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International School In Hyderabad

I am Anuraag Agarwal, currently studying in Grade X, CBSE (2016-17) at CHIREC International School. I have been in this school since the past 13 years and I can proudly say that CHIREC has helped me grow into a confident and mature individual.

I have shouldered various responsibilities in the school like being the Class Prefect twice (8th and 9th Grade), which taught me team work, as well as leadership, the Secretary of the CHIREC Interact Club (CBSE), where I learnt to be humble and compassionate and make a difference, and being part of the Technical team at the CHIREC MUN 2016 and many others.

My biggest passion is music and I play the keyboard and the guitar. CHIREC has helped me and my friends nurture our passion by providing opportunities to form our own rock band -Zero Gravity. We play both at school and outside of school and today we are recognized by most of the schools and colleges across the city as CHIREC s official rock band. Computers is also one of my major interest areas and I am excited to be a part of the CHIREC Pulse team – the official students blog of the school.

CHIREC has always provided the perfect ecosystem to enhance my academic and extracurricular skills while at the same time building my character as a human being. I look forward to going to school each morning, and come back having learnt something new from both – my teachers and my peers. I plan to continue my journey in CHIREC for XI and XII and take up more responsibilities and posts so that I may give back to the school which has been instrumental in moulding my personality. I wish to pursue my Under Graduate Degree at one of the top universities in the U.S. and make my school proud.

International School In Hyderabad

My name is Anmol Makhija, I hold the position of Head Boy in the Student Cabinet of CHIREC International for the academic year 2016-2017. I ve been in this school for a little more than just a year and I find myself wishing I’d joined the school earlier. The school manages to provide a warm and nurturing environment through its faculty and students and it has given me several opportunities to grow through the past year, I ve evolved from being a timid person, to a person with immense self-confidence. I ve also developed a great passion and zeal to excel at everything I take up, from my studies to my hobbies, I am greatful for the tremendous transformation the school has managed to bring about in me, in just a single year.

As the Head Boy and a member of the CHIREC MUN Secretariat, I ve developed several skills such as those of, leadership, communication and problem solving abilities, and as a student I ve become better at my academics and co-curricular activities. Few of my responsibilities include, ensuring that the students are disciplined, and that the weekly inter-house competitions are well planned and progress smoothly.
I enjoy reading books, listening to music, playing the drums and table tennis, and I plan on studying law for my undergraduate

International School In Hyderabad

I am Manila, I teach Hindi to the students at CHIREC. I have been at CHIREC for 16 years. I teach the students of the Primary and Secondary sections and working here is a great learning experience for me as well. It is good to teach both the age groups, my little ones of the primary section are very loving, caring and affectionate. Their enthusiasm is infectious and I’m fully absorbed while listening to their wonderful poem recitations, watching their expressions and voice modulations during the assembly presentations and skits! My older ones are also a pleasure to teach. Their sincerity and dedication towards the subject motivates me to teach them challenging and new concepts. Their quest to know and explore more always keeps teaching a learning experience.

My excursions to Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Ooty and Mysore with the students have been one of the most memorable experiences. A concert that holds close to my heart is Navras , where the students presented the nine Rasas or Nine emotions very beautifully.

I am grateful to CHIREC for providing different opportunities to grow and giving me the opportunity to do my best. The training sessions and exposure that we get at CHIREC facilitate a conducive teaching learning environment and helps each one of us to understand the students better, and creates a learning atmosphere where the learning is without fear. I truly believe that a teacher’s work affects our future and lasts for eternity!

International School In Hyderabad

I am Sabreen Hussain. I study in Grade 11. This is my 12th year in CHIREC and over the years I ve grown fond of this school and I look forward to coming here every day. My favourite memories of school are probably those of the concerts, one particularly when I was playing the part of Sleeping Beauty when I was young and all the inter-house games since I love to play basketball. This school has given me the opportunity to play basketball at a national level and I’m so grateful for that. I still think about my favourite teacher Veena ma am who taught me in the 5th grade, all those vocabulary tests that we had then, and the class parties we had. I am excited to be a part of the student council this year and I am honored to serve as the Vice-Captain of the Sahyadris. I ve felt a lot of love here and I feel happy that I can give back. This is my second-last year in school and leaving school will definitely be very hard.

International School In Hyderabad

My name is Harriet Krupa and I am the Primary teacher at CHIREC. I studied in Stanley and Wesley Degree College. My journey at CHIREC so far has been a memorable one. Working here provides me with work satisfaction, opportunities for professional growth and lots of encouragement and guidance from mentors, in charges and the Principal. As a teacher, I ensure to teach lessons to children using specific teaching methods to suit my students’ needs. I enthusiastically support my new colleagues and strive to build healthy relationships with all. I like watching inspirational movies and videos and love to read books. I browse the net and read articles which interest children and youth. I love singing and I am the worship leader for the choir. I can never forget my Dad - the most loving and inspiring person in my life and also my role model. He taught me many things to be a good example, to teach to make a difference in a student’s life and to live full of hope and curiosity. I’ve always believe not to judge people by their looks but to try to look inside their heart. That’s where you’ll find the real person.

International School In Hyderabad

My name is Vrishank Singhania. I am currently in Class XII. I have been studying in CHIREC since 2008 and it is been an amazing journey. CHIREC has given me a plethora of opportunities in diverse fields right from debating to music and numerous inter-school competitions. I am a passionate debater and MUNner. I was involved in organizing both CHIREC MUN 2015 and 2016. My interest in Model UN started back in Class 7 with a Model UN club that had started in school. Those sessions really helped me hone my skills and my active participation in Model UN over the last five years has transformed the way I think. I have also been very active in the field of music. I am a violinist and have played with several ensembles and orchestras. I recently gave a TEDx Talk and I am sure I would not have been able to give that talk without all the exposure and support that I have gotten at CHIREC over the last eight years. I have had amazing teachers who have been my role models and taught me so much- both in academics and outside.

I cannot believe that in a few months this amazing journey will be over. It will be a new phase in my life. But no matter where I go I will always cherish each memory I have of my time in CHIREC. I am always going to be a part of CHIREC just as CHIREC will always be a part of me

International School In Hyderabad

Dhanya Prasad, "I study in Grade IIC and CHIREC is my favourite place to be! I presented a Kuchipudi dance performance in our assembly today. Initially, when I landed on the stage, I was anxious and nervous, thought I forgot all the steps, but then I looked into my sister eyes and everything came back to me! I have been very excited all week long to perform and practiced my dance all day yesterday. I have been learning dance for last 2 years. I do not know why I felt nervous today, maybe because this was my first performance in the school. The best feeling was when everyone applauded my performance with a loud CHIREC Clap , something I had been doing for others in the assembly every day! I know I did my best and made everyone proud."

International School In Hyderabad

Hello, my name is Usha Koduri. I teach the fairly energetic students of Grade 2 in CHIREC. I graduated holding a Master’s Degree in English Literature, as well as a PG Diploma in Business Management from Panjab University, Chandigarh. I also played Basketball in my college days, and worked up to a spot on the AP state team. I thoroughly enjoy listening to music, painting as well as gardening. I am also a strong animal-lover.
My association with CHIREC dates way back to June 1999. I started my career as a Pre-Primary teacher and pursued for about 14 years. The school has given me an opportunity to prepare the curriculum books for the children, which they are following till date. Pre-Primary has always been my heart and soul. I learnt a lot of skills, and enjoyed the experience of building young minds who shower their unconditional love and respect. I then transitioned into Primary teaching, which is equally enjoyable. I actively participate in organizing in-school events.
The never-ending support and encouragement I’ve received from the director, Mrs. Ratna Reddy, my in-charges, students, and teachers, have meant the most to me. The long 19-year journey at CHIREC has given me a mountain of experiences, invaluable growth as a person and teacher, and above all, a deep satisfaction that I would cherish all my life.

International School In Hyderabad

My name is Aanya Khandelwal, and I am a student of CHIREC studying in Class XI. I have come a long way in the past 16 years and CHIREC– my school, my comfort and my second home has given me the best opportunities, my best friends and the best years of my life.
Being the President of the Interact Club at CHIREC, this year has been the most rewarding experience for me. I started as a member of the Club in Grade VIII and went on to be a part of the Club in various capacities in the past few years. Under constant mentorship of Venkat Raman Sir and Nagulmeera Sir, along with the 100 members of our club, we have exceeded our expectations in undertaking several activities and fundraisers such as the CHIREC Energy Conservation Drive, Inter-Government School Sports Day, Spectacle Distribution in slums, and celebrating all the important days of the year with the children at government schools and the MNJ Cancer Hospital.
There are more than 20,000 Interact Clubs and 4,50,000 Interactors all over the world, but we are here to make a small but significant difference by undertaking activities that can help enrich the lives of others.Apart from ensuring that I reach my academic goals and making me realize the importance of giving back to society, CHIREC has also developed and nurtured my passion for basketball and has ensured that our team gets all the support we need to excel in this field.
The school has always opened doors for me in all our initiatives, in terms of guidance and infrastructure. Their support year after year, has given us the boost we require and has helped us grow at each step.

International School In Hyderabad

I am M. Shanti Rao, and I teach Social Science to Grades IX and X. I graduated from Osmania University and I hold Masters in English Literature and History. I completed my B.Ed. from IGNOU. I am passionate about teaching, and this has been my source of inspiration for the past 18 years. My association with CHIREC dates back to June 2008 and it has been an enriching and a fulfilling journey for me. Being a teacher at CHIREC has made me more knowledgeable, compassionate, tolerant, empathetic, approachable and an emotionally balanced person, ready to take challenges head on, confidently and competently. This has also helped me to connect myself with the students and develop a better bonding with them. The student, who are the most dynamic forces of the institution are the best motivators at CHIREC. They have the drive, the skills and the quest to excel in all the fields. Keeping these qualities in mind, I have always planned and organized different teaching - learning strategies, and ensured the students’ interest in the subject. I also feel rewarded when my ex-students call me to share their achievements as well as their fond memories of the school. At this juncture, I recall the support I have received from our respected Director, Ratna Reddy Ma’am, Venkat Raman Sir, Sameena Hasan Ma’am and all my colleagues. I faced my worst time of my life in 2013, when I met with an accident. I got immense support for which I will always be grateful to them. I am very proud to be a part of this prestigious institution and shall always strive to take CHIREC to greater heights of glory and achievement. I look forward to a long and a fruitful association with my wonderful school.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Sreekar. I passed out from CHIREC in 2008. I completed bachelors in mechanical engineering at CBIT and then went on to pursue Masters in Engineering Management (MEM) at Dartmouth College, USA. I returned to India to work on my company, Gradvine Advisors Pvt. Ltd., a peer-to-peer mentoring platform for students applying for universities abroad and those looking for jobs. I was in CHIREC from the age of 4 where I began my pre-primary education at the old Begumpet campus, which later got shifted to Kondapur. I loved the sports facilities at the new campus and enjoyed playing cricket. Some of my finest memories also involved the plays and the morning assembly that students were required to organise. These activities truly helped in my holistic development and helped me explore various facets of my personality. CHIREC also laid the foundation for me to write, speak and think in English, which back in the early 2000s was still rare for schools in Hyderabad. I would like to thank my teachers as they were very stringent while awarding grades as they expected a very high level of written English from us. This helped me a lot while writing essays to apply to universities abroad. My essays were automatically at a different level, which allowed me to get an admit to an Ivy League university with a fellowship.

International School In Hyderabad

We are Anand Parameswaran & Syamala Lanka and we are CHIREC Parents. We became associated with CHIREC in 2007-08 when we admitted Pallavi in Class IV. From Day One until now, I have found CHIREC to be the perfect blend of aspirational attitude and strong values. I have also witnessed how CHIREC has continued to evolve with the world around us – additional focus on extra-curricular activities, creating a world class MUN event, partnership with institutes like Career Launcher for training in CLAT, creating an ecosystem to help students study abroad etc. are some of the changes that we have seen. CHIREC has shown sensitivity to the needs of the individual child and I have personally experienced teachers partnering with us as parents to help our children deal with issues. Most of the teachers that we have interacted with have shown a genuine interest in our children and given good feedback around their personal development. The multiple options available for Group A and Group B activities have helped my children to try out options before settling on their preferred activities. Since Pallavi has joined college and we are moving to the US for a few years with Niharika, we have to take a pause in our journey with CHIREC. However, when we come back to India, CHIREC will remain as our first choice. I wish your school the very best of success for many years to come.

International School In Hyderabad

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