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International School In Hyderabad
International School In Hyderabad

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International School In Hyderabad

Hi, my name is Giridhar Reddy, a Lawn Tennis Coach. I joined CHIREC in 2002. I am an BE graduate in ECE and a former National and University player.

I want my students to perform well as they progress in their Tennis skills by trying to implement new techniques with respect to the game.
We the CHIREC TEAM won the CBSE Nationals in 2005, 2006 and were runners-up in 2004 and 2013. Over the years had good students like Divija Mandava, Prabhav, Saiteja P, Lalitha D and Ananya M who have achieved and made great strides. Today we have many promising players. I look back with a sigh of satisfaction, a sense of fulfillment and achievement. Yet, there are always miles to go, and promises to keep!

Personally, I have been constantly encouraged and mentored by my employer Mrs.Ratna Reddy to take up new and challenging responsibilities and constantly engages me to set higher goals.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Pratima, HR Manager at CHIREC International since Feb 2013. CHIREC has now become a second home to me. I stepped into CHIREC after a long tenure with the corporate world, with a little bit of apprehension as to how would I fit into a school scenario!
It took me a while to get acquainted with the people, processes and procedures and before I realized I was already a part of the system. I was pleasantly surprised when I was once told that it did not look like I was a new employee!! It was as if I have always been around! I owe it to all the nice people in CHIREC who helped me settle down with ease. be it Manaswita Ma am, Iffat Ma am, Ramani Ma am…..
Yes, some days are extremely tiring with lots of work, issues to be looked into, but at the end of the day it is quite a satisfying journey. Being an HR professional gives me a chance to touch upon an individual s life directly or indirectly and I always strive to strike the right balance.
I love reading book and listening to soft music, but am unable to do so on a regular basis due to paucity of time. But to unwind I do manage to grab a few moments for myself by listening to the Late singer- Jagjit Singh s soulful ghazals.
One person we all look up to is our Director Mrs Ratna D Reddy who is a source of inspiration with her constant words of support and encouragement. She is the one who makes us raise the bar! She helps us to strive for perfection and we hope that we are able to meet her expectations!

International School In Hyderabad

I am Sreeja Narayan, I teach the students of Class 5 in CHIREC. To teach is to touch lives- forever This is what I truly believe in and it has also motivated me to always give in my best! My association with CHIREC dates back to June 2006 and while I pen down my thoughts about this beautiful journey, I realise that it has been 10 long years. Simply unbelievable!!

CHIREC has provided me many opportunities to grow- both as a professional as well as an individual. The regular workshops they conduct have helped me keep pace with the fast- changing world, thus preparing me to face new challenges head-on. The unconditional support I ve received from my In-charges and their trust in my abilities has been one of the prime reasons for me to stay on. Also, the love from my colleagues and team- members has helped me gain ground and forge ahead!

I have all the while dealt with 10-11 year olds and the enthusiasm they exude is amazing. These students have inspired me, entertained me and I have ended up learning a ton from them. I personally feel that teaching is not about information. It is about having an honest, intellectual relationship with your students. This reminds me of something a parent had quoted long ago- Nothing in this world is completely flawless, except my teacher s advice which is truly priceless! Apart from the fact that it made me feel good, I realized the great responsibility I have as a teacher and how I need to measure each and every word I speak as the impact it would create is tremendous.

All in all, it has been an enriching experience and on a lighter note I would like to add that I eat CHIREC, drink CHIREC and breathe CHIREC!!!

International School In Hyderabad

I am Ananti Mitra, and I teach CBSE English at CHIREC International School. What I never learned at school, college or university was the application of contemporary techniques in imparting English education. I spent two years learning to teach the discipline at the Institute of English in Kolkata from which I emerged 1st in class and the winner of the gold medal in the year 2004. Subsequently, I taught school, college and corporate training in the art of communicative English in Kolkata before moving to Hyderabad in 2005.

I joined CHIREC in 2011, and it has been the best place to learn, practice and put into motion all of my knowledge in teaching English to young adults. These students have minds which are open to different interpretations of texts, and are not limited by adhering to syllabi alone. My goal is always to gain and impart a deeper understanding of the emotions behind the words of the text, so that I can help students come to their own conclusions about what is relevant what is in fact essence and what is only surface by challenging them to form coherent answers to questions in the curriculum.

When not teaching English, I am a connoisseur and collector of everything Jeffrey Archer, experiment with global cuisine and continental and love exploring the world. I have backpacked over the far flung corners of the National Parks of Utah, Arizona and Nevada, and recently biked across mountains and valleys of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. I have lived in five different cities across four continents, including Singapore, London, and Salt Lake City, and think of myself as a true global citizen. I view my life as a microcosm in the sea of humanity, and feel that my mission is to to try to make a difference in people s lives. I’m also a firm believer in strong interpersonal skills and open communication, and believe that I am someone who can befriend a roomful of people young adults and old alike. To put it simply, I’m a people s person! Someone to share a good thought and laugh with.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Elizabeth Mathew, a homeroom teacher at CHIREC since the past 18 years. I am a home science graduate from St.Teresa College in Cochin. I completed my B.Ed. in English from Mar Serverios memorial Training college in Chengaroor, Thiruvalla. I also did PGDCA computer course from my home town – Thiruvalla, Kerala. I enjoy watching movies, listening to songs and wearing Indian clothing. As a homeroom teacher, my typical day is filled with planning and executing activities that include a blend of both curricular and extra-curricular activities. I make sure that all the things are planned properly way beforehand and ensure that the teaching- learning process is an innovative & interesting one. I take care to address the individual needs of all my students and provide them with special help and assistance to learn and complete their work. I understand the importance of a parents involvement in a childs life, and thus I keep the parents of my students in the loop and make it a priority to address their queries promptly.

The love and affection we get from our students is praiseworthy and lasts in our memory for a lifetime. This kind of emotion is alien to any other profession but teaching. When our students excel in their exams, or win a prize in a competition or simply learn the value of participation, we as teachers glow with happiness. An incident that I will never forget is from my first batch of students. Mohammed Ayazzuddin, who was the son of the famous cricketer, Mohammed Azaruddin, was one of my students . The kind soul departed this earth at a young age because of a bike accident. But some time after that, I was going through one of my old books, and I found an answer sheet of Ayazuddin in it, written in neat handwriting, brought tears to my eyes.

In this long yet lovely journey at CHIREC, there is one person I will never forget, Mrs. Rajyalakshmi. She is a true educationist and has done tremendous work for CHIREC as well as for the society. The most rewarding thing about teaching is that I am a part of the wonderful profession which creates all other professions. The opportunity to serve the society through values of hard work, sincerity and ethics is a wonderful one. Playing a vital role in inspiring and educating hundreds of children who are the future of the world is an experience that cannot be described in words.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Shaza Akhtar, the English language and Communicative English teacher in the International section at CHIREC. I joined the team in the November of 2015. I hold a masters degree in English literature from Madras University, a bachelors degree in education from Osmania University and a certificate in English language teaching (CELTA) from Cambridge University, UK. I did my schooling in Saudi Arabia.

Before joining CHIREC, I worked as a freelance English language trainer in UAE and India. I’ve tried my hand at teacher training and teaching business English as well, before finally agreeing that there is no place like a school! I occupy myself with reading, writing poetry (occasionally), playing word games, baking, socializing with the e-fraternity or sometimes just simply playing with my cat. I am working on a short-stories series and a novel, and hope to finish and publish them soon.

Ever since I joined CHIREC, there has never been a dull moment in life. While I keep myself busy helping out with various activities and events happening around the school, I am entrusted with many projects too to prove myself. And for that I have my seniors, in-charges and principals to thank, for having faith in me. Although I thoroughly enjoy every single one of my multiple duties in school, the best time I have is with my students. I teach all stages from 6 to 8 and in each stage it is impossible to even slightly favour one over the other as every class has its own unique set of traits that are awe-inspiring and adorable at the same time. I am the class teacher for C8B and I glow with pride at every big and small achievement of theirs. It might sound a little too cliché but my students have touched my life in different ways. Every single moment I’ve spent with each one of them has been delightful, insightful and beautiful, only to get better with each passing day. I look forward to many more educative and enlightening moments with them in the days to come.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Leena Daisy S. and I teach Primary students at CHIREC. I graduated in Science from St. Theresa’s College, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. I have done my B.Ed from A. L. College, Nagarjuna University and MA English in Literature from Andhra University. As an individual, I am patient, organized and strive to be perfect. I enjoy reading books and painting in my spare time.
I have been teaching for 17 years. My time spent at CHIREC has helped me to grow as a confident person and nurture my skills and has given me immense satisfaction personally and professionally. I have enjoyed handling all the responsibilities given to me. As a teacher, I try to address to the needs of every student, help them to learn with ease and see to it that all of them are given a chance to contribute. I feel happy and proud when my students come to wish me and share their experiences. My most memorable moment was when I rejoined CHIREC after a long leave, my students Sneha and Anumita who were in Grade 12 by then came running to meet me. I believe that a teacher should be an enthusiastic learner, adept at interaction, and caring towards her students. As a primary teacher, I have attended many professional development workshops which have taught me about academic planning and implementing them accordingly.
I thank our Director Ms. Ratna Reddy for believing in me, Ms. Iffat Ibrahim for her guidance, my Incharges and colleagues for their support, my family for their encouragement and my students for their love.

International School In Hyderabad

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