rights of Migrants in Europe and North America considering increasing radicalism, & The Lok Sabha – Discussion on The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Amendment) Bill, 2022. Being a part of the creative communities enabled students to improve their rhetorical skills and accept dialogue and negotiation as ways to resolve conflicts. They utilized this engaging debate as a platform for education, discourse, and success.

    The 2nd day of the CHIREC MUN`22 witnessed some enlightening and intense sessions from different committees and took part in the much-awaited event of the day, the social night. So far, the students had made the most of the opportunities and enhanced their social skills by interacting with students from schools across Hyderabad.

    Day 3 of the CHIREC MUN`22 summed up the debates and agendum set forth by all 11 committees with high commendations. Delegates then proceeded to the closing ceremony to receive awards from Ms. Sanchita Raha (Principal, International Section) and Ms. Iffat Ibrahim (Principal, CBSE). Students kept up with the tradition of producing the after-movie that was screened at the closing ceremony, which collated all the emotions that went into the labour of love that CHIREC MUN `22 was.


  • Pre- Cambridge and Oxford Assessments 2022


    CHIREC International School, Hyderabad, is a registered open centre for Pre- Cambridge and Oxford assessments 2022. We are happy to inform you that the payment link is up, and you can start the registration now.

    Please find the link below and make the payment. Do select the correct exam name that you wish you take.


    Upon payment for the particular test, you will need to send a new email with a screenshot of the payment made, and the credentials asked below to chaitanya.menon@chirec.ac.in. Please ensure that these details are correct, as the Exam Officer has to register you on the Cambridge Assessment portal.

    UCAS(the UK only):
    Course(the UK only):
    University(the UK only):

    FORMAT of the Email:

    Subject line: Cambridge & Oxford Pre-Assessments 2022 -(Student Name)
    **Credentials and Screenshot
    The last date for registration is 25 September 2022.
    Refund and Cancellation
    Your Exam Officer can cancel your test for you, but only until
    29 September 2022, and your standard registration fee will be refunded.
    For Administrative charges, the following will be applicable:
    Cancellation before 10 days of exam: 50% refund
    Cancellation before 5 days of exam: 25% refund
    Cancellation just before the exam: zero refund

  • Prachi Nagpal crowned as Miss Grand International India 2022!


    Our alumna, Prachi Nagpal, was crowned the winner in the Glamanand Supermodel India national beauty pageant contest, 2022. Prachi competed with 28 other contestants from all over India, and she will represent India internationally, with 60+ countries participating in Indonesia this October at the Miss Grand International Pageant.

  • Basics of Financial Literacy and use of Digital Tools


    CHIREC has organized a session on `Sensitization Programme on Financial Literacy and the Use of Digital Tools` for the teachers of the CBSE section on 29 August 2022. The facilitator, Mr. Shree Raam Kumar, elaborated on investment policies and safety measures to be followed while using devices for net banking

    More: Pictures

  • Independence Day Celebrations at CHIREC


    Marking 75 years of Independence, CHIREC celebrated India’s Independence Day  with great pride and enthusiasm at the Kondapur and Gachibowli campuses. Smt. Aruna Bahuguna, IPS, graced the celebrations as our Chief Guest at the Kondapur campus. In addition, our leadership team members, Ms Iffat Ibrahim, Principal, and Ms YSV Ramani, Advisor, hoisted the National Flag at the Gachibowli campus. We wish you all a very Happy Independence Day!

    More pictures : Kondapur Campus | Gachibowli Campus

  • PRP Orientation Programme in Experiential Learning


    A 2-day Prospective Resource Persons Orientation Programme in Experiential Learning and its application in the classroom hosted by CHIREC, witnessed prominent CBSE Principals from all over Telangana and its neighboring states in attendance. The resource persons, Dr. Sunitha Rao, Principal, DPS Nacharam, Secunderabad and Dr. Dakshayini Kanna, Senior Principal, Harvest International School, Bangalore, took all the participants through various sessions using hands-on activities. The sessions were impactful, and the participating Principals took home an Experiential Learning experience ready to be implemented in their respective domain.


  • Investiture Ceremony of the CBSE students 2022-2023


    It is a matter of great delight as CHIREC, in presence of our Chief Guest Mr. Satya Prashant Pinisetty, Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, IRS, witnessed the Investiture Ceremony of the CBSE students on 22nd July 2022. The newly formed Student Council stepped into their responsibilities and took an oath to deliver their duties promptly to keep CHIREC flag flying high. We wish the Elected Council good luck for all their upcoming endeavours!

    More pictures

  • Investiture Ceremony of the CAIE students 2022-2023


    Investiture Ceremony on 23rd July 2022 was a proud milestone for newly elected cabinet members of CAIE as the Chief Guest, Mr Avula Ramesh Reddy, Director of Special Enforcement Bureau(SEB), IPS, graced the swearing-in ceremony. The Student Cabinet took an Oath to maintain the highest ethical standards and uphold the values of CHIREC. Our best wishes go out to the Elected Council!

    More pictures

  • Photography Workshop and Exhibition


    A photography workshop was organized as an in-house activity for our CBSE students of grades VI to VIII to give them the opportunity to pursue their interests in the field of phgotography and explore their talents. The sessions were arranged with our subject expert Mr Farahatulla Beigh, Faculty Mass Media Studies from June 16 to 25, 2022.

    In addition, a Photography exhibition, inaugurated by Chief guest Mr Satya Prashant Pinisetty, Additional Commissioner, IRS, was held on 22nd July to display the outstanding photographs taken by the students during the workshop.

    More pictures

  • AISSCE Results 2022


    We are delighted to share that our grade 12 CBSE students have performed brilliantly in the May 2022 board examination! CHIREC has recorded outstanding results, with 91% of students scoring above the 75-percentile mark and 40% of students scoring above the 90-percentile mark. We are proud of our students for their excellent performance despite the difficult circumstances under the pandemic! !

    Please click for results

  • AISSE Results 2022


    We are glad to share that our Grade 10 CBSE students have performed impeccably in the May 2022 board examination! CHIREC has recorded compelling results, with 98 students scoring above the 90-percentile mark.

    Please click for more

  • IBDP Results 2022


    Our IBDP students demonstrated an exemplary performance in the May 2022 examination. The most exciting part comes with 15.7% of our students scoring a brilliant 40 points and above while 54.2% scored a whopping 35 points and above. The Average Grade Point for Diploma holders turned out to be 35. Sanjay Chunduru, Pranav Reddy Perumandla & Meeraa P Ramakrishnan stood out at the top with 44 Points each.

  • Rishabh gets his research paper accepted at the 2nd IEEE Conference in Taiwan


    Rishabh of Class 12 got his research paper titled “Differential privacy techniques for Healthcare Data” accepted for presentation at the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Electronic communications, Internet of Things, and Big Data 2022.

  • Yoga Sessions on International Yoga Day


    This year on account of International Yoga Day, CHIREC hosted weeklong yoga sessions to celebrate the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of students and staff members. A special yoga session to connect with India’s rich culture and heritage was also held at the Golconda Fort.

    Through these activities, CHIREC hopes to inspire a mindful lifestyle and wishes everyone good health and wellness.


  • PSAT 2022


    Every year, CHIREC administers the PSAT 8/9 for students in grades 8 and 9 and PSAT/NMSQT for grades 10 and 11. Please find below the details for the 2022 test administration.

    The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) is a standardised test administered by the College Board and co-sponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation of the United States. The PSAT is not only a primer for the SAT or ACT, but these scores are also used to identify National Merit Scholars and award merit scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to US citizens only. Students of grades 10 and 11 can appear for this test.

    The pattern of the examination is as follows: -

    Exam Format and Duration:
    Multiple-choice assessment is divided into two sections:
    (1) Math
    (2) Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (which includes a Reading Test and a Writing and Language Test).

    The exam duration will be 2 hours and 45 mins. Students should set aside roughly 3 hours 30 mins altogether since test administration activities will take an additional 45 mins.

    Scoring and Results Timeline:
    The PSAT/NMSQT is scored on a scale of 320-1520, with a 160–760 for each section. Sub-scores are provided for each test on a score range of 8-38, providing added insight for students, educators, and counsellors. Mid-December releases scores.

    Students may practice using the following:
    • Free SAT prep resources (due to the SAT’s close alignment with PSAT) on Khan Academy, which has been developed in partnership with College Board (www.khanacademy.org/sat)
    • A free practice test for PSAT/NMSQT has been published on College Board’s website, which can be accessed at: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/psat-nmsqt-psat-10/practice.
    • For more information on PSAT/NMSQT, visit: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/psat-nmsqt-psat-10?navId=gf-pn .
    • For more details on National Merit Scholarship Program, please visit the below link: https://www.nationalmerit.org/s/1758/start.aspx?gid=2&pgid=61

    PSAT 8/9
    The PSAT 8/9 is a precursor to the PSAT/NMSQT and the SAT. The purpose of the PSAT 8/9 is to establish a starting point in terms of college and career readiness as students transition to high school. The PSAT 8/9 can be taken by students in Grades 8 and 9. The pattern of the examination is as follows: -

    Exam Format, Duration and Scoring:
    Multiple-choice assessment divided into two sections: (1) Math and (2) Evidence Based Reading and Writing. Test time is 2 hours 25 mins, you should set aside roughly 3 hours altogether since test administration activities will take an additional 35 mins for conducting the PSAT 8/9 exam.

    Scoring and Results Timeline:
    Score is provided on a range of 240 to 1440, with range of each section being 120 to 720. Scale ranges from 6 to 36 on test and cross-test scores, which provide insights for students, educators, and counselors. Scores are released by mid-December.

    For more information on PSAT 8/9, visit: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/psat-8-9?navId=gf-p89 As of now, CollegeBoard has given schools permission to plan and conduct the test. However, if there are any changes in the schedule due to the ongoing pandemic, we shall notify you in advance about it.

    Appropriate precautions and distancing norms given will be followed during the time of administration of the test. Please note that registration for these tests is optional and not compulsory.

    Test Date: Wednesday, October 12th, 2022
    Venue: CHIREC International School, Kondapur Campus
    Time: 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
    Registration Deadline: 5th August 2022
    Registration Fee:  PSAT 8/9 – INR 1780

    PSAT/NMSQT – INR 2075
    Registrations can be done for PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 8/9 exams by paying the registration fee by
    Registration link given below:
    PSAT/NMSQT LINK: https://chirec.myclassboard.com/SchoolOnlinePayment/6E641E72-7876-45E6-981C-36E0C749739E/55C63540-4806-4C76-A525-D9BB8C8059DA
    PSAT 8/9 LINK: https://chirec.myclassboard.com/SchoolOnlinePayment/5B6021A0-FD77-421B-9AA7-D0834A55C60B/55C63540-4806-4C76-A525-D9BB8C8059DA

    For any further queries, please feel free to reach out to the below counsellor.

    Ms. Chaitanya Menon
    Phone : 8790990499
    Email id : careercounsellor.intl@chirec.ac.in

  • IGCSE Results - March Series 2022


    We are delighted to share that our students have come out with flying colors in the IGCSE Results of the March 2022 Series! Despite 2 years under the adversities of the pandemic and the constraints of online and hybrid classes, the hard work and determination of our students and teachers never subsided. Good luck for all the adventures in your journey ahead!

  • Top Schools in India by Brainfeed Magazine 2022


    CHIREC International School has been selected as one of the Top Schools in India by Brainfeed Magazine under the prescribed criteria for transforming education and young minds through a noteworthy spectrum of initiatives and efforts. The magazine is a pioneer in the field of education providing up-to-date information on classroom pedagogical practices and innovative technology-based teaching, catalyzing the education industry. CHIREC is awarded with the Top 100 Preschools of India and Trailblazing Schools of India. .

  • Pariksha Pe Charcha 2022 by Honourable Prime Minister of India


    More Pictures..

    On April 1, 2022, 531 CHIREC students of classes 9 to 12 participated in the live broadcast of Pariksha Pe Charcha 2022 where the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, interacted with students across the country. This session was a brilliant opportunity for students to resolve their queries about examinations and gain valuable insights from our Prime Minister about education.

  • Education Today Award 2021


    #1 Co-Ed Day School in Hyderabad & Telangana
    #1 Best International Day School in Hyderabad & Telangana
    #6 Best International Day in India
    #17 Co-Ed Day School in India

    CEO, Dr. Peter McLaughlin has been selected as "THE EDUCATION ICON OF THE YEAR 2021”

    Mrs. Iffat Ibrahim, Principal of CBSE Curriculum, and Mrs. Sanchita Raha, Principal of International Curriculum have featured among 50 Effective Principals of 2021 by EducationToday.

  • CHIREC partners with We-Hub and Stanford University to promote WiDS


    CHIREC is partnering with We-Hub and WiDs (Women in Data Sciences), an initiative by Stanford University to enable 100 female students in India to focus, explore, and be enthused by Data Sciences and STEM. This programme will open doors of opportunities for students and will inspire and guide them towards making focused career choices in the field of STEM.

  • Felicitation Ceremony 2021-22


    The CBSE, CAIE and the IB students were felicitated for their excellent performance in the Board Examinations. It was a momentous occasion for us to celebrate our students` achievements with the Parents, Principals and Vice-Principals.


  • Cambridge Learner Awards - 2021


    Disha Somendra and Samatva Kasat become the World Toppers and receive the Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards in Mathematics in the IGCSE March Series 2021!

    Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards are the hallmark of exceptional student achievement in Cambridge exams around the world. Disha & Samatva are among 42 students in India to have received this highly coveted ‘Top in the World’ award.

  • CHIREC conferred the EducationWorld India Schools of Eminence Awards 2021-22


    CHIREC International School has added another feather in its cap! It has been conferred the School of Eminence Award 2021 with the rating of A+ by the Education World in the `India Schools of Eminence Awards 2021- 2022`.

    CHIREC is one of the 75 schools selected from all the schools across the country to be awarded. The schools were rated on 5 key parameters - infrastructure, Teaching and Assessment, External Linkages, Ports and Co-Curricular and Technology Integration.

    #1 Co-Ed Day School in Hyderabad & Telangana
    #1 Best International Day School in Hyderabad & Telangana
    #1 Best Proprietary Preschool(Jubilee Hills Branch)in Hyderabad and Telangana
    #2 for Effectiveness of Online Education in India
    #6 Best Proprietary Preschool (Gachibowli) in Hyderabad and Telangana
    #6 Best International Day in India
    #9 Co-Ed Day School in India

  • Fit India School Week


    As a part of Fit India School Week, yoga and aerobics sessions were conducted for the academic staff of CHIREC with the objective of promoting the importance of fitness not only in students but also amongst teachers and staff.

  • Vigilance Awareness Week at CHIREC


    As a part of the Central Vigilance Commission`s endeavors to promote transparency, accountability and integrity in public life, the students, teachers, admin and support staff at CHIREC took the E - Integrity pledge to observe the Vigilance Awareness Week from October 26 to November 1, 2021, on the theme `Independent India @75: Self Reliance with Integrity`. Understanding the gravity of this issue, CHIREC comes forward to participate in this fight against corruption and encourages everyone to instill a greater vigilance in public life.

    More Pictures

  • Apply with us for Cambridge and Oxford pre-university assessments


    CHIREC International School is an open center for Cambridge and Oxford pre-university assessments which means you can now apply with us and appear for exams of these prestigious Universities.

    For registrations, please contact Ms. Veena Haldankar at 7702203383 or veena.haldankar@chirec.ac.in between 9 am to 4 pm. Please note, the last date for registration is October 15, 2021.

    Click here for payment link

    Refund and Cancellation

    Your Exams Officer can cancel your test registration for you but only up until 15 October 2021 and your standard registration fee will be refunded. Late registration fees are not refunded.

    For the administrative charges, the following will be applicable:
    Cancellation done before 15 days - 50% refund i.e. Rs. 1500
    Cancellation between 14-8 days - 25% refund. i.e. Rs. 750
    Cancellation between 7-0 days - no refund

  • 75th Independence Day


    On the fortunate occasion of our 75th Independence Day, we pledge to keep our heads high and hold onto the unity and diversity of our country. We wish everyone a very Happy Independence Day!

    More pictures

  • Investiture Ceremony 2021


    Our newly appointed batch of students donned the mantle of leadership during the Investiture Ceremony held on August 07, 2021. The establishment of the Student Council bestows on the students an opportunity to put in their best efforts towards creating a better tomorrow for the school, themselves and other students.

    The students were nominated after thorough screening, interviewing and even online campaigns for their elected posts. The votes cast by our students thereby paved the way for this dynamic Student Council for 2021-22.

    More pictures:
    Investiture Ceremony-CBSE
    Investiture Ceremony-CAIE

  • AISSE Results 2021


    Our Grade 10 CBSE students have come out with extraordinary results in the AISSE Examinations. We are filled with pride for our students as they put up an exceptional performance even during the pandemic.


  • AISSCE Results 2021


    Our Grade 12 CBSE students have performed exceptionally good in their AISSCE examinations, with one of the most brilliant results CHIREC has ever witnessed. Despite the risks of the pandemic and not being able to attend physical school in the last academic year, our students persevered with their hard work and have come out with flying colors.

    For More

  • IBDP results 2021


    Our IBDP students have excelled in the May 2021 examinations with some of the best results we’ve ever seen. 39% of our students scored 40 points and above, 100% of our students who registered received diploma and the Average Grade Point for diploma holders turned out to be 37. Our School Topper, Devesh Kumar Bag got the perfect score of 45 points. Despite all the uncertainties and challenges imposed by the pandemic and the never-ending stress over the conduct of the examinations, our students have fared brilliantly.

  • CIS Accreditation


    CHIREC is now a CIS Member School!

    Council of International Schools (CIS) is a leader in the field of school evaluation and accreditation worldwide. This membership is conferred on us as a result of demonstrating commitment to high quality international education and as a mark of quality assurance. The honor sets new benchmarks as we stand ahead in international education, embrace diverse perspectives, and strive to raise the bar.

  • CHIREC awarded Most Innovative School by Education Today


    CHIREC International School has been awarded the “Most Innovative School” by Education Today among deserving schools in India! With a passion for learning and a culture of innovation, the school has adopted many novel programmes that place children’s needs at the heart of learning. Through initiatives like Project-Based Learning activities, Global Collaborations, AI-driven Computer Science Programmes and CHIREC Innovation Hub, we seek to spark each child’s imagination and curiosity and cultivate skills for inquiry and exploration.

  • CAScade 2021


    The IB students at CHIREC organised the third edition of CAScade on January 29 & 30, 2021, involving schools from across the globe to present their meaningful initiatives in the fields of Creativity, Activity, and Service projects (CAS). From projects revolving around the improvement of medical centres to booking drives and building libraries, the CAS initiatives were endless in their promise to make the world a better place.

    The first day of CAScade witness engagement from all the national schools including Aga Khan Academy, DPS International, DRS International School, GD Goenka School, The Heritage International School, Indus International School, International School of Hyderabad, Oakridge International School (Hyderabad and Vizag), Rockwell International School, Sharanya Narayani International School, Step by Step, and TRIO World Academy.

    The second day observed participation from schools across continents including Discovery Centre (Pakistan), Elite International (Egypt), Olinca School (Mexico), St. Stephens School (Italy), Siauliai Didzdvaris Gymnasium (Lithuania), Ebenezer International (Bangalore), and Winpenny (Mexico).

    Organizing Committee:

    • -Logistics - Smithi Saladi, Krithin G., Pranav Reddy
    • -Design - Aarav Reddy, Aarya Raj, Siddarth Rudraraju
    • -Communications - Rhea Thakkal, Donnaa Thakker
    • -Operations - Meera Ramakrishnan, Vineesha Vuppala

  • Education Today Award – 2020


    We are pleased to share with you that CHIREC International School has been awarded the “Most Innovative School” title among deserving schools in India under the Jury’s Choice Award from Education Today!

    At CHIREC, change is a constant as we continuously improve our educational programmes and services. We are humbled to be recognized for this category and look forward to offering many more innovative programmes in the years to come!

  • Rankings by Digital Learning 2021


    CHIREC Kondapur

    Ranked #1 in Academic Excellence and Enrichment of Learning, Experience in Sports & Cultural Activities
    Ranked #4 in Online & Social Presence and Goodwill, Legacy and Reputation
    Ranked #3 in Future Ready Infrastructure

    CHIREC Jubilee Hills

    Ranked #1 in Online & Social Presence and Future Ready Infrastructure
    Ranked #2 in Academic Excellence, Goodwill, Legacy and Reputation and Enrichment of Learning,

    CHIREC Gachibowli

    Ranked #6 in Online & Social Presence, Future Ready Infrastructure
    Ranked #8 in and Enrichment of Learning, Experience in Sports and Cultural Activities
    Ranked #9 in Academic Excellence, Goodwill, Legacy and Reputation Rank

  • CHIREC among 15 schools to get selected for the UCL Fellowship Programme


    We are excited to announce that CHIREC is one of 15 schools selected for the University College London’s Fellowship Programme offered in partnership with Cognita. The innovative programme involves teams of Educators within several Cognita schools in collaboration with academics from the IOE undertaking research in metacognition & self-regulated learning and dialogic feedback.

    UCL Institute of Education (IOE) has been ranked the world’s #1 for Education for 7 consecutive years, and we at CHIREC believe this is a remarkable opportunity to generate valuable insights for our own students and teachers and also make a contribution to the general body of educational research for students everywhere.

  • Thej, Rohan & Karthik selected for the Indian National Debating Squad 2021!


    We are so proud of our students, Thej Mallu of IB 11, and Rohan Seelamsetty & Karthik Palakodeti of Stage 9 for being selected for the Indian National Debating Squad - 2021! They are among the top 17 members to form the Squad and will be participating in National and International Debating Competitions.

    Indian Schools Debating Society (ISDS), a non-profit organisation, conducted online national selections for the first time this year. They held various Junior and Senior selection tournaments for students across the country, in addition to a separate online application-based selection process. The top 66 debaters attended the National Selection Camp over two weekends in November 2020, where they were exposed to practice debates, quizzes, and topical lectures from some of the best trainers. At the end of the camp, the top 17 members were selected to participate in various competitions in 2021.

  • Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award - 2020


    Ishani Nandamuri of our A Levels Batch of 2020 received the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award – an award recognizing High Achievement in India for Cambridge AS Level Design & Textiles in the November 2019 Cambridge examinations series. We are proud of her exemplary performance, hard work and determination.

    Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards are issued by Cambridge Assessment International Education to recognise exceptional learner achievements around the world.


    Vivek Rishi Panchagnula of Stage 10 received the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award! He secured the highest marks in India for Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (Without Coursework) in the March 2020 Cambridge examinations series. We are proud to see him recognized for his hard work and extraordinary performance.

    Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards are issued by Cambridge Assessment International Education to recognise exceptional learner achievements around the world.

  • Education World India School Rankings – 2020


    We are pleased to announce this year`s Education World Rankings that places CHIREC at the top, once again!

    #1 Best International Day School in Hyderabad & Telangana
    #2 Best Co-ed Day School in Hyderabad & Telangana
    #7 Best International Day School, India
    #12 Best Co-ed Day School, India
    #6 Community Service in India
    #10 Sports Education in India

    We are filled with gratitude for the support we have always had from our parents and staff who continue to work relentlessly even during challenging times. And of course, thank you to our students for inspiring us and making us proud everyday! We lead because we have all of you!

    EWISR 2020-21 is the world`s largest and most in-depth school survey based on field interviews on 14 different parameters such as academic reputation, community service, sports education, competence of faculty and the attention given to students and their learning. The survey is conducted with more than 11,368 knowledgeable stakeholders (parents, teachers, principals, educators and senior students) countrywide.

  • Meeraa Ramakrishnan wins the Best Representative award!


    We are so proud of our student Meeraa Ramakrishnan of IBDP 11, for receiving the Best Representative award in the Buddies without Borders program and bagging a free year-long International online internship! She was one of the finalists who represented India in this global network of students that provides students an opportunity to engage in thoughtful research, evidence, analysis and reflection to name a few.

    Buddies Without Borders Online Forums are a month-long, web-based collaboration and competition attended by students aged 12-18 around the world. These Forums are conducted 3-4 times a year, and no more than 3-4 representatives from each country are selected to meet weekly online. Students are grouped internationally into teams, assigned a country as their joint identity, and together they debate and co-author recommendation papers to solve a predefined SDG-related challenge.

    The winning team`s paper is published online, and one Best Representative receives a free year-long International Online Internship provided by Leadership Initiatives and funded by top organizations including Microsoft and Starbucks.

  • Cognita Active World Challenge - Felicitation Ceremony


    CHIREC held a felicitation ceremony on October 31, 2020 for participants who with their great enthusiasm and hard work brought success to the CHIREC community in the Cognita Active World Challenge. These participants walked extra miles on our journey to SE Asia, Europe, South America and into outer space. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to our total of 209,281 km and making this challenge such a success!

    More pictures

    Click here for Felicitation pictures

  • Abhishek’s team wins 2nd prize at TYE 2020 Virtual Competition


    Congratulations to Abhishek Kommineni of Stage 10 A and his team for winning the second position at the TYE Virtual Finale on August 30, 2020. The team’s initiative ShoppyCart bagged three different 3 awards comprising the runners up, popular choice and maker faire award. TiE Hyderabad launched TYE Virtual program in June 2020, wherein 42 of the 207 applicants underwent a rigorous curriculum on entrepreneurship development with several classroom sessions, workshops and mentoring over 3 months.

    Around 42 students from various educational institutions across the globe formed 7 teams and pitched their ideas in under 10 minutes through a recorded video, followed by a QnA round to a panel of eminent jury. ShoppyCart is an eco-friendly shopping stroller which organizes grocery items into various compartments, preventing product damage, leakage and provides a hassle-free shopping experience.

    The team comprised:
    Abhishek K – CHIREC International School
    Aditya Sharma – Indian School Al
    Ghubra Mishkkaa Verma – The Future Kid’s School
    Mohit Datta –Delhi Public School
    Saathvi Kodali – Gatik Junior College
    Neha Chowdary – The Creek Planet School

  • Winners of Telangana State Online Chess Championship


    We are extremely proud of our students for participating and winning the Telangana State U/ 9 and U/13 Online Chess Championship held on August 29, 2020.

    -Anaya Agarwal of Grade III A won the 2nd prize in the U/9 category
    -Adhya Neelakantam of Grade V D won the 4th Prize in the U/13 category.

    We heartily congratulate them on their achievement!

  • 74th Independence Day Celebration


    What a beautiful moment it was to watch the entire CHIREC family gather on a virtual platform to celebrate the 74th Independence Day! After witnessing the flag hoisting ceremony, everyone was thrilled to watch the cultural event beautifully planned and performed by our students and staff, from the safe confines of their homes!


  • AISSE Result 2020


    Congratulations to the students of Grade X for a performance extraordinaire in AISSE 2020. You make us proud. We wish you all the best with your endeavours!

    Please click here

  • AISSCE Result 2020


    Heartfelt congratulations to the students of Grade XII for their top-grade performance in AISSCE 2020 and bringing laurels to the school. We are proud of your achievement! We wish this success leads to greater accomplishments in life.

    Please click here

  • CHIREC International is happy to launch Cambridge authorised Professional Development Centre IN088 in July 2020




    CHIREC Professional Development Centre aims to guide teachers and school leaders in applying innovative ideas and creative approaches in teaching-learning to maximise learning outcomes in students. 

    To achieve this, the Centre will provide teachers and teacher leaders with a platform to practise teaching-learning, leadership skills and improve professional practice through collaboration and reflection.

    The centre will reinforce the school’s philosophy of life-long learning by offering high quality, internationally recognised programmes leading to Cambridge certification.

    The courses offered at CHIREC Centre:

    -Cambridge international Certificate in Teaching – Learning
    -Cambridge international Certificate in Educational Leadership
    -Cambridge international Diploma in Educational Leadership

    Course facilitators:

    Sanchita Raha – Educational Leadership

    Sirisha Kondury – Teaching Learning

    To know more about the courses, please click here

    Launch date – 15th July 2020

    For registration, please call 
    -Ms.Veena, Asst. UPC at 7702203383 / 9052994939
    -Ms. Hina, Head of Mrktg- PR & Comms at 7680887969

    Limited seats available!

  • IGCSE results 2020


    We are incredibly proud of all our students for performing remarkably well in the Cambridge IGCSE Examinations 2020! We would like to give a big shout-out to the school topper Sanjay Chunduru, who secured an aggregate of 94.37% with all A*!

  • Two brilliant teams from Stage 9 represent India at ICYD


    Congratulations to the two brilliant teams comprising Karthik Palakodeti & Rohan Seelamsetty and Rushil Nanga & Rohan Shastry of Stage 9 for representing India at the International Competition for Young Debaters (ICYD), hosted online by the Oxford Union Society on May 4, 2020.

    Rohan Seelamsetty unanimously won the Best Speaker award and Karthik was ranked as the 10th best speaker at the competition.

    Over 60 teams had qualified from their regional and national selections (including teams from Canada, UK, Europe, Malaysia, and China) to the ICYD finals day. One of our teams had entered the finals and unfortunately, lost by a slight margin. .

    ICYD is the largest international competitive debating tournament for junior debaters aged 15 and under and is hosted year on year in alternate venues by the Cambridge Union and the Oxford Union.

  • Annual Staff Outing


    CHIREC International staff made the most of the magical leap day refreshing  and unwinding at the Leonia resort as a token of appreciation for all the hard-work and dedication put forth in making this year yet another successful academic year. 29th February 2020 was a memorable day of celebrating success, hard-work and bonding with colleagues at the staff appreciation party organized by CHIREC. The event witnessed team building activities hosted by Mr. JJ Prasad followed by staff members having a great time grooving to the music and splashing in the pool.

  • Graduation ceremony for Grade XII


    CHIREC organized this academic year`s first Graduation ceremony for Grade XII on February 15, 2020. The students, dressed in graduation gowns, walked down the aisle with mixed emotions as they reminisced their remarkable 15-year journey.

    The celebration commenced with a welcome speech by Ms. Katyayani, Vice Principal - CBSE, followed by a thought-provoking speech by the Principal, Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, who motivated the students to conquer the world! Dr. Peter, CEO of CHIREC, also addressed the gathering and graced the event with his presence.

    The students were felicitated for their incredible work during the award ceremony. The cultural show comprised dance performances, stand-up comedy, and a flash mob. The school band stole everyone`s hearts with their music and song collection.

    The ceremony also witnessed speeches from students and parents describing their journey with CHIREC. The event culminated with the vote of thanks by Ms. Susan Bird, Vice Principal - CBSE.

    More pictures

  • CHIREC Premier League


    CHIREC organized the T-10 Tennis Ball Inter-School Tournament from January 27 to 31, 2020, at the GB ground. Around 8 schools from across Hyderabad, including Meridian Madhapur, Arbor, Sancta Maria, DPS Khajaguda, Excel Edge, Epistemo, NASR, and Kennedy, participated in the tournament and made it a huge success. Our CBSE team (B) brought the trophy home by winning the tournament.

    More pictures

  • CAScade


    The IB students of CHIREC organized the 2nd edition of CAScade on January 31, 2020, to communicate and collaborate on various Creativity, Activity and Service projects that they were part of, throughout the academic year 2019-20.

    Around six schools from across Hyderabad - Indus, Oakridge, ISH, Rockwell, DRS, Aga Khan – participated in the event. Each school showcased their projects and conveyed their further strategies.

    The NGOs like SAHI, Shraddha Centre for Special Education, and Akshayapatra, were also invited to provide volunteering opportunities to the participants.

    After the presentations, the students interacted with each other, shared ideas, and collaborated on projects beneficial to the community at large.

    CAScade is a platform for IB students to come together and share their ideas and experiences on giving back to the community. It hopes to build a bigger platform in the coming year to extend its reach by inviting IB schools from other cities as well.

    More pictures

  • Republic and Grandparents Day Celebrations


    Republic Day Celebrations 

    All the students from CHIREC Kondapur, Jubilee Hills and Gachibowli campuses came together to celebrate the 71st Republic Day amidst great fanfare. The flag was hoisted by Mr. Shivram Sirvani and Mrs. Renu Sirvani, grandparents of Jai Sirvani from Grade IV, who were the first set of grandparents to arrive at the campus. The national anthem was sung and students from Stage 4 CAIE, and Grade IV and V CBSE, followed this up with an extremely well-coordinated march past. The students then presented a beautiful patriotic song that the audience couldn`t help but join in and sing along to. Ms. Sanchita Raha addressed the gathering and introduced Lieutenant General Hariprasad, retired from the 18 Maratha Light infantry, grandfather of Sanjana Somavarapu of Stage 4, who spoke to the students and gave a very inspiring speech. Vice-Principal Mr. Venkatraman, delivered the vote of thanks and the program came to an end with the CHIREC anthem. 

    More pictures

    Grandparents Day 

    What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies.” -- Rudy Giuliani

    To pay tribute to Grandparents everywhere, both Pre-primary and Primary sections from all the three campuses of CHIREC celebrated Grandparents Day on January 26, 2020, with utmost respect, love, and admiration.

    The event saw an array of scintillating performances including classical & western classical dances and songs, that left them mesmerized. The grandparents also participated in games taking them on a trip to their childhood days, while their children cheered them on wholeheartedly.  


    More pictures

     At Adopted Government Schools

    On the 71st Republic Day, staff from the school and Veni Rao Foundation visited the adopted government schools; Masjid Banda, Gopinagar and Anjaiahnagar for flag hoisting and distributed sweets to the students.

  • Highlights of IGCSE Results


    Congratulations to the IGCSE batch for their brilliant performance in the November Series Examinations and bringing laurels to the school!

    Out of 21 students who appeared for Coordinated Science, 12 students scored A* and 4 students got A.
    Out of 17 students who appeared for Spanish, 7 got A* and 4 students secured A! 

    Kudos to Team CHIREC!

  • Student Exchange Programme 2019-2020


    As a part of the Student Exchange Programme, a group of 7 students from Thayer Academy in Massachusetts, USA, visited CHIREC School from December 29, 2019, to January 6, 2020. The students comprised 5 boys, 1 girl, and 2 chaperones. The group visited Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra and experienced a rich immersion into India’s historical presence. Stepping foot on Hyderabad soil further augmented their experience of India’s past.

    The students enjoyed being a part of CHIREC’s schedule where they hopped from class to class, be it the core academic subjects, the labs, the playfields, the art, music or culinary classes. Our students hosted them throughout their stay that made for a deep cultural exchange. They returned happier with more friends and lasting memories.

    CHIREC has been partnering with Thayer Academy in Boston for?9 consecutive years. It has also been hosting students and faculty of Thayer Academy in India since 2014.

    More Pictures

  • ROBO Expo 2020


    CHIREC`s ROBO EXPO 2020, a one of its kind Robotics and 3D Exhibition was held on January 4, 2020, at the Kondapur campus. This exhibition was based on initiatives that were exclusive to this academic year (2019-2020). This included some very exciting concepts like 3D designing and printing in addition to introducing robotics to primary students.

    At CHIREC, coding is introduced right from Primary in a fun way. We believe that our students have the ability to open doors to the real world through experiential learning, problem-solving, decision making, collaboration, and work through creative processes.

    At ROBO EXPO 2020, students demonstrated their projects using KUBO, Strawbees, Sam Labs, 3D technology, and Cretile.

    The students thoroughly enjoyed putting the exhibition together with help from their teachers. This exhibition not only encouraged them to innovate, but also taught them to work in a team and was a great hands-on learning experience. The exhibition was a super-hit with smashing feedback from parents, teachers and other students alike.

    More pictures

  • Education World India School Rankings 2019


    CHIREC is proud to announce that we have been ranked:

    • #1 Best Co-ed Day School in Hyderabad & Telangana
    • #1 Best International Day School in Hyderabad & Telangana
    • #6 Best International Day School, India
    • #8 Best Co-ed Day School, India
    • #2 Best Proprietary Preschools (Jubilee Hills Branch) in Hyderabad
    • #6 Best Proprietary Preschools (Gachibowli Branch) in Hyderabad

    by Education World Magazine


  • Nitya Reddy Mareddy won prestigious “Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award”


    Our brilliant alumnus Nitya Reddy Mareddy (‘A’ Levels Batch of 2018-19) has been ranked highest in the country! She has won the prestigious “Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award” in Design & Textiles in the November 2018 Cambridge examination series. Her outstanding performance in the exam is credited to her hard work, dedication, and sincerity.

    “When I joined CHIREC in 11th grade, I was very confused and had no idea what I wanted to study in college. I always enjoyed doing creative stuff, so I took Design and Textiles. I instantly started to fall in love with the subject. Thanks to Namita ma’am, I learnt so much and I always got to challenge myself as she pushed us to do better. Thank you CHIREC for giving me the opportunity to study this subject. I am currently pursuing fashion at London College of Fashion,” said Nitya Reddy Mareddy.

  • CHIREC Goes Global


    It is with great honor that we share a significant and exciting milestone for CHIREC.

    CHIREC has taken its next step towards quality and excellence in education by entering into a partnership with Cognita, a global leader in education, in which CHIREC will join Cognita’s family of 76 schools around the world. Cognita’s diverse yet connected family of schools educate over 50,000 children and young people across the world and offer ten different types of curricula.

    Cognita’s schools share the common purpose of creating an inspiring world of education that builds self-belief and empowers individuals to succeed. This sense of purpose complements our CHIREC philosophy based on “The Whole Child”.

    We are excited for CHIREC to take its place alongside the world’s best schools. By joining Cognita, CHIREC will be better placed to continue our pioneering approach, creating even more opportunities for our students now and in the future.

    We are pleased to introduce Dr. Peter McLaughlin, who will join us as CEO for CHIREC and will be working to ensure the school’s a successful collaboration with the Cognita family. Dr. Peter has extensive experience as an educator and school leader in the United Kingdom and India, including as Headmaster of The Doon School from 2009-2016. In this course of new initiatives, Mrs. Ratna Reddy will continue her role at CHIREC as an Advisor to the school. Ms. Aneesha Reddy will continue as Head of Strategic Initiatives, working alongside Dr. Peter, to ensure that our students enjoy the best possible educational experiences.

    Dr. Peter McLaughlin, will now work closely with Mrs. Reddy, Ms. Aneesha and the wider team to enable CHIREC to tap into the benefits of our global family, including:

    · Sharing best practices in teaching and teaching resources to improve academic progress.
    · Global experience to build character in students and care for their overall wellbeing
    · International connections and exchange opportunities for students and teachers.

    The partnership between CHIREC and Cognita is committed to setting new trends in education globally.

  • CHIREC hosted the second edition of TEDx, organized by TEDxYouthCHIREC


    CHIREC hosted the second edition of TEDx, organized by TEDxYouthCHIREC on August 24, 2019. The theme was ECHO, emphasizing on the aspect of exploration, a driving force in humankind. The event brought out inspiring and thought-provoking talks, discussions and ideas around the themes of exploring, creating, honoring and observing. The event included eminent speakers from different walks of life:

    Ms. Shreya Rao, CHIREC alumnus and Miss India 2nd runner up on Redefining Beauty Standards

    Seerat Bagga, a student of International School of Hyderabad on How Psychology Taught Me To Be A Better Sister

    Soumeet Lanka, CHIREC Alumnus and Founder of Better By Design on The Explorers Mind

    Prachi Panda, a student of FITJEE on To Be Or Not To Be

    Yash Kothari, a student of CHIREC on The Subtle Art and Beauty of Time Manipulation

    Ms. Payal Kapoor, Motivational speaker and Hotelier who lost her sight and hearing after a cerebral attack in 1992 on Life`s Journey Off The Trodden Path.

    The event was organized by CHIREC students, Siddharth Tripurani, Mridula Kovari, Sohan Reddy Guduru, Shriya Kalakata, Shreya Goparaju and Rohan Rao Tangada.

    More pictures

  • Workshop on Technology- Supported Teaching


    CHIREC invited Dr. Inder Kumar Rana, Emeritus Fellow professor from IIT, Mumbai, to conduct an informative workshop on Technology-supported Teaching. CBSE, Cambridge and IB Math teachers from across Hyderabad attended the session. Prof. Rana discussed about the importance of Math literacy among students and Math talk in classrooms. Math talk can involve discussions about graphs in newspapers or magazines, about statistics of different sports players, how numbers are used in advertisements, etc. This will help students understand the relevance of mathematics in real life and help them develop a positive attitude towards learning the subject. The rest of the session was dedicated to using technology in classroom teaching for Mathematics. He used specific examples from graphs, functions, and mathematical modelling to help teachers involved investigation and inquiry in teaching mathematics. Instead of teachers leading them to the answer, technology can help student understand, acquire, analyze, and apply the knowledge and this will lead to active learning in classrooms.

    The session was very interactive, and teachers got hands-on experience of using technology in classroom for teaching mathematics. At the end of the session, teachers received the certificate of participation.

  • 7th Edition of CHIREC MUN


    The seventh edition of CHIREC Model United Nations took place from July 12th - 14th. Witnessing debate across 8 committees, totaling the attendance of more than 300 delegates, the conference was a huge success. Delegates attended the conference from schools across Hyderabad with the Executive Board members flown in from across India. The committees present at the conference were as follows :

    • Disarmament and International Security Committee - Accelerating the implementation of Nuclear Disarmament commitments with special emphasis on the compliance of the NPT.
    • Commission on the Status of Women - Discussion on the right to reproductive health.
    • Group of 20 - Discussing betterment in corporate insolvency and debt restructuring policies in developing and under-developed states.
    • Security Council - Maintenance of International peace and security : situation in Sudan.
    • Organization of Islamic Organization - 1) Discussing the importance of multiculturalism in the Islamic world and tackling the problem of Islamophobia. 2) Discussing the growing tensions in the Middle East with special reference to Iran and USA.
    • Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space - Reviewing the outer space treaty with respect to the militarisation of outer space.
    • Joint Crisis Cabinet - Vietnam War International Criminal Police Organization - Special session to ensure border security in the MENA region.

    More pictures

  • Investiture Ceremony


    The Investiture Ceremony for the academic year 2019-2020 was held on July 11, 2019, at Kondapur campus with lots of zeal and zest. The ceremony began with a welcoming speech by the Principal, Ms. Iffat Ibrahim. The Chief Guest for the event, Mr. Ravi Kiran, Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, addressed the gathering and congratulated the students. He asked them to dream big and take constructive criticism positively to achieve success. The occasion was also attended by the proud parents of the elected Student Cabinet Members. The students received their badges and sashes amidst applause and cheers. Ms. Iffat Ibrahim administered the oath to the members of the cabinet. They then took a pledge to devote the best of their ability, knowledge, power, duty, and discipline according to the vision and mission of their mater. Ms. Sanchita Raha, the Principal of International Section, gave the Vote of Thanks and encouraged the students to be role models. The ceremony concluded with the school anthem and the National Anthem. It was a memorable occasion for the young leaders as they looked forward to a new and enriching academic session.

    More pictures

  • Cyclathon 2019


    CHIREC in collaboration with Hyderabad Bicycle Club (HBC), organized a major cycling event “Cyclathon 2019” on July 6, 2019 at National Academy of Construction, HITEX, Hyderabad. The event was flagged off by Chief Guest Mr. G. Kishan Reddy, Minister of State for Home Affairs and saw a participation of over 1500 riders from across Hyderabad. The objective was to create a buzz about the eco-friendly mode of commute and to spread awareness about increasing air pollution and what we can do to reduce our footprint. The chief guest Mr. G. Kishan Reddy addressed the audience by stating the importance of cycling in day to day life. He appreciated the efforts of CHIREC and HBC for jointly hosting the event and making it a huge success. The students of IB 11 & 12 raised funds for the community service activities by putting up a healthy breakfast stall and CHIREC Band lured the audience in with their impeccable performances.

  • CHIREC wins the Pride of Telangana Award 2019


    CHIREC is proud to announce that Ms. Ratna Reddy, Founder Director of CHIREC, has been honored with the ‘Pride of Telangana’ award for her contribution to the field of Education. The event was hosted by the Round Table India at Novotel HICC on June 29, 2019.

    Press release

  • Highlights of AISSE Board Results 2019


    Congratulations to the Grade X AISSE graduates on their momentous achievement in the board exam held from February to March 2019.,

    We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the batch topper Shreenidhi Ramaswamy who scored an aggregate of 98.5%. She bagged the highest in Foundation of Information Technology with 100%.

    Out of 173 students, who appeared for the examinations,
    61% students secured aggregate of 90% and above
    21% students secured aggregate of 80% and above
    10% students secured aggregate of 70% and above
    7% students secured aggregate of 60% and above
    0.5% students secured aggregate of 50% and above


  • CHIREC hosted ISBF & LSE Annual Teachers` symposium


    CHIREC hosted ISBF & LSE Annual Teachers` symposium on April 18, 2019. The symposium was focused on empowering post-millennials by future proofing learning & counseling and was divided into 4 different workshops for teachers and career counselors coming from other schools as well as from CHIREC.

    The first workshop was on embedding employability skills in classroom pedagogy which was conducted by James Abdey, Associate Academic Director, University of London (UoL) International Program, London School of Economics (LSE). The session started with teachers participating in the personality test which was followed by a group discussion on introducing new strategies to avoid monotony in the classrooms.

    The second workshop was conducted by Tiffany Goulet, University Counselor, Oberoi International School on empowering students and parents through university counseling. The session started with a discussion on different issues that are faced by the students and parents, such as, lack of awareness about various careers, societal and family pressure, generation gap, etc., and how to find appropriate solutions.

    The third Workshop built an intensive conversation on empowering students by curating participatory teaching-learning-assessment environments. It was conducted by Professor Aryapriya Ganguly, Associate Professor of Social Psychology, Sociology and HRM, ISBF. The agenda was to talk about `Communities of Practices` as a group who shares a concern for something they do & learn to do it better as they interact regularly. It was led by a group discussion on the problems teachers usually face while designing the teaching-learning or assessment session.

    The last workshop discussed the future proofing careers in Economics, Management, Finance & Data Sciences and was conducted by James Abdey and Professor Chiraag Mehta, Associate Director, ISBF. The session helped teachers figure out various career opportunities for students by conducting an activity to pick out professions from different courses including Data Science, Economics, Finance, etc.

    More pictures

  • CHIREC, ABEA host an educational conclave ‘Lead the Way’


    CHIREC in collaboration with Aditya Birla Education Academy and Mpower, with New Millennium Education Partners as the strategic partner, conducted an educational conclave called ‘Lead the way’ on April 16, 2019, at its Kondapur campus.

    The conclave witnessed prominent keynote speakers Dr. Shantanu Paul, CEO & MD – TalentSprint, and Dr. Savita Date Menon, Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Specialist, who eloquently shared their experiences in the field of technology and mental health management..

    This was followed by an interesting panel discussion on – In the race towards e-learning, is teaching profession losing its human touch? The esteemed panelists included Anjum Babukhan (Director-Education, Glendale Academy International), Chaitanya MRSK (Co-founder & CEO, Teach For Change Trust), Deepthi Ravula (CEO, WE HUB Government of Telangana), and Soumeet Lanka (Co-founder, Better By Design & an Alumnus of CHIREC). Iffat Ibrahim, Principal of CHIREC, moderated the panel. The panel saw various opinions and ideologies which compelled the audience to think, discuss, and react..

    It was followed by a group discussion on Child & Adolescent Mental Health: A Didactic Approach conducted by Mansi Gokhale, Psychologist. The session explored the importance of giving equal attention to mental and physical health for both the student and teachers’ healthy development..

    Venkat Raman, Vice Principal, International section, delivered the Vote of Thanks and the conclave culminated on a high note.

    More pictures

  • Early Childhood Association


    CHIREC in collaboration with Early Childhood Association conducted a full-day conference on Progressive Pedagogies on April 13, 2019. Many eminent speakers from different educational background shared their notions on Early Childhood learning. Teachers were deeply involved in gaining insights into inclusive education on a whole new level. From introducing fun ways of learning mathematics to sharing their understanding of how to raise readers at a very young age, the workshop saw an exchange of many thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

    More pictures

  • IB11 - Induction


    The students of IB 11 had an enriching experience in the induction sessions. They were oriented about the various components of the IB programme through a series of activities. While the ATL skills were introduced through a game, CAS was explained with the help of an activity.

    What could have been a better way than this for beginning the year? Our students got ample opportunities to collaborate, think critically and communicate their ideas. Today, divided in groups, they chose one sustainable development goal and expressed their understanding in textual and pictorial format. In the process, they developed a basic understanding and got the essence of the IBDP programme.

    More Pictures

  • Cambridge Community Meet


    CHIREC International School took pride in hosting the Cambridge Community Meet on February 23, 2019 As many as 22 schools across the twin cities participated in the meet. Mr. Lalith Prasad, CAIE South India Manager, was also present to give his valuable inputs. Mr. Joshi, Principal International Section delivered the welcome address followed by the welcome dance presented by the students of Stage 2 and fusion dance performed by the students of Stage 3. The CHIREC film was also projected to commemorate the 3 glorious decades in education.

    Ms. Shalini presented the summary of the last meeting, followed by Ms. Leena and Ms. Swapna giving an insight into the subject of Global Perspectives. The introduction of Global Perspective and its role in shaping the young minds was the highlight of the meet. It was reiterated that the focus on inculcating 21st century skills in students gives global perspective an edge over other subjects. The next session was about the concerns related to Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary sections that was taken up by Ms. Kavitha and Ms. Swapna while Ms. Cinymol moderated the session.

    There were important discussions on new initiatives that can be taken to strengthen the Cambridge programme. Concerns were voiced out and there were exchange of ideas to resolve those. Schools joined hands in scheduling and hosting sports, literary and fine arts competitions to keep the momentum going. The career progression after Cambridge AS and A levels and the opportunities for students in IVY leagues worldwide was also discussed by Dr. Arun Alluru from edutechex. The meet concluded successfully. It was a great platform to collaborate and share ideas among the Cambridge community.

    More pictures

  • CAScade 2019


    CAScade is the maiden edition of a unique event initiated and organized by CHIREC IB students conducted on February 8, 2018. The students brought together the community of IB students across Hyderabad to communicate and collaborate on various Creativity, Activity and Service projects. As many as six IB schools across the city: Indus, Sreenidhi, Aga Khan, ISH, Oakridge and DRS, participated in the event that focused on the importance of community service while learning.

    Over the course of two months, the CAS committee of CHIREC International planned CAScade, an event that would be the first of its kind. The result was a day filled with presentations from various schools, each conveying their plan of action for a certain CAS activity. Beyond just integrating activities across schools, NGOs like HelpAge India, Blue Cross, and SAHI were invited to provide collaboration and volunteering opportunities to the participants. .

    Students made the best of this forum as they were given opportunities to communicate efficiently, learn from each other, socialize with students of various schools, involve themselves in the initiatives of others, share ideas and collaborate on projects beneficial to the community at large.

    In the spirit of inter-school collaboration, the CHIREC CAScade team has also set up a forum on their website www.cascadechirec.com where IBDP students from schools across Hyderabad can advertise their CAS projects, look for volunteers, and find activities that match their interests.

    Organizing Committee: Surya V Kotapati (Head Organizer), Nina Reddy, Malavika Sundarigari, Akhil Singupuram, Anivarth Kalavala, Nandini Mony, Siddharth Tripurani, Sohan R Guduru, Vaidehi Gupta, Dhruv Chandwani, Anirudh Thimmaraju, Rohan Rao Tangada, Nischay Machiraju


    More pictures

  • Grand Finale of 30 Years Celebrations


    The CHIREC Kondapur campus reverberated with cheer and merriment on January 19, 2019 as all the stakeholders united to mark the Grand Finale of the year-long 30 Years Celebrations of the esteemed institution. Leading all the way since last 3 decades with excellence in quality education, CHIREC had been celebrating this special year with events lined up once in a month all year through.

    The Founder Director, Mrs. Ratna Reddy, welcomed the guests and shared the highlights of the glorious journey that she has covered with CHIREC. The guest of the day, Ms. Samantha Akkineni, a well-known name in the Telugu and Tamil film industry, graced the occasion, released the CHIREC Coffee-Table Book amidst loud applause and addressed the gathering. Ms. Samantha is also the brand-ambassador for Telangana Handlooms supporting the weavers. The campus wore a festive look as the management had done its bit to promote Telangana’s weavers and handlooms, by gifting Pochampally silk sarees and ethnic wear to the CHIREC staff.

    The entire programme was staged by CHIREC students - past and present. The grand finale witnessed a pulsating musical evening presented by the school band ‘Melo’, the alumni band ‘No Treble’, the popular multilingual singer Ms. Sunitha Upadrashta, the recipient of the Filmfare Award for the best female playback singer 2010, radio jockey Anuj Gurwara, and Yash Bhatnagar, an ex-CHIRECian.

    Another attraction was the Fashion Show presented by the Fashion Studies students of Grades 11 and 12 sashaying down the ramp wearing the outfits designed by them. Ms. Shreya Kamavarapu, an ex-CHIRECian and the second runner up of Femina Miss India Pageant 2018 was the showstopper.

    The scintillating evening came to a close with The Principal, Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, proposing the vote of thanks followed by the CHIREC Anthem and the National Anthem.

    More Pictures

  • Alumni Meet (Batches 2001-2012)


    We live everyday oblivious to the surrounding beauty and it is generally too late before we realize what exactly it is that we have been blessed with. The surrounding nostalgia transformed into a reality when the CHIREC alumni reunion took place on 29th December 2018.

    We are delighted that this year’s reunion had the best turnout ever, with over 250 alumni in attendance. The alumni meet was organized by CHIREC and one of its alumnus, Mr. Keshav Reddy at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad. The event was organized as a part of CHIREC’s 30-year celebrations.

    Mr. Venkat Raman, Vice-Principal, heartily welcomed the alumni. Welcome drinks were served, and students were surprised to see each other after a long time. The Founder Director, Ms. Ratna Reddy took to the stage and spoke about CHIREC’s determined journey in the field of education. She highlighted about forming an Alumni Association soon. The alumni were taken by surprise when a short film depicting CHIREC’s 30-year journey was shown.

    It was fantastic to see alumni from the decade. The meet ended with a sweet hope of meeting again the next year.

    More pictures

  • CHIREC Alumni Meet (Batches 2013-2018), 2018


    An alumni meet is an event for cherishing old relationships, celebrations and reviving old memories. It is a time of reflection and looking forward with a sense of purpose and anticipation.

    CHIREC is proud to have organized warm and wonderful alumni meet for batches 2013-2018 on December 22, 2018. Different games were organized as a part of the celebrations, namely, basketball, volleyball, and throwball. The students enthusiastically took part in the events.

    Mr. Venkat Raman, Vice Principal, CAIE, took to the stage to thank all the alumni for their presence and making it successful. He has handed over the Alumni Meet 2018 trophy. The Vice Principal also mentioned about organizing an alumni meet committee in the upcoming future.

  • CHIREC displayed ‘The Manned Octocopter’ at Maker Faire Hyderabad 2018


    Maker Faire Hyderabad 2018 marked Hyderabad`s first foray into celebrating cultures of innovation, creativity, and curiosity. The event was sponsored by the Government of Telangana through T Works, India’s largest prototyping center, from 9th to 11th November 2018 at HITEX, Madhapur.

    At the event, CHIREC International School displayed `The Manned Octocopter` project designed by the students of CHIREC, which received wide appreciation and commendations from industry experts, parents and visitors. CHIREC students were also invited to display several of their own inventions, which they have designed and built through the Better by Design program.

    CHIREC`s innovations prompted numerous parents and visitors to learn more about its new initiative - http://chub.chirec.ac.in/

    More pictures

  • TEDxYouth@CHIREC


    CHIREC hosted the maiden edition of TEDxYouth@CHIREC today. An initiative of TED, the American non-profit organisation, TEDx events all around the world stand for independently organised, community initiatives of the TED talks. In the same spirit, CHIREC International organised its first edition with the theme `Accelerating Cognizance` with the aim of enlightening tender minds with talks delivered by people from different walks of life. The event was attended by 109 students from seven different schools of Hyderabad.

    The guest speakers included some eminent personalities who influenced the attendees with their inspiring talks. Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy, an entrepreneur, discussed the three lessons that helped him succeed in his life. Ms. Mahima Datla, managing director of Biological E., emphasised the importance of vaccines in our life and their impact on the economy. Mr. Prshant Lahoti, an artist, explained how he uses the creative and analytical sides of his brain efficiently; he reminded the youth that art is an important part of our lives. Ms. Meera Shenoy, with her initiative - Youth4Jobs, spoke about how providing job opportunities for people with special needs has impacted global economic growth.

    As a TED guideline, two videos of TED were screened for the attendees. The first being that of Michelle Obama, who talks to school students and narrates her life stories to inspire them to work hard for they aspire to become. The second video showed the talk delivered by Caleb Barlow who spreads awareness about cyber bullying and harassment in the most amusing way using thick statistics that darkly cover the world as people disguised behind screens have attacked those that are vulnerable to the chains of social media networks.

    As a TEDx guideline, two TED videos were screened for the attendees. The first being that of Michelle Obama, who spoke to schoolgirls in the UK about the value and impact that her education and values have had on her life, and in helping her become who she is today. The second video showed a talk delivered by Caleb Barlow, who spreads awareness about cybercrime and the need to democratize cybersecurity data in order to make cybercrime a less lucrative sector.

    The student speakers of the day included Maitri Paul - Stanford bound CHIREC alumna, who talked about her love for Marine Biology and her passion for the earths oceans. Next, Tejaswi Polimetla, a Grade 10 student from Oakridge International, talked about the false dichotomy between sciences and arts. She took the audience on a journey to prove that dreams and interests were never related to the restrictive subject groups in the education system. Finally, Shashank Venkatesh, an 11th grader from CHIREC and the founder of an educational group, spoke passionately about the need to reform the education system in India.

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  • CHIREC Founders` Day Celebrations


    CHIREC International School, the New Age school which set a benchmark for holistic education in Telangana State, celebrated their 30th Anniversary at Shilpakala Vedika on 3rd October 2018. Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, the Hon`ble Vice President of India, graced the occasion as the chief guest. He was accompanied by the dignitaries, Home Minister of Telangana, Shri Naini Narshimha Reddy, our Founder Director, Mrs. Ratna Reddy, and the chairman of Shri Shakti Group, Mr. D. V. Manohar.

    The evening began with Swagathanjali, a vibrant invocatory dance ballet by CHIREC students, welcoming the Hon`ble Chief Guest. Swagathanjali wove together four dance forms to depict the essence of CHIREC International School, and was choreographed by National Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee, Ms. Deepika Reddy.

    A short film about CHIREC was unveiled, depicting CHIRECs diverse journey. From its inception to laying the foundation stone, the film showcased the rise of CHIREC as a pioneer in holistic education, with a program that balances academics with extra-curricular activities. The video captured the true essence of CHIREC when it displayed multitude of student`s activities in sports and education.

    Mrs. Ratna Reddy, Founder Director of CHIREC International School, addressed the gathering by talking about her journey and excitement to look forward to CHIREC`s coming decades as the school establishes itself in the hearts of many parents and students as one of the most innovative schools in the country. She discussed some of CHIREC`s plans, including the upcoming 9.5-acre international campus with state-of-the-art sports facilities. To encourage and foster innovation, Mrs. Ratna unveiled CHIREC Innovation Hub (C-Hub), a first-of-its-kind innovation hub in Hyderabad for students to design, experiment, build and invent novel solutions to the world`s problems.

    Mr. D. V. Manohar, Chairman of the Shri Shakti Group, spoke about Mrs. Ratna`s endeavours in curating CHIREC at every step, spanning decades. He invited the Hon`ble Chief Guest to unveil the Veni Rao Foundation, a charitable trust in memory of the late parents of Mrs. Ratna Reddy and Mr. D.V. Manohar. On behalf of the Veni Rao Foundation, the Vice-President distributed scholarships to meritorious candidates to recognize their academic achievements. These students, whose family income is less than Rs. 10000/- and have secured more than 85% in their qualifying examinations, hail from across Hyderabad and Rajahmundry.

    The Vice President, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu took to the stage and said that India is quickly becoming a global leader and lifting millions out of poverty and added that the country requires skilled youth to accelerate the growth process. He addressed the audience and stressed on the need to teach students the diverse culture and heritage of India. He expressed his disappointment when he underscored how students are memorizing and reproducing texts, thus hampering their intellectual growth.

    The Vice President suggested that educational institutions and policy makers must take steps to reduce the burden on students. He said, “I feel that the overall education system from school level to higher education should be completely revamped to ensure our institutions churn out ideal citizens. First and foremost, the syllabus at the school level must be drastically cut to reduce the load on students. The time spent by students in school should be divided equally between the classroom and play field.”

    Shri Venkaiah Naidu talked about how CHIREC grooms its students to be leaders who will change the global landscape in a positive way. He also applauded CHIRECs eco-friendly initiatives incorporated into the routines of the students by integrating the environment and sustainable initiatives throughout the school through academics, management, policies, and community activities.

    The Vice President was presented a pencil sketch of himself by a CHIREC student.

    More pictures

    Press links: 

    Link 1 | Link 2 

  • Approaches to Teaching and Learning


    Ms. Shirisha Kondury, the IBDP Coordinator, conducted a Professional Development session on "Approaches to Teaching and Learning" for the International Secondary Section teachers on Saturday, 26th October 2018. The objective of the workshop was to facilitate sharing of best teaching and learning practices and promote incorporating ATL skills in the teaching of every subject. Highlights of the session included:

    1. Teachers must help students understand the relevance of the subjects to real life, and connection with other subjects.
    2. Make students owners of their own learning using inquiry-based learning, promoting teamwork and
    3. collaboration and using effective assessments.
    4. Developing cognitive and behavioural skills to lead to meta-cognitive skills in students.

    The workshop was wrapped-up with a fun activity on collaboration amongst the teachers.

  • Visit of Global Perspectives trainers from Cambridge


    CHIREC International had visitors from Cambridge on 3rd October, Ms. Lynda Bramwell (School Liason Manager, Global Perspectives) and Mr. Andrew Field (E-learning Manager, Global Perspectives). The objective of their visit was to assess the work done to develop the skills in Global Perspectives as CHIREC was one of the 20 schools all over the world included in the pilot project.

    The guests were given an enthusiastic welcome as students of Stage 3 waved at them with colorful pompoms which were followed by a traditional welcome by students of Stage 1. A vibrant program was put up by students of Stages 1 to 5 which comprised of a Welcome dance, a song on caring for the environment, a dance drama on endangered animals, a street play in Hindi on Fairtrade and a presentation on Global Perspectives. A parent of Stage 5 was invited to speak on how the Global Perspectives curriculum has helped in shaping the personality of her child. Ms. Lynda and Mr. Andrew then addressed the keen audience of students of Stages 4 and 5 and elaborated on the intention of initiating Global Perspectives in Primary classes.

    Ms. Lynda conducted an activity for students of Stage 5 on their views on Keeping Healthy based on a unit in Global Perspectives curriculum. The students worked in groups and confidently shared insights on what will keep them healthy. They interacted with the students across Stages 1 to 5 listened to what they had to say about their learnings and were a picture of attention as they saw the students’ work on display in the Primary block. Lynda and Andrew observed a Global Perspectives class for Stage 4 that focused on skills of research. They also conducted a workshop for the teachers which provided an overview of the curriculum of Global Perspectives.

    Looking at the displays put up in the classes, Ms. Lynda remarked “I was wowed by the fabulous work being done in the classrooms. I loved how the skill focus is made explicit in all classrooms. The quality of work was so high but importantly there was time for reflections on the work which means learners have the chance to develop and do better the next time!” Mr. Andrew said “We have had a marvellous opportunity and experience to see all the wonderful work. The passion and higher-level teaching and learning are clear to see where you have the learners explaining in depth and detail about their work which is successful education. Congratulations “

  • Cambridge Professional Development workshops on Global Perspectives and ICT


    CHIREC hosted the Cambridge Professional Development workshops on Global Perspectives and ICT on the 14th and 15th of September 2018. Ms. Cristiane Costa Lima and Mr. David Fuller came from Britain to conduct the GP and ICT workshops respectively. Participants from Cambridge schools across the country attended the workshop.

    On the first day of the workshop, the delegates were introduced to the core aims and values of Global Perspectives and Information and Communication Technology. From there, the participants worked through various activities and discussions on what it means to be a facilitator and learner of these subjects. They discussed flipped learning, inquiry-based learning, assessment tools, understanding the terminology and instructions in the marking scheme, and how to use the `Examiner`s Reports` to improve one’s teaching.

    The second day saw the participants delve deep into the topics and methods of assessments. They had a hands-on experience with marking schemes and assessment patterns, and participated in discussions on how to inculcate and develop the skills required in the students.

    At the end of the workshop, Principal Omkar Joshi handed the participants tokens of appreciation, and Ms. Cristiane awarded them certificates for their participation in the workshop.

  • CHIREC Playground gets a makeover!


    The Kondapur CHIREC campus playground is all decked up with the synthetic turf providing a safe and comfortable area to the students to play, run, exercise and enjoy! The synthetic turf has been added to encourage year-round activity on a safe and resilient surface, which will help students fight obesity and promote their well-being. The upgraded field was inaugurated by our student athletes on Friday, 29th June 2018 as they sprinted on the red tracks laced by the green turf all around.

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  • Early Childhood Education Conference


    On 28th July, CHIREC hosted an Early Childhood Education Conference in association with Early Childhood Association, marking another landmark event as part of the 30-year celebrations. The focus of the conference was to Learn How Children Learn. Over 150 educators from different schools in the city attended the conference, which had Dr. Reeta Sonawat,Dean Faculty of Home Science at S.N.D.T Women`s University; Mr.John Hemanth, Chief Director of The Neurons and Ms. Nupur Agarwal, Story Teller from Storywallahs as speakers. The Conference concluded with a panel discussion on "Appropriate Age to Learn writing for children".

    Dr. Reeta Sonawat - Dean Faculty of Home Science at S.N.D.T Women`s University
    Mr John Hemanth - Chief Director of The Neurons
    Sahithi Reddy - Runs a Waldorf school
    Smita Kondula - Remedial Instructor

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  • Home-coming of Shreya, Femina Ms. India 2nd runner-up


    CHIREC wore a festive look to celebrate Shreya Rao Kamavarapu’s home-coming after winning the coveted position of second runner-up at the Femina Miss India beauty pageant 2018. The gorgeous diva received a warm welcome from the management and the guard of honour by the members of the Student Council. The auditorium echoed as students and faculty members applauded and cheered for Shreya while the Founder Director, Ms. Ratna D. Reddy, congratulated Shreya for her achievement with a bouquet. The choir sang the song,`Congratulations and celebrations...` Ms. Susan Bird and Mr. Venkat Raman, Vice- Principals of CBSE and International Sections respectively, shared their experiences with Shreya as a student who was in CHIREC for 14 long years. Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, the Principal, spoke of Shreya’s journey and encouraged the students to get inspired by her. Shreya, in her speech, shared her memories and thanked CHIREC for shaping her into the person that she is today and for supporting her all through with constant encouragement.

    She also played basketball and spend some time in the classes where she had studied.

    Shreya is a role-model for the CHIRECians as she showed them that with grit and determination one can achieve what one aspires for.

    In press

  • HAPPY CHIREC – Happiness all the way...


    The Kondapur CHIREC campus reverberated with fun, frolic and laughter with entertainment galore, tasty treats, fun-filled games and mesmerizing activities as we celebrated HAPPY CHIREC on Saturday, 30th June 2018, another event in the lineup to commemorate CHIREC`s 30th year of excellence in education.

    The Fitness Zone included Zumba, Yoga, a Dance Floor, Mandala Corner, Floor Games, Family Relay Race, Laugh your Hearts Out and a Flash Mob. The Play Zone boasted of Family Cricket Time, Balloon Train, Hoop to Connect, String the Macaroni, Parachute Game, Hoop me in Action, Snakes and Ladders, Hop-Scotch and Fun with Pool Noodle. The Fun Zone included Tattoo, Get Inked, Photo Booth, Chota Bheem, Balloons and Live School Band churning out hit after hit. The Food Zone had an array of mouth-watering delicacies such as brownies, muffins, puffs, ice-cream, lemonade, organic juice, milkshake, vada-pao, pop-corn, tea and coffee, the highlight being the Millet Cookies baked under their CAS project and the stall put up by the by the IB students. These all-rounder cookies called FILL-IT MILLET with high nutritional value sold like hot cakes.

    All in all, it was a time well spent as the students, parents, staff and management came together to spread happiness and make HAPPY CHIREC a memorable event.


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  • CHIREC is proud to announce the admission of its students to Ivy League International Universities


    A proud moment and a joyous occasion for CHIREC as 9 students of 2018 batch get admission in the Ivy League universities – the collegiates that have connotations of academic excellence, selectivity in admissions, and social elitism.

    Congratulations to all our students on the outstanding achievement of getting into the top university. Let the passion, goals, hard work and efforts continue and let it help you to achieve something remarkable.

    We wish you all the best. Follow your dreams and make us proud again.

    Left to Right
    Rahul Nalluri: Pre-medical program at University of Iowa with scholarship
    Varenya Gade Reddy: Brown University
    Siva Manojna Potturi: Northwestern University
    Ritesh Reddy: University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
    Vinay Kanumuri: Harvard University
    Aaditya Madukkuri: UCLA
    Adith Ramchandran: Cornell University
    Abhishek Navani: NIIT University, India

    Bottom Row :Left to Right
    Sahana Rayan: Purdue University with scholarship
    Simran Sachdeva: Singapore Management University
    Chaitanya Yamannur: University of Rhode Island
    Dedeepya Chinnam: University of Texas at Austin, Rutgers University
    Amulya Elamanchili: Berkeley University
    Suthi Dontu: Georgia Tech

    From Left to Right:
    Sameera: University of California Davis
    Amog Iska: UCLA
    Abhiram Devrapalli: Carnegie Mellon University
    Vineet Alaparthi: Duke University
    Yash Chowdhary: Virginia Tech University
    Abhinav Pola: University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
    Maitri Rangarajan Paul: Stanford University

  • CHIREC Holds 30th Year Summer Camp


    CHIREC held its 30th year Summer Camp from 12th to 24th April 2018. Alumni of the 1st Summer Camp Sandeep Paidi & Abhishek Aggarwal, Ms. Rekha Reddy, a parent of the 1st Summer Camp, Mr. John Geiles, a teacher from the 1st Summer Camp were invited for the inauguration ceremony to kick-start the camp.

    The nine-day summer camp offered a plethora of activities, which included charcoal painting, thumb painting, ikebana flower arrangement, tie and dye, aerobics, Zumba, sculpting, western dance, robotics, theatre, culinary art and DIY craft activities for students aged 6 to 12 years.

    The closing ceremony, which was held on 25th April 2018 included a display of the articles made by the students during the summer camp, which were their takeaways as well.

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    “Ms. Ratna Reddy is a friend and she has done such a great job. I am very happy to be here. My son had a very good time when I joined him for the first summer camp, when he was two & a half years. Otherwise children will be running in the house all the time, once I put my son, he came back home happy and learnt music and art. During the summer camp, I will be conducting classes for flower arrangement.” -Rekha Reddy, 1st parent of Summer Camp 1989/ Teacher for Ikebana

    “I would like to congratulate the school for completing 30 years. I will be conducting art activities and showing some techniques to create artwork.” -Rangoli Garg, CHIREC Parent and Teacher

    It is an honour for me to be here. The photos and videos that we saw today brought back the memories of 1989. The first CHIREC song was written then. I would encourage the children to make the best use of the camp.” -John Geiles, teacher at 1st Summer camp

    “It is a great honour to be here. I was introduced to the summer camp 30 years back. The camp can really help enhance creativity in the long run.”-Abhishek Agarwal, Student of Summer Camp 1989

    “It has been 30 years, when I was part of the 1st Summer Camp. I was 10 years then. When you have your last exam, you feel happy. The 2 months of vacation, you want to just play cricket and there was no playstation and Netflix at my time. My mother enrolled me in the summer camp, where I could pick any activity. I chose table-tennis and played only that. My coach took me to tournaments and it was super fun. I remember one of the incidents. One day there was no car and my mother asked me to take an auto from Abids to Banjara Hills to get to the summer camp, which was 10-12 kms far. I couldn`t find a single auto. Instead of going back home, I started walking towards Banjara Hills and reached the venue. I later gave back the money of the auto fare to my mother. It shows that where there is a will, there is a way. I can call myself the patent to the `pad yatra` for First Summer Camp. Summer Camp doesn`t just include activities but will help along in life.” -Sandeep, Student, 1st Summer Camp

  • CHIREC 30 Years & Beyond Logo Unveiled


    Co-founder & Director Mrs. Ratna Reddy along with chief guests Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Industry & Commerce & Information Technology, Department of Telangana and Ms. Rajitha Chandrasekhar, Deputy Commissioner, Income Tax Department unveiled the CHIREC 30 Years and Beyond Logo during the morning assembly.

    The ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guests, followed by a speech by Principal Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, who welcomed the gathering of teachers, students, alumni, ex-teachers and the staff. The school choir sang an invocation song.

    An animated video recapped CHIREC International`s incredible journey and unveiled the  30 Years & Beyond logo and merchandise as students from the primary and secondary wings cheerfully waved flags with the new CHIREC logo on them.

    While Ms. Rajitha said that the school is the result of the vision, hard work, patience, tenacity, grit & determination of Mrs. Ratna Reddy, Mr. Jayesh congratulated CHIREC for completing 30 years and for shaping the lives of boys and girls to contribute positively to the society. He also urged everyone to take care of birds and animals during the summer season.

    The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by Principal, International Section, Mr. Omkar Joshi, CHIREC Anthem and the National Anthem. After the ceremony, Mrs. Ratna Reddy and the alumni who attended the event spent some time catching up, sharing their memories of growing up with CHIREC, and volunteering their time for the upcoming events for this special year.

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  • Inauguration Ceremony of 30th Year Special Summer Camp


    On 12th April 2018, CHIREC went back to its roots by conducting a special summer camp for curious young minds participating in the exciting 12-day camp. Director & Founder Ms. Ratna Reddy, along with Chief Guests Ms. Rekha Reddy, a parent of the 1st Summer Camp, Mr. John Geiles, a teacher from the 1st Summer Camp, Sandeep Paidi & Abhishek Aggarwal, Alumni of 1st Summer Camp and Rangoli Garg, a teacher of the 2018 edition of the camp, kick-started the ceremony by lighting the ceremonial lamp. Principal Ms. Iffat Ibrahim gave a brief history of the summer camps, which were held in 1989, 1997, 1999, 2013 – 2017 and the various activities conducted for the attendees from the adopted government school of Masjid Banda. She also highlighted that the Summer Camp 2018 is the 2nd in the series of the events being planned to commemorate CHIREC’s 30th year, and aims to allow the students to discover latent talent, develop their creative side and explore new skills. Each of the chief guests spoke about their experiences during their time spent at the summer camp ,and the ceremony concluded with Ms. Ratna Reddy declaring the Summer Camp 2018 open and calling it a precious, nostalgic and a thrilling experience.

    The students were divided into 4 groups and were led to their respective classes on the first day of the camp, which included:

    • Ikebana – Japanese art of flower arrangement, where students were shown placement of flowers and leaves of various height and sizes arranged in one arrangement.
    • DaVinci –an art form where white paper is a strategically placed in a tub of water mixed with chemical and colours.
    • Tie & Dye –an art form to make patterns on a plain cloth by tying cloth in a certain manner, dipping it in colour, and then removing the ties to reveal a design.
    • Aerobics - hand, leg and body movement to ensure students are active and remain fit.

      • More pictures

        “Ms. Ratna Reddy is a friend and she has done such a great job. I am very happy to be here. My son had a very good time when I joined him for the first summer camp, when he was two & a half years. Otherwise children will be running in the house all the time, once I put my son, he came back home happy and learnt music and art. During the summer camp, I will be conducting classes for flower arrangement.” -Rekha Reddy, 1st parent of Summer Camp 1989/ Teacher for Ikebana

        “I would like to congratulate the school for completing 30 years. I will be conducting art activities and showing some techniques to create artwork.” -Rangoli Garg, CHIREC Parent and Teacher

        It is an honour for me to be here. The photos and videos that we saw today brought back the memories of 1989. The first CHIREC song was written then. I would encourage the children to make the best use of the camp.” -John Geiles, teacher at 1st Summer camp

        “It is a great honour to be here. I was introduced to the summer camp 30 years back. The camp can really help enhance creativity in the long run.”-Abhishek Agarwal, Student of Summer Camp 1989

        “It has been 30 years, when I was part of the 1st Summer Camp. I was 10 years then. When you have your last exam, you feel happy. The 2 months of vacation, you want to just play cricket and there was no playstation and Netflix at my time. My mother enrolled me in the summer camp, where I could pick any activity. I chose table-tennis and played only that. My coach took me to tournaments and it was super fun. I remember one of the incidents. One day there was no car and my mother asked me to take an auto from Abids to Banjara Hills to get to the summer camp, which was 10-12 kms far. I couldn’t find a single auto. Instead of going back home, I started walking towards Banjara Hills and reached the venue. I later gave back the money of the auto fare to my mother. It shows that where there is a will, there is a way. I can call myself the patent to the ‘pad yatra’ for First Summer Camp. Summer Camp doesn’t just include activities but will help along in life.” -Sandeep, Student, 1st Summer Camp

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