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International School In Hyderabad

Amidst the rustic charm of a small Telangana village, a young boy`s artistic journey began, painting vibrant stories with mud, turmeric, and the rich hues of nature`s palette. The journey of our Head of Art Department, Mr Santosh Kotagiri, is unconventional and inspiring in all possible ways. Born in a family of farmers, he nurtured his aspiration to pursue arts despite many odds. “My father encouraged me to join art classes. I still remember the ordeal, as I had to walk miles to another village to attend the classes. But such was my passion that it pushed me to envision a career as artist and nothing else.” Having completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts from JNFAU, he found a calling in surreal art. "The path of an artist is riddled with challenges. Financial and societal obstacles often overshadow this journey, and my reality mirrored these expectations. To support my education, I juggled multiple part-time roles - from a Graphic Designer to a Commissioned Artist and even delving into the realm of an Insurance Agent. These diverse roles became my lifeline as I embarked on my artistic career, striving to make ends meet." Mr Santosh talks about art being a form of meditation. He immerses himself in the process without letting any distractions deter him. He says, “All throughout, I knew that as much as I had to satiate my artistic side, I also had to provide for my family. Never shedding away from the responsibility, I started teaching in hobby classes and joined Icon Art Gallery as a Resident Artist. This was the turning point for me as I was able to not only indulge in art but also share my passion for art with my students. In 2013, my transition to CHIREC marked a defining moment, where I intricately balanced my passion for art with the responsibilities of teaching while providing for my family. At CHIREC, I`ve found an invaluable support system that has embraced and encouraged my personal, professional, and artistic endeavors. This nurturing environment has bestowed upon me a rare gift – the freedom to unleash my creativity, revealing that the path of an artist can indeed lead to financial stability.” This is what he imparts to his students, to always stay true to their passion, let their creativity flow, and adapt to any challenges that life throws at them.

International School In Hyderabad

How often do you see men not only taking part in Indian Classical Dance but also acing the art? That’s precisely what our Kuchipudi facilitator Mr Janimiya Shaik is doing. Born and raised in Khammam, he inherited the passion for Kuchipudi from his mother. Lovingly called ‘Kuchipudi sir’ by his students, he says, `My mother was an adept Kuchipudi dancer, however, due to certain familial restrictions, she couldn’t pursue the art. But I was adamant to follow my passion for dance. The journey wasn’t easy. I had to succumb to the societal norms and just take up dance as a hobby.` He illustrates that a moment of courage led him to enroll for a Masters in Performing Arts in Hyderabad Central University. `I remember, there was an initial resistance from my father regarding my career choice to become a Kuchipudi dancer. But years later when I performed in the National Republic Day Parade, my father witnessed my performance. That was the day, I was beaming with joy.` He is as passionate about teaching as he is for the dance. `In my class, I witness students eager to learn the art form. My students are extremely observant and truly believe in the concept of ‘practice makes one perfect’.` He adds, `I am an artist, a scholar, and an educator. And I am very thankful to CHIREC for supporting me through all of these roles. As an artist, I wish to smash the taboo that Indian Classical Dance form is only for women. As a scholar, I am completing my PhD from Hyderabad Central University. As an educator, I am teaching my students to embody the discipline, grace, and self-expression that dance as an art form imparts.`

International School In Hyderabad

A college trip redefined my career trajectory and led me to where I am today. As a young student I travelled to Chamoli in Uttarakhand. My tete-a-tete with mountains made me fall in love with them so much that I was intrigued to know more about the landform. This is how my passion towards the field of geography began says Ms Sayantani Mitra, our CAIE Geography Facilitator. This association with mountains led her to pursue her Masters degree in Geography and further complete her B.Ed. My love for the subject transformed when I completed my dissertation in Education and Reproductivity Correlation. This further mounted my interest to explore the world of teaching. Hailing from the cultural land of Kolkata, Ms Sayantani moved to Hyderabad to join CHIREC as a fresher, three years ago. This began the onset of her professional journey. `CHIREC opened up my personal and professional pursuits in more than one way. I entered the gates of  CHIREC as a fresher and transitioned into a seasoned educator. More so, living away from my hometown, I was able to not only adopt the values of independence and resilience but also inculcate the same for my students. She believes in bringing practical approaches to her lessons by connecting the theoretical concepts with real-life experiences. One of the activities that my students really love, is when I get my rock collection to classroom to explain the rock formation. This is one of the many ways in which I build conceptual understanding among my students. She adds, Besides this I also teach my students to always give back to the community. Through grade-level projects, my students are not only reaching out but also contributing to the growth of community. To witness this, is the biggest achievement for me as a teacher.

International School In Hyderabad

A colorful classroom filled with multiple games where students can sit wherever they want. On one side, a student is making India Gate out of wooden blocks and on the other side, a group of students are participating in a brain gym activity. Such is a sight of the Remedial Classroom in our Gachibowli branch. Ms Amrita Preetam Tripurana, our remedial counselor, takes center stage in making this space a Happy Place for our students. Born and raised in multiple places in India, she comes from diverse backgrounds. She says, `As a child, I got a chance to live in multiple cities. That helped me to broaden my horizons and be more preceptive and diverse in my approach towards life. Having completed my graduation in commerce and postgraduation in English, I knew inherently that teaching was my true calling.` `However, it was after the birth of my son, I dived deep into exploring the learning process of children. In this period, I explored many external factors that affect a child’s learning abilities.` She observed how in traditional teaching methods, students with learning differences were often sidelined or ignored. This gave her a push to explore the world of counselling. `During this 6-year long journey in CHIREC, I have practiced the concept of elasticity of mind and worked with many learners who faced issues like Dyslexia, ADHD, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, among many others. What makes me proud of this journey is seeing my students finding a safe space in the remedial counselling room to express themselves freely.` She adds that the only goal of her job as a remedial counselor is to see the learners progressing ahead and not needing her help anymore. She adds `At CHIREC, we believe that every learner brings a unique perspective to the classroom. I wish to smash the taboo against childhood counselling and aim to bring a positive change through my role. Many parents still come and thank me for their child’s progress and that makes my job truly rewarding.`

International School In Hyderabad

A child walking around the lakes of Bhopal knew just one thing, that was, to laugh out loud and relish every moment. Years later, as a Homeroom teacher in one of the leading schools in Hyderabad, I still follow the same mantra. And that’s precisely what I teach my students, to laugh at the face of any adversity and take delight in every moment of life”, says Ms. Shraddha Bhattacharjee, our Homeroom teacher.
The lack of right mentorship as a child led her to explore the path of teaching. Having completed her M.Sc. in Physics, she decided to pursue B.Ed and PGDC. She says, `As a child, I noticed the lack of mentorship around me. This became my motivation to become a mentor for the younger generation and led me to the path of teaching. I knew that the traditional pedagogical methods needed to be changed in order to make students fall in love with learning.` Ms. Shraddha’s eyes gleam with pride as she talks about her classroom. She practices a blended learning approach that moulds students into lifelong learners.
`I understand that my students spend a fair chunk of their time with me. It becomes important for them to see classroom as their safe and happy place. CHIREC gives me an agency to do so.` She reminisces her 17 years journey in CHIREC and talks about how she has learned about different pedagogical approaches “More than a teacher, CHIREC has honed me to be a lifelong learner. I have learned from my In-Charges, my colleagues, and moreover my students. I truly believe that to teach is to learn. I am glad that CHIREC gave me the opportunity to hone the future changemakers.

International School In Hyderabad

From delivering milk bags and newspapers to fund my education, to crafting my career journey in the domain of Human Resources, my journey has been nothing short of an upward ride”, says Mr. Venkat Solankar, our Payroll Compliance Officer. Hailing from Hyderabad, Mr. Venkat’s journey has truly been an inspiration. “In my teenage years, I really wanted to pursue Agricultural Engineering, however, due to lack of funds I couldn’t appear for the entrance test. Hence, very early on I had my goals for life fixed. I wanted to excel and reach a point where I could give back to the community.”
Stepping onto the CHIREC HR floor, one can witness Mr. Venkat addressing the queries of existing staff members and helping them wholeheartedly. Illustrating his journey he explains, “After years of hard work, I found myself attracted to the domain of HR. I loved the fact that HR acted as a bridge between employees and management, and I resolved to dive deep into this role.” In his career graph, he has worked with luminaries such as Asian Paints, G4S, and handled clients like Amazon, Google, Wipro, among many more. He says, “Of several moments that I have witnessed throughout my professional journey, the most joyful ones are the times when colleagues would come and thank me for being approachable. Of course, like any profession, there are challenges involved but these small moments of joy make everything worth it. I live by the principle of being kind and humble to any situation that comes my way.
Speaking about his association with CHIREC, he says, “In my journey at CHIREC, I have always been given opportunities to grow with my role. I really felt accomplished, when I, along with my team, was able to automate the entire payroll and compliance process at CHIREC.
He exclaims, “If I were to go back and face my teenage self, I would express my gratitude for all the struggles that young boy made to lead me to my current path. I would also tell him to trust the process of growth and believe in the power of hard work. Because in the end, everything works out for better!

International School In Hyderabad

“Back in my teenage years, I faced a drawback that charted the trajectory of my career. After a major injury during my practice session, I had to quit gymnastics and take a break to recover. That one year taught me the art of perseverance, so that when I jumped back into the field again, I was filled with a renewed urge to excel”, says Ms. G. Kezia Pavani, our Gymnastics coach. Ms. Kezia’s journey as a gymnast started when she was 8 years old. Drawn towards artistic gymnastics, she won National medal in both Junior and Senior level tournaments. “Despite the injury, I had a constant urge to join my friends in the arena. The feeling of missing out was very pertinent at that moment. That’s when I knew that this was much more than a sport to me.” This realization marked the onset of a thrilling journey as a gymnast for Ms Kezia. With a specialization in Table Vault and Beam, she now coaches her students to be flexible, graceful, and confident. “I remember that in my journey, my coaches became my mentor and guide. It is very important to have that motivational spirit backing you when you are out in the field. That’s what I aim to do with my students.” Ms. Kezia’s classroom is a sight to behold. Her students, from beginner to advanced level, seek her advice as they practice their postures. She dedicatedly motivates them, lets them fall and rise up again, and motivates them to keep going until they achieve success. Reminiscing her 4-year journey in CHIREC she expresses her gratitude “In these years, I have seen that CHIREC truly promotes the health and well-being of students, thereby focusing on the whole-child concept. I have seen my students become confident individuals after diving into the world of gymnastics. Nothing makes my job more fulfilling than this!”

International School In Hyderabad

Take a step into our International Section library and you are greeted with the most heartwarming smile and a range of book recommendations from Mr. Aruna Kumar G, our Librarian. A bibliophile and an ardent reader, he says, “Have you ever seen individuals who hated books become a devoted reader? Well, in my journey as a Librarian, I have witnessed this multiple times. The best part, however, is that I never have to force a love for reading among my students. Reading is such a pure and reflective activity and I do not think that an activity of that nature should be forced.”
In order to build the habit of reading, Mr. Aruna uses the technique of nudging. He builds curiosity among the learners and lets them explore the world of stories. Having completed his postgraduation and M.Phil. in Political Science and Master’s in Library Sciences, he recalls how he decided to tread on this career path, “Reading J. Krishnamurthy’s works made me sure that I wanted to align myself with a career path where I was always surrounded by books. Books not only help me form coherent opinions but also bond with people. Recently a Grade 10 student discussed Michel Foucault’s works with me. I was left surprised by her curiosity that landed her to a work of that stature!”
Mr. Aruna has been associated with CHIREC for the past 18 years. In this period, he has formed great associations with authors and is a part of the larger literary circle in the city. He says, “CHIREC has given me multiple wholesome moments that make me thankful for my job. It is through CHIREC that I am able to bring innovation to the library through different technological integrations. Our library is equipped with a digital catalog, one-of-a-kind story box, and other aids that help enhance the love for reading among our students.” Next time you see Mr. Aruna on campus, don’t forget to say hi and start a conversation about the book you are reading!

International School In Hyderabad

`Designing the Bollywood film posters with my father in his studio became my gateway to dive into the world of art. A Film Publicity Designer, my father, was the first to discover my knack for Visual Arts. I was extremely fascinated with colors and even as a kid experimented with their science and production. The simple idea behind it was to make the film posters attractive but in an economical way`, says Mr. Shreyas Dhongade, our Visual Arts Facilitator. A step into CHIREC`s Visual Arts classroom opens a window to creativity, colors, and imagination. One quick scan into the room reveals Mr. Shreyas Dhongade, our Visual Arts facilitator immersed in a creative interaction with his students. Passionate about abstractionist forms of art, he encourages his students to experiment in the class without fearing to fail. Having completed his postgraduation from JJ College of Art, he has worked with big brands like Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla. Classifying his class as a lab of expressions, he adds, “I believe in giving an agency to my students to choose their interpretations rather than telling them one. I make sure that my students come up with ideas that are out-of-the-box, innovative, and filled with personal expression. To this day, the lessons I took from designing film posters with my father manifest in my classroom.” From embossing to abstract art, from science behind colors to art history bytes, Mr Shreyas`s class is filled with myriad of colors. Describing his journey at CHIREC so far, he says `I have been given a freedom to let my learners grow. I take that trust forward through every class of mine. CHIREC believes in honing innovative and creative individuals who would turn into becoming changemakers of tomorrow and I am glad that I also play significant part in this process`. Please click here to view video

International School In Hyderabad

On a warm winter morning as I was entering the school, I heard a voice addressing me ‘Thank you, ma’am, it is because of you, I am sleeping better!’ I turned back to see a child with wide curious eyes, expressing his innocent childlike gratitude. Nothing could’ve been more rewarding than seeing that Grade 8 student implementing takeaways from SEL session on Sleep Habits. By all means, our work was showing its results through these not-so-tiny moments”, says Ms. Sumita Gowdety, the Head of Social and Emotional Learning at CHIREC. In her association with CHIREC, Ms. Sumita has had several such moments of reflection to share. Always arriving at work with a big smile, her curious approach to life helps her forge genuine interactions with the students, staff, and parents alike. Coming from a communications background, she observed the need for awareness and compassion in adults during her stint as a Corporate Communications Trainer. She adds, “I was seeing adults navigating problems that they should’ve found solutions to, years back- difficulty in managing stress and conflicts, identity crisis, and lack of clarity towards their purpose. The glaring question herein was, ‘What did we miss in our education?’ These adults definitely were adept in doing taxes but when it came to regulating themselves, there was still work required. I was then guided by one question- If not now, when? It was then imperative for me to go to the foundations and instill the sense of awareness among our children to empower a generation of calm, alert, and regulated adults. This led to the culmination of a unique comprehensive schoolwide SEL competency building curriculum LEARN @ CHIREC for students, teacher, and parents. In the past years, Ms Sumita along with her team has actively contributed to developing Social Emotional Learning capacities for the CHIREC community. Sprinkled with a dash of Neuroscience, Contemplative Sciences, Team-building Activities, Brain games, and forging movement-interaction levity, her sessions are indeed a delight to attend. She says, “I am glad that all SEL sessions are a step forward in building trust, connection, and collaboration across the school. Words can’t describe how grateful I am that CHIREC is shaping a community of critical thinkers who use compassion, empathy, and ethical decision-making in their thoughts and actions. We also ensure that students embody relevant skills to form personal, social, emotional, and economic well-being. Because that’s what SEL is all about- making individuals aware, empowered, and thereby giving them the ability to flourish

International School In Hyderabad

Once upon a time, I embarked on an incredible journey at CHIREC. It was a bright and sunny day when I joined the school on June 1, 2017, as a Coordinator for the 11th and 12th graders. With 27 years of experience, I joined with utmost enthusiasm in my new role. My name is Nirmala Reddy, and I am a passionate Physics teacher for senior secondary students.
Reading is my escape, and I find solace in the pages of a good book. But that`s not all—I have a hidden talent in athletics and even achieved national recognition thrice! Sports have always been a part of my life, bringing me joy and fulfilment. Teaching is my true calling, and it ignites a fire within me. I find immense pleasure in imparting knowledge to my students and making the complex world of physics come alive for them. With BTech and silver medal in double M.Sc (University second topper) from IIT Kanpur and a gold medal in MTech from NIT Bhopal, my qualifications have always been special to me. And here`s a little secret nobody knows—I`m equally proficient in mathematics, physics, and chemistry.
My first day at CHIREC was a delightful experience. My colleagues and students warmly welcomed me, making me feel appreciated from the start. Throughout my journey at CHIREC, the support and cooperation I received from everyone have been exceptional. Whatever I required, help was always just a step away. The emphasis on academic excellence for entrance exams and practicals for senior students makes CHIREC unique. Among the countless cherished memories, one stands out above the rest. The achievements of my students fill me with pride and joy. But what truly touches my heart is when my children, who graduated from CHIREC, return to visit me after securing excellent placements. Witnessing the seamless transition they experienced from 11th and 12th grade to college is genuinely remarkable and reinforces the value of the education provided at CHIREC.
Whenever I need a moment of tranquillity on campus, I find solace in the library. Surrounded by books, I draw inspiration and calmness, allowing my mind to wander and explore new ideas. And so, my story as Nirmala Reddy continues to unfold. With dedication, passion, and innovative teaching methods, I strive to inspire and ignite a love for learning in the hearts of my students.

International School In Hyderabad

Hello! I am Jyothi Duda, and since March 2019, I`ve proudly been a part of the CHIREC team as an Accountant.
My journey with the school has been incredible; each day I`ve spent here has been a stepping stone towards personal growth. I am hard-working and resilient and firmly believe in ‘living in the moment’. I am fond of travelling, watching movies, and enjoying music. Whenever I find a moment to spare, I cherish spending valuable time with my loved ones, family or friends.
I am passionate about my work and aspire to find ways to augment my skills. CHIREC feels like a second home to me! The management`s trust in my abilities motivates my hard work and fuels my daily pursuit of excellence.
CHIREC goes beyond being solely an academics-centric school. It prioritizes holistic child development, helping students explore beyond academics and actively works towards their passion. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking an interactive and enjoyable learning experience. Here, child safety is considered one of the primary responsibilities of every staff member.
One of the most delightful transformations I’ve witnessed is the transition back to offline schooling. Seeing children’s radiant faces and the sound of their cheerful voices fills my heart with immense happiness and joy. As an Accountant at CHIREC, my responsibilities include collecting and managing school fees. But I also get the opportunity to engage with parents and students, to assist them with their inquiries. These day-to-day activities add on to my experience at CHIREC.
In essence, my experience at CHIREC has been incredibly fulfilling. A supportive work environment, abundant growth opportunities, and a strong focus on student development have all contributed to this journey.

International School In Hyderabad

Even though it has been many years down the lane, I still remember my first day at CHIREC. With multiple staff orientation programs lined up, I felt nervous, and it was evident on my face. But CHIREC did what CHIREC does best- hand-held me through the hurdles and gave me the independence to grow with my students. So here I am completing my fifteenth year in an institute that is a great place to work. I am Samiya Imrana, CBSE Primary Teacher and I joined CHIREC in 2008. I hold formal degrees in B.Sc, M.A. (English Literature), and B. Ed.
As an educator, I believe I learn something new every day from my students. If there was a word that could describe my journey as a teacher, it would be ‘fulfilling’. Throughout these years at CHIREC I have learnt to be more flexible, adaptable, and inclusive in approach. My experience, challenges, and self-reflection have enabled me to become a better teacher every day. In the past fifteen years, CHIREC has given me multiple opportunities to enhance many skills like communication, critical thinking, problem solving, time management, teamwork, leadership, and organizational skills, to name a few.
I can proudly claim that the work culture at CHIREC is the best. By all means, the leadership team at CHIREC fosters a culture of care and makes sure that we grow as individuals. I fondly reminisce about the time I was awarded the Best Teacher award in my second year of teaching at CHIREC. Consistent laurels like these make me feel valued and bring a smile to my face every day when I enter the doors of CHIREC.

International School In Hyderabad

My name is Ramanujan Hema Malini, and I hold a Master`s degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Education degree with Math and English as my majors. I have been teaching at CHIREC since 2009. I started as a grade 6 and 7 math teacher and am now the Head of the Department of Maths in the International curriculum, teaching IGCSE and IBDP.
Apart from teaching, I have a passion for gardening and reading. I am relentless, driven, and always striving for excellence. What motivates me to teach is the satisfaction and fulfilment I receive after every class. It has become an integral part of who I am and has made me a lifelong learner as well as helped me grow as a professional. My go-to place on campus is the library, as it is a quiet and peaceful place to read and reflect.
One of my earliest and fondest memories of CHIREC was the sense of family I felt almost immediately. At the staffroom, we have colleagues from different subjects and grade levels and interactions with them have always been a great learning opportunity. I am grateful for their support.
I highly recommend CHIREC to students because of its comprehensive education focus on academic knowledge and skills. CHIREC has also always emphasized developing one`s personality andattitudes of tolerance, understanding, and responsibility. Teaching here is a unique opportunity to be part of an innovative team, experience diversity, and learn from other educators through exchange programs. I have learned so much since joining CHIREC, and I feel grateful for my mentors and facilitators, who always provide support and guidance. The focus here is not just on student learning opportunities but also on teacher development. I am continually inspired to unlearn, learn, and relearn, and I feel proud to have scored a distinction in my B.Ed. The students and colleagues here have been instrumental in helping me hone my craft, and I am still learning something new every day.

International School In Hyderabad

Hello! I`m Satya Sai, a proud Air-Veteran who served in the Indian Air Force for 20 years and I hold a master`s degree in economics. I have been working in CHIREC since 2010 and I can say without a doubt that my journey here has been tremendous.
Over the years at CHIREC, I have had the opportunity to work in different departments, from purchase and security to transport operations. I have received constant appreciation and encouragement from my superiors, which kept me motivated to do my best.
Working at CHIREC has been an exceptional learning experience for me as it gave me the platform to develop my administrative skills by getting involved in the various operations of the school. At CHIREC, I had the opportunity to work with a culturally diverse workforce, gaining a better understanding of different cultures. I also have a high regard for the work culture developed in the school which emphasizes employee wellbeing in its core. This goes to show the ethos of the organization. The guiding principles that have helped me throughout my career are honesty, loyalty, sincerity, and integrity which I believe are in alignment of the school`s character as well.
Working here has made me realize that life is not just about work, it is also about creating memorable experiences which I have successfully created alongside such wonderful colleagues that I met in my tenure at CHIREC, thanks to all the staff outings and other events which gave us an opportunity to connect outside the routine work environment. Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure of communicating and interacting with people from different walks of life, which has helped me develop a jovial personality.
Overall, my journey has been exciting and fulfilling, and I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that have come my way. I`m always open to new challenges and excited about what the future holds!

International School In Hyderabad

I am Shiva Krishna, a passionate Physical Education teacher and Volleyball Coach at CHIREC. I joined the school in 2014 and have been an active mentor of the sports program since then.
Over the years, I have had many memorable events and experiences coaching at CHIREC. I have had the opportunity to witness the growth and development of many students, both in their sports skills and their personal lives. As a coach, seeing your students succeed and grow in confidence through hard work and dedication is incredibly rewarding.
One of the most important skills I have developed as a coach is my communication skills. Effective communication is vital to building a solid relationship with my students and helping them to achieve their goals. I have also learned a lot from my fellow sports coaches, who gave me valuable tips and advice over the years.
I genuinely enjoy the process of training students, taking them to tournaments, and being by their side through their wins and losses. Every success makes me feel like I am in the right place, doing the right thing. Seeing my students achieve their goals and succeed on and off the court is incredibly fulfilling.
I have also been fortunate to build a beautiful bond with the coaching staff at CHIREC. I love playing volleyball and cricket with my fellow coaches in my free time. It is a great way to unwind and build relationships with my colleagues outside the classroom.
Overall, coaching at CHIREC has been a rewarding experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such exceptional students and staff members, and I look forward to continuing to grow and develop in my profession as a coach.

International School In Hyderabad

Hey! I am Uzma Tazeen, and I have been a part of CHIREC for the past 10 years. It has been an incredible journey, with diverse roles and challenges that have helped me grow and develop as a professional. I am also grateful to have found my colleagues and management support me throughout my various role transitions.
Becoming a teacher was a long journey, but it has been one of the most rewarding careers. As a teacher, I believe in continuous personal development and have cultivated interpersonal skills, self-compassion, problem-solving, leadership, empathy, and confidence. The best part about working at CHIREC is that it has a holistic approach to staff and student well-being, with emphasis on life skills and family values.
My experience being a faculty member at CHIREC has exposed me to meet individuals with diverse educational qualifications and experiences that align with the overall personality of the students. My favourite part of the job is interacting with young, creative minds and being a part of their worlds.
I describe myself as resilient, thoughtful, and grounded. My hobbies include cooking Hyderabadi dishes and baking, and I am also passionate about personal growth, mindfulness, and uplifting others. Singing is one of my secret talents; my ideal work-life balance/mantra is always striving for better.

International School In Hyderabad

On my first day at CHIREC, I felt a blend of anticipation and anxiety, but the friendly and hospitable environment made it an unforgettable experience. Before the start of each term, I would always take a moment to inhale deeply, look around the classroom, and reflect on all the efforts I had put in to reach at this point of my professional career. Starting the year on a high note was always a thrilling prospect!"
Hey! I`m Geetha Rani, and I`m a Primary teacher at CHIREC! I joined CHIREC in 2012, and it has been a fantastic journey ever since. I feel lucky to be a part of a school that gives me the support & opportunity to grow professionally.
CHIREC is always ahead of the curve, meeting the needs of child growth and focused on their development. My son attends CHIREC, and he loves every moment here. The school believes in action, not just words, and I can see it in every step taken to nurture and aid the learning process. One of my most memorable moments at CHIREC for me was receiving the best teacher award on Teacher`s Day. It was a humbling experience that strengthened my passion for teaching. I also thoroughly enjoy our annual team outings, which are always a great bonding experience with my colleagues. I have several favorite spots on our campus, which includes the classrooms, library, ground, and dining hall. Each place holds a memory of love, laughter and joy. It brings me joy when my ex-students come to see me, and I can still recall their names and memories from our time in the classroom together.
I wish to continue helping young learners learn new concepts and teach them the skills they need to make it in life! I`d like to think of myself as a grown-up friend who can guide and show them the right path.

International School In Hyderabad

Hey there! My name is Neha Molugu. Being a batch of 2007 alumnus, CHIREC was a part of my life all the way from PPI to class 12, shaping the most memorable years of my life. Although hard to pick, some of my favourite moments were annual days and the days leading up to it with competitions amongst houses. The school was electric during those days with houses competing to win as many events as possible to ultimately win the best house award! Team spirit is like no other, hashtag Team Aravalis! The spark that still keeps me connected to my school days is my friends and the relationships I have built through my school days are probably the most cherished treasures. Reminiscing about our time together - on the bus, in the classroom, in the dining hall or on the field. Truly, unparallel to anything else!
After spending a decade in the corporate world as a digital marketer, I recently launched my first entrepreneurial debut with The Human Inspired. With this, my mission is to empower women to live their best lives. We curate and organize immersive and transformative experiences for women leaders, change-makers and entrepreneurs in different parts of the world bridging the gap between the corporate world and the spiritual world. These experiences focus on all areas of wellness from finance, sexuality, nutrition, adventure and leadership to empower women. We address the root instead of the symptom so that the change we want to make happens inside out! I was always passionate about leading and organizing events to bring a community together. CHIREC gave me the platform when I was very young to pursue this through my role as house captain. This passion was even perused through leadership roles at extra-curricular clubs such as Interact club. Collaboration with various stakeholders, creating a shared vision and empowering the team to be their best were all values I was able to develop at CHIREC. Something that I deeply cherish till date!
My little token of message for my fellow CHIRECians will be: "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You`re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who`ll decide where to go." This Dr. Seuss quote is something that has helped me shape my own unconventional path in life. Don`t be afraid to chase those dreams!

International School In Hyderabad

Hey! My name is Sharda Lulla, and I joined CHIREC in 2012. I have done B.Sc. in Home Science with a specialization in Textile Designing. I started my career as a designer, but I always enjoyed spending time with children, so I started taking summer camps for children for 4-5 years. I never thought of working in a school, but then I realized working at a school would give me the opportunity of being around children all the time. After that realization, I did my Post Graduation in Early Childhood. I also try to grab opportunities and attend workshops that help me learn something new which also results in benefiting the students.
My journey so far has been very smooth and I have received many opportunities to learn various things. On my first day, everyone in the team was so welcoming, and I did not feel I was new to CHIREC. The school has always ensured its teachers are up-to-date and trained with the latest and innovative teaching skills. More importantly, the best part is that the school has helped me grow professionally and personally. From being a quiet person in the past, today, I have grown so much that I can now confidently conduct a workshop with hundreds of educators in the audience.
Child development, our motto, makes CHIREC stand out when we compare it with other schools. If a parent wants the best for their child, they need to give them the best environment. My daughter studies at CHIREC and she is very clear about her comprehension. The student-teacher relationship at this school is quite strong. Every day here is unique! Friends and co-teachers are like my family. But I would say the most memorable time for me was the opportunity to represent CHIREC and receive an award. Standing on the stage made me feel proud to be a part of the CHIREC family. In my teaching career, I have never thought of changing the organisation as it has given me so much personal and professional growth.
On my front, I love visiting the classrooms, talking to children, and having fun with them. I am a patient individual, organized, and very ambitious in life. I love listening to old movie songs and singing. I enjoy doing paper crafts and love traveling and exploring new places. My mantra to stay motivated is to hear inspirational words from my seniors and always have the words echo - Yes, I can do it!

International School In Hyderabad

Hey! I am Neelima D and I joined CHIREC in 2016. My journey has been incredible and wholesome so far, with lots of learning experiences and beautiful memories. I did my graduation with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce and a specialization in Sales and Marketing. Going back in the day and recalling my career choices, CHIREC was the first organization that I worked with and will always be close to my heart. Being at CHIREC, I get to interact with students of different age groups, handle them and learn problem solving with every challenge that comes with every fresh batch in a new academic year. The best part about my job is that I get to learn something new from every student I interact with and know how to respond to students of different stages in different situations. My first day at CHIREC was crucial as I got to learn and observe my colleagues in the admin block, at the front desk. I was trained for a couple of days in operations and was made comfortable to start my journey. I have a lot of respect for this organization for ensuring that not just students and parents, but teachers and administration staff are equally heard and valued. I love the working environment here, it’s very pleasant – this is the opinion I have proudly formed in my 7 years of experience in CHIREC.

The most memorable moment for me in CHIREC was the 30 years celebration in 2019. I feel the whole year was packed with cheerful celebrations and outings. We were asked to be a part of every celebration, each one of them being unique and special. My go-to place on the campus is the area beside the dining hall, I have always loved spending time with rabbits and ducks there. It gives me a sense of contentment when by the end of the day I realize that the purpose of my role has been met. Another aspect that I enjoy in my role is involving in the student’s daily experiences. I focus on making the student independent while on campus and always have an answer for them. If I must describe myself, I will say I am punctual, a people’s person, and helpful. I love cooking breakfast and snacks, listening to music and most importantly, spending time with my daughter.

International School In Hyderabad

I always teach my budding sports stars at CHIREC that "what you are, nobody can be, and what they are, you don`t need to be." Hey! I am Jaishankar, a passionate basketball coach and a hardcore CHIRECian. I joined CHIREC in 2017, and ever since I`ve been here, I`ve seen myself grow immensely alongside the institution. It`s a place full of opportunities and gives you many reasons to improve yourself in the field of education. I`m proud to be associated with such a prestigious and excellent institution. I recall my recent visit to CBSE clusters in Nellore as one of the biggest milestones in my time at CHIREC when my students of the basketball team bagged the first position. And here we are now, thrilled that the team will be representing the school at the national level basketball game, in the upcoming months. When I joined CHIREC I observed the students` game pattern and realized that they were amazing players. That said, I also noticed the students needed to build confidence in themselves and establish a collaborative way of playing the sport. Observing their playing pattern, I ensured to make students understand that sport isn`t just a matter of skill or practice, and it is not just the rigorous commitment to the sport that will lead them to success but also the psychological factor of how players perceive the game. All in all, I believe that it all boils down to a blend of the right training and the right attitude towards the game.
Sports is a game where the more you master it, the better you are at being a great sportsperson. I can confidently say that this learning technique helped the students as they got successful results at one of the biggest basketball tournaments in Hyderabad. This was one of the biggest takeaways of my journey at CHIREC. Sometimes the most unattainable or difficult things in life can be dealt with positivity; it`s simple yet a super-secret to success. Since then, the CHIREC basketball team has played in numerous tournaments and won more than 25 of them.
I`m a passionate sports person! My usual day would start with a physical activity and end with the same. I also like playing cricket and volleyball with my students at school. I`ve had a beautiful journey associated with sports for more than 13 years now, and if I have to say, my time at CHIREC has been like a perfect layup shot.

International School In Hyderabad

Hello! I`m Gopikishore, and I joined CHIREC in 2010 as an Electrician. I love spreading the light of happiness across CHIREC, with a positive attitude and cordial nature.
I love working at CHIREC as we regularly host events on a grand scale, for which I step up to the occasion and do the best I can in executing my job. I enjoy seeing children and their parents with broad smiles as they attend a successful event at CHIREC. Seeing happy faces at an event gives me a sense of contentment that I have done my job right. My favourite event to work on is the Global Be Well Day! The days leading up to the GBWD bring out the best in me, and I find myself pushing the extra mile and delivering my best!
I also enjoyed working on and implementing digital classrooms, as I truly believe children deserve every bit of modern education to excel in life. I take pride in bringing unique ideas and solutions to make the classroom experience more convenient for the students and teachers. During my free time, I love to watch movies, read books and enhance my skills. Holding a degree in Arts and an ITI certification from TSSPDCL as a wireman, I am licensed as an 11KV supervisor.
I look forward to many more events, workshops, carnivals, and more of great activities that CHIREC has in store for us.

International School In Hyderabad

`I love the camaraderie amongst the activity staff at CHIREC. We keep pushing each other to do our best and that’s the kind of motivation I thrive on` Hi! I am Ahmedullah Khan, & I`m the skating coach at CHIREC. I`ve been associated with CHIREC for over 12 years, and I cherish every moment spent on this campus. As the coach of outdoor activity, I spend a lot of time outdoors. Somewhere between my first year and now, CHIREC has become my 2nd home! Like a fine pair of roller skates, I have glided through multiple events and occasions which are now close to my heart. Students look forward to their P.E period as they get to skate away, and that makes my job much more enjoyable. I take pleasure in the fact that my passion & profession go hand in hand! It makes it so much easier to learn and grow at the same time. The students constantly upskill and work hard. With the impeccable infrastructure we possess, our students are offered high standard training sessions, making them the best at what they do. As a Coach, I feel proud when our students return with trophies and medals. I was awestruck by their efforts during the online mode of education. They have been resilient throughout and came back stronger once the offline school started in full swing. My students are always taught that despite giving their best if they don’t get their desired rank, they must accept it and move on with the learning they get in order to be able to come back stronger in the next

International School In Hyderabad

Hello! I am Mohasin Mohammad, & I am the Computer Science teacher at CHIREC! I Joined CHIREC in September 2016 after completing my Master`s degree & Bachelor`s Degree in Computer Science and B.Ed. in Mathematics. Initially, I was part of the Computer Science department, from which I got an opportunity to move into the Robotics department. I was grateful that the Management had shown faith in me as this had led to dramatic changes in the way I perceived teaching and learning. My association with robotics has led me to participate in and oversee the conduct of multiple events like academic fairs, robotics expos, robotics clubs, CHIREC hub etc.
I have equipped myself with various robotics technologies like Aurdino, Raspberry pi, Lego Mindstorm, 3D printing, Minecraft etc. I am passionate about training young minds to solve real-world problems using the latest technologies, which is made possible with the world-class infrastructure and educational facilities offered at CHIREC. The innovative approach to fostering scientific temper amongst students offers them opportunities to expand their critical thinking beyond curriculum or textbooks. Being a C-HUB coordinator helped me gain novel experience in my profession. I am immensely pleased that my insights into computational thinking have been included in the school`s Computer Science curriculum.
My journey has been fascinating, with various new learnings and exposure to new technologies. Taking part in Cognita`s future school conference was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career!
I`m incredibly grateful for the constant encouragement provided by my colleagues and Management, which helped me embrace the joy of teaching & learning. In the future, I look forward to an education system that emphasizes and executes real-time experiential learning and soft skills that help build human interactions.

International School In Hyderabad

It is fresh in my memory, the day I walked into CHIREC campus during Dusshera break to give my demo class. My students were Ms. Iffat Ibrahim, Ms. Ramani and Mr.Venkat Raman who were engaged in a paper folding activity. They were engrossed in the activity and enjoyed it thoroughly. That remained as my fond memory associated with CHIREC till date. My heartfelt thanks to all of them for giving me an opportunity to work in CHIREC and having me in CHIREC for all these years. 
Hello! I am Anitha Gummudavally, the HOD of Mathematics department of the international section at CHIREC, & I teach Stages 8-10. I have been a part of the wonderful CHIREC family for over 11 years. I believe I have grown immensly in my profession as I have had the experience of teaching both CBSE & the International Curricula in my years of tenure at CHIREC.  
The revolutions in science and technology have contributed to great developments in how mathematical concepts are taught and explained. The technology-integrated education system is a boon for both teachers and students. Concept building becomes more accessible for the students, with which they start to take a deep interest in the subject and deliver fruitful results! I take great pride in being a part of the curriculum where students can secure seats in prestigious universities worldwide. 
The professional training sessions and activities provided in CHIREC were always to bring out the best from me and facilitate an enriching teaching-learning process. 
Cooking and trying my hand at preparing different dishes is my all-time favorite hobby, but my prime passion remains to teach mathematics and to make it an engaging experience for students, which is made possible through the facilities offered at CHIREC. 
I have had multiple students and parents come to me, thankful for my teaching methodologies, with which they could approach and ace the subject with much clarity and ease. Out of the many moments I look back and cherish, the one that stands out is when I represented CHIREC at the Cambridge Awards, where one of my students, Meera Ramakrishnan, received a certificate from Cambridge for achieving a world rank in Extended Mathematics. As a teacher of the international section, I was enormously proud of myself and my students. I have been in-charge of examinations, head of the mathematics department, Aravalli house warden, class teacher, and co-class teacher. Every experience has given me multiple takeaways to cherish throughout my life! 

International School In Hyderabad

Hello! My name is Enoch Kotha, and I have been a proud member of the CHIREC family since February 2013! I joined the CBSE section to teach mathematics to the secondary section. After a few years, I have been transferred to the international section to teach Stages 9-12 IGCSE & IB. I enjoyed the change from CBSE to the international section, as it pushed me to do my best! I have been blessed to have experienced a rewarding journey of immense learning at CHIREC. I feel grateful to have taken up an opportunity to shine and evolve in a challenging environment where the learning aspect is fruitful. I take pride in being a part of teaching, where learning through the practical application of knowledge is prioritized. CHIREC is equipped with exceptional facilities which ensure an efficient teaching-learning process. The students are given the utmost care and nurturing to facilitate an all-around academic and holistic development. I appreciate students engaging in various activities that help explore their strengths and sharpen their life skills. Witnessing such standards of education provided to the students, I am looking forward to experiencing what the future of education has in store! Our students have been highly cooperative through the challenging transition from online to offline learning mode. It warms my heart when students I have taught for multiple years come back after graduating and be grateful for their learning years. I still remember a student who called me to thank me before boarding a flight to the United States of America for his bachelor`s. It keeps me motivated as a teacher to contribute towards our future! I was incredibly proud of my students when we achieved 100% results in the accelerated-math tests. I love spending time with my daughters and reading story books to them. I look forward to being a part of many such success stories!

International School In Hyderabad

Hi! I am Chelle Sudhakar, Fire & Security Officer at CHIREC. I joined CHIREC in May 2017, and it has been a beautiful journey with a lot of learning and joy! I hold a B.Com degree from Osmania University, and I was an Indian Naval officer from 1987-2002. A memory of pride for me is my achievement of being a runner-up in the Andhra Pradesh Athletics 100m race in 1983. CHIREC has been nothing short of a family to me over the past five years! The favourite part of my job is escorting the students from their vehicles to the school gate. It gives me immense joy to greet the students with a smile each morning as they arrive at the school campus. One of my most memorable moments at CHIREC was the 30th-anniversary celebrations in 2018. I was in awe of the massive scale at which the festivities were held. In these years at CHIREC, I have reflected that there will always be days when the situation on campus may seem challenging and in times like these, it is the staff and officials in my administration whose continued support and encouragement help me in delivering my job to the best of my ability. I also enjoy taking a stroll around our lush green campus for regular security checks and watching the children play on the ground. I look forward to having a wonderful time at CHIREC!

International School In Hyderabad

Hello! I am Somashekhar, the Tennis Coach at CHIREC. I joined CHIREC in June 2011 and have been happy and grateful for my time here. I have a degree in Hotel Management & Tennis was something that I was naturally good at and had a passion for. This made me explore my skills in tennis further and make it my career. I have a level 3 qualification from the USPTR(United States Professional Tennis Registry) as a tennis coach from 1999. So far, I had innumerable memories at CHIREC, the best being from 2016-17 when I pushed our U-14 tennis team to take part in the U-16 category in a tournament held in Bengaluru, they came back winning the cup! That was an enormously proud moment for me as a coach. Our students displayed their immense caliber and intent to win; as a coach, that is something I cherish the most. It is only natural that they came back as winners, as the management at CHIREC provides unparalleled amenities and assistance to bring out the best in our students. Another unique feature about the school is that it has dedicated professional coaches for different sports. Hats off to the management as even during the pandemic, when the world faced rampant unemployment, CHIREC ensured no employee was laid off or paid less. It was also extremely impressive to receive the right guidance and support that helped me make teaching and learning on an online mode equally enthusiastic as the offline one. I never imagined that we could teach sports through the online method too, but we successfully did it. Apart from Tennis, I am deeply passionate about chess. I also love to spend some time at our library reading books. I wish to make our school proud and bring many more laurels.

International School In Hyderabad

My name is Radha Gopalakrishnan, and I joined CHIREC as a Computer Science facilitator in the international section, teaching middle school, IBDP, and AS/A level students. As the Head of the Department, I teach and learn with the students in Stages 9, 10, and IBDP. I completed my MCA from the University of Madras and joined Tata Consultancy Services through the campus recruitment program. After completing 3 years of service there, I worked with Wipro Technologies for five and a half years. I`ve always been passionate about teaching and got an opportunity to explore my skills in this sector when my son started schooling in 2010. From then on, there was no looking back. Spending every day with students of different age groups has always been a new and exciting experience filled with fun and lots of learning.
At CHIREC, students exhibit immense enthusiasm and responsibility for their learning. I have witnessed the thirst for learning in all my students. As a result, I was motivated to improve my skills and impart them to my students.
The staff at CHIREC have always been approachable and helpful. It is imperative that my colleagues support each other and work collaboratively. While we were all battling so many things and still providing quality education to our students during the pandemic, I felt their support noticeably.
CHIREC has always been open to recognizing and appreciating the efforts of the teachers. The first award I received was for "Best Teacher" in 2019. The following year, I was lauded as an "Out-of-the-box Thinker" by Harper Collins publications. I had another `feather in my hat` moment when I was a keynote speaker for the Global EdTech conference conducted by the Cognita group of schools. I presented my speech on "Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Education". I will be delivering another Keynote speech on the topic “Unleashing Technology to enrich student learning” for the global EdTech conference to be conducted this year. I look forward to delivering many more keynote speeches at many conferences!
I firmly believe that education is our passport to the future. I am happy to play a vital role in facilitating the process of issuing this passport to my students.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Shelly Bharti, and I am the CBSE Primary Coordinator at CHIREC. When I joined CHIREC in 2012, I was a Grade 5 homeroom teacher, and the journey of these 10 years has been very fruitful. I have evolved both professionally and personally.
In a few years of my association with CHIREC, I was offered the role of the CBSE Primary Coordinator, which came simultaneously as a great responsibility and a big challenge for me. But the support of my fellow colleagues and the work environment at CHIREC made things smoother and easier. CHIREC transformed me in many ways. I can never forget a particular incident from my initial years at CHIREC when once in a PTM, I was talking to a set of parents, and a student came up to me and said that he had never seen me smile. This came like a moment of awakening for me. I felt that if my students do not see me smile in class, they might not think that I am approachable. That event stirred up a lot of thoughts. Now, I never forget to wear a smile and I find my students making a conversation with me without thinking twice. It`s amazing to see how the simplicity of students can leave you with new perspectives.
I have completed my BTech in Agricultural Engineering and Masters in Agro-Industrial Processing. I had never thought of becoming a teacher but teaching just came to me naturally. And now, I can confidently and contently say that this has been one of my best and most rewarding decisions.
I strongly feel that at CHIREC, we are preparing children for the opportunities that are non-existent as of now but might come up five years down the lane. CHIREC has enhanced the conventional learning methods to suit the modern demands of global education. In addition to its wholesome curricula, the facilities at CHIREC are also splendid. And when I say this, I speak both as a CHIREC Parent and a Teacher. It is extremely commendable to see how the organization provides brilliant opportunities for all the staff members to boost their professional growth. Even during the pandemic, when the entire world was facing unemployment and pay cuts, CHIREC successfully ensured that no staff member was laid off or received a pay cut. CHIREC stood beside us through thick and thin and made sure we felt safe and secure physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.
In my personal life, I love socializing and catching up with my friends whenever I am free. I also love to catch up on my sleep from time to time.
CHIREC shares a wonderful relationship with its staff and treats us like family. I look forward to having many more beautiful memories and experiences here!

International School In Hyderabad

I remember the day I walked into the campus in April 2005 for dropping in my resume; anxious and curious. In June the same year, CHIREC welcomed me as a team member of this wonderful organization. 18 years, it will not be true if I say, “years just passed by before I realized”. Every day continued to bring in new learnings, new experiences and challenges that has helped me grow professionally. CHIREC is a family and each member in this team is a joy to work with.
Hello, I am Kavitha, joined as a CBSE Primary homeroom teacher. In 2008, when the school initiated the CIPP (Cambridge International Primary Program) I got the opportunity to explore the new curriculum. A homeroom teacher of Stages 3 and 5, then as a Math teacher for Stage 5, Stage in charge, Program Coordinator for the International Section and now as the Headmistress for the Primary International Section. CHIREC had constantly opened new opportunities and I tried my best to do justice to the various roles that came my way.
What I like about my workplace… The children and their excitement, the warmth of my colleagues, the approach of school, mentoring teachers, keeping the old practices in place, and embracing the new ideas and technology. I was a part of many training sessions conducted by the Cambridge Assessment Board and completed CIDTL. It was an enriching experience being a part of a teacher exchange program organized by India-Australia in 2017. I was the only teacher who was selected for that program from South India and this speaks volumes about the reputation of our school.
Student – teacher bonding is something that I cherish at CHIREC. The visit of Ex-students to school brings back fond memories. Parents of earlier batches remember me with gratitude, they express that the teaching fraternity has played a major role in mentoring their children. Love and respect are what I have earned at CHIREC apart from my academic gains. Organizing MUNs on a large scale where we had delegates from many schools, being a part of School events and celebrations has been a wonderful experience too.
“Learning can’t happen in isolation”, this is where the school and teachers play a major role bringing in the human connection. At CHIREC, the priority is our students and the whole child philosophy is the guiding force. I believe that there are plenty of opportunities in the present-day ever-changing scenario. Children must enjoy their stay at school and at the same time get themselves equipped with the skill set required to make their way. We as teachers focus on making the teaching-learning process enriching, giving utmost importance to the social and emotional wellbeing of our students. We take the initiative to update the Pedagogy and make the content interesting, giving scope for reasoning and application skills.
I have seen CHIREC growing not only in numbers but also in Technology and strategies which are helping our students practice 21st Century Skills and become future ready. My daughter and my nephew are proud CHIRECians, they are doing good in their chosen fields. Beside teaching-learning and sharing resources with my team, I have varied interests. I like to read, stitch, listen to classical and semiclassical music, click pictures of pretty blooms and play with my lovely niece.
I believe, the success story of CHIREC has a strong foundation laid by leadership team, senior teachers, the staff who are enthusiastic and have a passion to mentor the students and parents who support the school. I feel proud to be a part of this esteemed organization and thank my family, friends, my teammates, and the staff of CHIREC for their encouragement and cooperation.
I am happy to say that I am a CHIRECIAN and will continue giving my best to the students.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I`m Padmini Thakur, a secondary Hindi teacher in CHIREC`s CBSE section. I hold multiple degrees, a BA, BEd, MA and MPhil. I joined CHIREC in 2014, and I have learned a lot during the course of my journey here! There are many memories attached to CHIREC, but one that stands out to me is enacting as Sivaji on a Children`s Day celebration with all the language teachers. I cherished the experience of immersing myself in this character.
CHIREC is a melting pot of people from all parts of the country. I am in awe of the facilities provided here, which are convenient to access for students and staff. Having such facilities enriches our teaching and learning experience at CHIREC.
CHIREC stands a class apart as it is determined in bringing to life its mission and vision. Mrs. Ratna Reddy, the Founder of CHIREC, has been brilliant with her pursuit of excellence. By all means, CHIREC is like no other school in our country, considering the values imparted here.
I would love to emphasize strengthening the bond between a teacher and a student, as the students` bond with parents sometimes take a toll because of the modern workplace demands. In my free time, I enjoy reading books, especially ones about history. I also love to watch Indian Idol on television along with my family. Every now and then, I try my hand at singing. Over the last two years, the world has stood together tightly against covid. Having an optimistic approach to what lies ahead is important to me.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Dr. Anjusha Raghav, and I am the HOD of the Hindi Department in the CBSE Section at CHIREC. When I joined CHIREC in 2012, life changed its meaning for me in a lot of ways. These 10 years of my association with CHIREC have been truly amazing. Being a part of the school provided me with a new direction in life. I learned so much and working in collaboration with the Principal and the In-charges inspired me a lot. In addition to this, I completed many important professional degrees while being employed at CHIREC.
I have done my M.A. and M.Phil., have diplomas in translation and journalism and was recently awarded my doctoral degree. Working with CHIREC has always been a constant learning and bettering experience. In these 33 years of imparting education, CHIREC has set many trends and has stood tall among other schools with its quality education, balanced curricula, and top-class facilities. CHIREC provides us with everything - be it health care, transport, or lunch facility. What more can anyone ask for! The management is approachable, and I have had their support throughout my journey here.
CHIREC is ever evolving in nature, yet the ethics that once laid its foundation are still intact. CHIREC believes in adapting to new trends in education, matching its pace with the world, but with all its new additions it has never subtracted any of its core values.
In my personal life, I am very passionate about writing poetry. I love observing people and things and then writing about their beauty and qualities. I am quite open to learning and like imbibing other people’s virtues. In all these years of my teaching life, I have seen myself evolve rapidly. I have seen myself explore, learn, and find. These days, I have started writing for magazines and even have my own magazine coming up soon. I am thinking of publishing some educational books too – however that dream is yet to be achieved!
In today’s world, the role of a teacher has become even more essential in a student’s life. No doubt, teachers have always been considered as the architect of students’ life, but the past two years showed us transitions in education that we had never imagined before. These 2 years of pandemic have made today’s children become a lot more dependent on their family and develop a laid-back attitude towards things. Now when the children are returning to school, it becomes the teachers’ responsibility to hold their hands, support them and help them fill the gaps in their education that were caused by the pandemic.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Ritu Singh, a proud CHIRECIAN! Yes, I take pride in the fact that I am a part of CHIREC, as it is the place where I gained confidence not only in teaching,  but also developed confidence to voice my opinions. As a child, I was always fascinated by my educators, especially my English teacher. She was not only knowledgeable but also approachable. It was then I decided to become like my English teacher.
Though I did my Masters in English, from Rabindra Bharati University, in 2007, but I feel that it is now when I have Mastered the skill of teaching and learning.
After completing my B.Ed from Osmania University, I worked as a teacher in two different schools. But my teaching career progressed to another level only after I joined CHIREC in 2013. I successfully completed my teachers training and received certification for the First module of CIDTL. These experiences at CHIREC have been very rewarding.
CHIREC not only focuses on the holistic development of the students, but also of the teachers. The school has always been quick and possibly the pioneer in adopting the new changes in teaching and education technology.
As a teacher, I am passionate about my students and my work, while as a woman, I am passionate about being successful in touching people`s life and playing my role in their wellbeing. It is my never-ending quest to be a part of the success story of every student. Recently, a group of teenage girls approached me in a busy restaurant and thanked me for teaching them English in Stage 4 and helping them excel at that subject. What else can a teacher ask for!
I not only enjoy teaching students, but also love playing with kids of all age groups. In my free time, I love reading books and listening to music.
As we can see, the world of education is changing rapidly and 5 years from now, I foresee that there will be more focus on making every student an independent and successful person, irrespective of their performance. Even though technology is evolving by the day, education as a means has a human connection and it cannot be replaced. With the advancement in technology, it`ll help bridge the gap between accessibility of education for all. With this, the urban and rural divide for education will diminish.
The Pedagogy of tomorrow will need to focus on developing superior communication skills, thorough clarity of concepts, opportunities to collaborate and promote creative thinking. And as we know that most of the jobs that exist today will not be there in the next 15 years. They will be replaced by jobs that will require a completely different set of skills. That is what we, at CHIREC, are preparing our students for.
With this optimistic hope, I will continue giving my best to my students, for their future.

International School In Hyderabad

 Hi, I am Hina Mushfiq,  I joined CHIREC in October 2019. The transition was big as I had just moved from the UAE.  As I was new to the city,  CHIREC was the only Hyderabad I knew and made first friends with. It has been a pleasant experience ever since. The journey has been a joyride of sorts considering working in a different country, recognizing the significance of important days, celebrating festivals, imbibing their values and culture and so much more.
All said, what really impresses me about CHIREC is the right blend of creativity and innovation in all aspects of work, the work culture, learning and development and professional growth of employees. Most importantly, the bonding and the camaraderie each one shares make the school stand apart.
I have been part of various administrative teams since the age of 17 exercising my role in varied capacities and demonstrating new dynamics.
The contribution of every employee is considered significant and appreciated for making them do their best in their job roles. Holding a double Major’s degree in Tourism Studies and Mass Communication, I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to build on my organizational capabilities and leadership skills. My gratitude also goes out to the mentorship I have received from one of the finest leadership teams in CHIREC.
CHIREC through its commitments and endeavors in the field of education, continues to set new benchmarks by celebrating inclusivity and diversity in the school community. I feel proud to express how CHIREC lives by the tagline “setting trends in education” with utmost sincerity. The seamless academic and the administrative course of action in the school makes it distinct.
I strongly believe self-care plays a vital role in one’s life. It boosts confidence and wellbeing. I ensure I devote some time to self-care as that brings peace to my heart and this has been the secret mantra to my success at work.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Syed Omer and my association with CHIREC goes back to 2011 when I joined the school as a BCCI Level 1 Cricket Coach. It has been an amazing experience to work with students and colleagues at CHIREC and to always get the support of the leadership team and management.
My journey at CHIREC as a Cricket Coach has been filled with innumerable memorable experiences with the students that I will cherish forever. I will always remember when we started having online classes due to the pandemic. I created a cricket pitch near my home to make videos for students and coach them virtually. It was a great experience, and it was wonderful to see that students were not missing out on the learning experience we offer despite the crisis of the pandemic.
Here, at CHIREC, the support & strength that I have received helped me gain a lot of experience in life. I got many opportunities to learn so many new things that not only shaped my skill set but also helped me give my best to students. I always try to use my practical knowledge and experience to help make students understand the different nuances of sports and gain exposure to national & international standards while playing for Nationals and International Tournaments. I am very passionate about cricket and in my free time I am always involved in researching new techniques of cricket to teach my students and equip them with the necessary skills for them to match their pace with the world.

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Hi, I am Arshiya Mateen, and I am a Cambridge Primary teacher at CHIREC. I joined CHIREC in 2015 and since then my teaching career has progressed to another level. I completed my Bachelor of Commerce and B.Ed and hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. I have also completed my certification in CICTL. The teacher training and the exposure I received at CHIREC has been very rewarding and I can now say confidently that I am a Cambridge Certified Teacher in practice.
At CHIREC, I see world-class facilities for both teachers and students. The school has always been at par with new trends and technologies in education. It prioritizes training the teaching staff and keeping them updated through equal opportunities. It is an organisation where the wellbeing of employees and students is of utmost importance. At CHIREC, I got various opportunities to polish my communication skills and learnt the importance of reflecting on oneself and the significance of resilience in one’s life.
The past 6 months of training under CICTL at CHIREC have been the most wonderful experience. Initially, I found it overwhelming but gradually the course transformed me and made me a better teacher. I believe the education landscape is changing rapidly and 5 years from now, I predict that we will be focussing even more on learning from self-reflection and designing classrooms that enable solid differentiated learning. SEL will be needed even more than today for the academic success of learners as well as teachers.
I am passionate about my students and my work. I work to make a difference in my students’ lives. If the change and development is seen overtime in students, it is a rewarding feeling that cannot be described. Apart from looking for interesting activities for my learners, I love listening to peppy tunes and dance along to them. I believe in living in the moment and making the most of the time in hand by doing things that make me happy, such as shopping and trying new interesting recipes from different cuisines.

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Hi, I am Rashmi Edlabadkar, and I joined CHIREC in 2012. I joined CHIREC as a primary teacher. It was my first teaching experience as I come from an IT background. I completed my B.Sc. in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics and Masters of Computer Applications. Now, I am a Secondary Computer Science and Robotics teacher, and these 10 years of my association with CHIREC have been really great.
The transitions in my journey from being a primary teacher to teaching middle school and secondary students have been a wonderful learning curve for me. I also teach robotics and also manage the robotics club. CHIREC has given me a lot of opportunities to learn and I am really thankful for them.
I was fortunate to be selected from CHIREC for the Google Teachers Technology Programme held in Gurgaon, where we gained knowledge about the different tools and techniques Google provides to enhance learning. I was responsible for training the whole school in these technologies. I also did a CBSE training for AI in Gurgaon. Another highlight of my time in CHIREC has been my selection as the keynote speaker for Cognita’s School of the Future Conference that was held last year where I presented the topic ‘Robotics in Education’.
I am very passionate about Indian Classical music, and I have pursued it for a very long time. Now, it feels very nice that my daughter shares the same interest in music as me. I also love doing and teaching math. In my free time, I love spending time with my children. During the pandemic, the best thing we all were able to do was spend time with our families.
I teach computer science, which is a practical subject and teaching it online brought many challenges for us. However, seeing students perform so brilliantly in their exams has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling for me. The pandemic unveiled a different form of education for all of us and now the future of education looks quite different. 5 years from now, I believe we will all witness a new phase of education. Teaching and learning will become more student-centric with the help of AI. There will be a lot of changes and a many more products will be available in the market to make education more interactive and student-friendly.

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Hi, I am Madhavi Latha, and I am the PR & Admissions Executive at CHIREC. I hold a degree in BA LLB and have also completed my master`s in psychology. I joined CHIREC in 2016 and  my journey has been wonderful. CHIREC helped me enhance both my personal and professional self. I got tremendous opportunities to develop my communication and management skills. CHIREC taught me the importance of discipline, patience and staying optimistic. The bond and relationship I have with everyone here, be it the teachers, leadership team, administrative staff, support staff or students, is worth cherishing.

< I will never forget the grand celebration of 30 years of CHIREC. It felt like a year-long festival was going on in the school and events and activities were conducted almost every day. I specifically remember the pet show that was conducted for students during that time. I had never seen anything like that before and it was extremely mesmerizing!

This is my first time working in a school and being here for almost 6 years now, I have felt that the facilities provided here at CHIREC are excellent and no other school supports its colleagues the way CHIREC does. Competitive salaries, bonus, PF, lunch and transport facilities, medical insurance and support in every way possible are some of the perks of being a part of CHIREC. And this is not just me talking, I have heard and seen the satisfaction of working at CHIREC in everyone from the higher management to the support staff. All the financial, mental and emotional support that CHIREC offers to its team at every step, has always encouraged us to work with utmost honesty and dedication every day.

In my personal life, I am a foodie! I love to cook, explore new cuisines and spend time with my children. For my children, I am like a friend. We go out together, plan movie nights, host parties and have incredible fun over the weekends. I am a flexible parent who believes that rigidity doesn`t go well with raising children of today’s generation. I always look forward to adopting new parenting styles and techniques to make the most beautiful and important phase of my children`s lives fun and comforting for them.

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Hi, I am Anvesha, a student of IB 11 and the founder of Bleed without Barriers, an NGO dedicated to providing credible information about menstruation and puberty among under-privileged girls. We, at Bleed without Barriers, educate young girls about the usage of sanitary products, their disposal, and the science behind mensuration to help them gain a healthier perception about this topic which is a big taboo in our country. Since I was a child, my grandmother and I visited various orphanages, government schools and schools for visually impaired children frequently, to hold Children`s Day or Birthday Celebrations or just to spend time there. And every time I visit these places, I feel a sense of belonging towards them. Realizing how we misspend our money and misuse our resources became the main reason for my inclination towards helping the under-served.

I joined CHIREC almost a decade ago when I was in Class 3. I`m not exaggerating when I say this but ever since I joined CHIREC, it has always felt like a second home to me. At CHIREC, learning is made fun and exciting, and we are always guided by our teachers to become better versions of ourselves. My time at CHIREC has just been amazing. When I look back to my initial years here, I see a very quiet, introverted girl who didn`t want to talk to anyone. But today, I see a transformed person, who is filled with confidence and is ready to present her views and opinions to people.

CHIREC has always been a huge help and support whether it comes to academics, co-curricular activities, or social service. The various opportunities that the school provides us always have the potential to affect our professional or personal growth, directly or indirectly. Being a beneficiary of many such opportunities that came to me as events and competitions, improved my skills, honed my speaking abilities, and assisted me in overcoming my stage fright.

I won`t ever need any particular memory to remember CHIREC; the school has provided me with a great deal to cherish. The teachers are concerned about more than the academic performances. Our mental health, concerns and problems are equally paid attention to, and we are offered support at every step. Communication is always crucial, and this is what CHIREC imbibes in its soul and makes it the school that it is. I have formed relationships with every member of CHIREC, be it my teachers, friends, or support staff. It`s not any one thing that makes the school unique, it`s a combination of recognizing students’ potential, providing diverse opportunities and extending personal care, that makes it the greatest.

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Hi, I am Sangita Anand, and I joined CHIREC in 2005 as a Chemistry Teacher. I hold an M.Sc. degree in Chemistry and have also completed my M.Ed. When I joined, it was a special year for CHIREC with its first batch of Class 12 students. It came as a lot of responsibility especially because I was transitioning from teaching college students to CHIREC’s secondary classes.
I was associated with CHIREC from 2005 until 2009 and rejoined in 2016. Since 2017, I have been heading the department of PGT (Science). Every day at CHIREC is satisfying and fulfilling. The events organized here show how wonderfully CHIREC carries out a balance between academics and co-curriculars that help students to face the world with confidence.
Being associated with CHIREC for such a long time has enhanced my abilities to maintain discipline, regularity and stay updated with the latest advancements in my field. “Connect and Correct” has been the most beneficial thing I learnt from CHIREC. Student centric teaching, technologically advanced classes, and good organizational skills are some of my other take aways from CHIREC. The school provides world-class facilities to students as well as staff members. The faculty is trained professionally to acquire the skills of the 21st century.
I have always been very passionate about my work and teaching. I think I was born to be a teacher. Apart from teaching, I love to listen to old Hindi songs, watch comedy shows and try new recipes.
CHIREC has always lived by the motto ‘Come what may, we are always ready’. The last few months have been more rewarding than challenging. We brought school home and showed people various new dimensions of a teacher’s role. Teaching online came to us as if we were trained well for it in the past.
I take this opportunity to thank each and every one whose support made my journey at CHIREC smooth and beautiful!

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Hi, I am Ruchira Acharyya and one fine June morning a decade ago, my journey in CHIREC began. Young and impressionable, CHIREC was my first real experience in the world of “grown-ups”. I confess, I spent the first day feeling very much like a college fresher. But the charm of CHIREC is such that my confusion and need for guidance was immediately acknowledged. My colleagues, superiors and in-charges held my hand firmly and led me through the labyrinths of this profession. A decade on, my experiences in this school have taken me high and low and everywhere in between, for we are in a profession that demands from us our very best, stretching us to the limits of our potential and constantly leaving us feeling that surely, we can do more. We shape young minds, mould a fluid, slippery future, and in the process, change ourselves forever.

I look back at how I have changed in the last 10 years. When I began, I had a vague, novice’s notion of what the art of pedagogy means, learnt from the black and white of the printed page. It is only now, after countless beginnings and endings, that I truly fathom, that pedagogy is, indeed, an ART. It is the art of finding ways to disseminate all that you could possibly give to people who have different ways of receiving it, all the while imbibing more unto yourself, with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. The trick, I suppose, is never to feel jaded, or academically jet lagged.

The best part of my experience in CHIREC has been the fact that here I feel free to try new things without fear. Some of my experiments succeeded, some did not. But never was I told not to try. I have worn many hats here – social science teacher, history teacher, CCA coordinator, etc. I have worked with science teachers to organize art competitions, and English teachers to organize Science exhibitions, and the respect for my multi-faceted colleagues has grown every time. CHIREC has been my very own Multiverse. I have found myself here, lost myself and found something altogether new about myself in the process. CHIREC has given me the freedom to find my identity and grasp at straws in the darkness while I found my way. CHIREC recognizes diversity and differences not just in its students, but in its teachers as well.

…. And now to the Pandemic, the biggest change in our lives, and the ensuing lockdown. An almost overnight transition to the online mode was fairly challenging at the beginning. But every time we hit a roadblock, there was always someone there ready to help and guide us. In this, the support we received from our in-charges and the IT professionals has been invaluable. Skills have been learnt in the technological universe that earlier seemed not only difficult, but sometimes nearly impossible. I am forced to recall how once, a long time back, I had joked with a close friend who is an IT professional, that work from home is something I would never need to worry about. Oh, how these words came back to haunt me as WFH became a way of life for all of us. And now we stand at the cusp of a “hybrid” world, where online and offline collide, merge and collaborate. But I feel confident that with the might of CHIREC behind my back, no challenge will seem insurmountable as we face an uncertain world.

In my heart I know CHIREC is my second home. This is where I am the best version of myself. This is where I have failed, fallen and risen again, better and stronger. I see myself, 20 years in the future, still teaching, grey cells and grey hair equally enhanced, a version of Professor McGonagall, hopefully described by others as kind, but firm. To that future, I look forward to.

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Hi, I am Priscilla Steven and I joined CHIREC 7 years ago as a History Teacher. Since then, my time at CHIREC has been a very rewarding experience. I have taken up the role of a teacher, mentor, facilitator, and guide. I hold a master’s degree in History and have also completed my B.Ed. In my 7 years of association with CHIREC, I have inculcated better interpersonal, problem solving, critical thinking, and leadership skills and time management. Now as a coordinator, I have also got the opportunity to polish my organization skills.
I have made many friends in CHIREC and am honored to be a part of its team. I can say it is an outstanding school which provides some of the best facilities. It is a place where students and staff have a sense of belonging and wellbeing in every corner, be it classrooms, labs, libraries, playground, auditorium, or dining rooms. CHIREC is an inspirational school which constantly produces high achieving students who are critical thinkers, good human beings and responsible citizens. It gives ample opportunities for the growth of teachers as well.
I love being a teacher who imparts and facilitates acquiring knowledge. I love the fact that I can transform souls and touch the lives of future citizens of this world in a positive way. I love working with people to translate the school`s vision for creative learning into practical implementation. And the most fulfilling part is when I see twinkles in the eyes of my students when they have understood a difficult concept. Apart from teaching, I love cooking, shopping, and spending time with my family during my free time. During the pandemic, CHIREC has made sure to take extra care of the needs of its students, teachers and all the staff members. Initially transitioning from face-to-face teaching to online teaching was a bit challenging but the training and resources provided by the school helped us overcome all the challenges very quickly to deliver high-quality lessons to engage and motivate students.

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Hi, I am Basireddy Nageswara Rao and I have been a part of CHIREC since 2008 as a Physical Education Teacher and the Handball Coach. I hold an M.P.Ed degree, diploma in Yoga and certifications of NIS, A-Level Coach and Technical Official (FSTO). I joined CHIREC just after completing my graduation and in these 13 years of my association with the school, I saw myself grow not only professionally but also personally. I made wonderful connections with my students and colleagues and created memories that I shall cherish forever. I can say that being a part of events like Alumni Meets, concerts or 25 and 30 years of school celebrations provided me with one of the best experiences of my life. Especially, going to tournaments with the students and seeing them perform brilliantly has always made me feel overjoyed and content.
What makes CHIREC different from other schools is its approach to never keeping their curriculum stagnant. Every year, we see something new coming in for the benefit of students and to make education a fun learning experience. In addition to this, the facilities provided by CHIREC to its students as well as its staff members are truly commendable. During the pandemic, the challenges brought by online teaching of sports helped us devise creative and engaging techniques to help students stay active and interested in Physical Education Classes. We even introduced physical activities that students could do in their rooms or on their terrace. And all these activities helped us boost the morale of students.
In my free time, I like listening to music and watching sports-related YouTube videos. I am very keen on learning new sports techniques and giving my students something new to learn from time to time.

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Hi, I am Shilpi Haldar, and I am the Admin Executive of CHIREC’s Gachibowli Branch. Ever since I joined CHIREC in 2011, I have always considered it to be my second home. The teachers, students and the staff welcomed me wholeheartedly, and now, after completing 10 years of working here, I can surely say that CHIREC has become my second family. Before joining CHIREC, I had only known how to work solo, but here, I learnt teamwork. A school lays the foundation for a child’s future and CHIREC provides outstanding resources and education to help students succeed.
In my experience, CHIREC has always been extremely considerate towards its employees by providing as much support as possible. This is one of the main reasons I have been a part of the school for more than 10 years. When I was pregnant with my baby girl in 2020, I was worried because I conceived her in the later years of my life. But I can never describe my gratitude in words for everything that CHIREC did at that point to support me.
The transition between my maternity leave to working from home and then working from office seemed challenging to me at first but the way CHIREC supported and looked after its staff members made all these transitions smooth sailing. During the COVID crisis, CHIREC has been taking the best care of its employees by initiating vaccination drives, ensuring that staff are fully vaccinated before coming back to work and making us feel comfortable by taking the necessary safety measures.
Ever since I became a mother, my life revolves around my little one but whenever I have time, I watch thriller, horror or adventurous movies and it transports me to a different world altogether.

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Hi, I am TNR Mohit and I graduated from CHIREC in 2019. My most recent steppingstone to success is getting selected into Hyderabad’s U-25 Team for the 1st CK Naidu Trophy Cricket Tournament to be held at Mohali from 28th January 2022. As an alumnus of the school and having spent the formative years of my life at CHIREC, I can say, it has been monumental and defining for the person I have become today.
I have always been a sports enthusiast and recall many fond memories from the school playground. My stint as the Head of the Sports Committee in the school filled me with hopes and vigor. The role made me look forward to going to school every day. It is my interest in sports and the support I received from my school that broadened my horizons and shaped my personality. I believe cricket is a game that requires patience. Be it batting or bowling, you must keep an eye on the right opportunity. It is the game that made me patient and hardworking and has taught me to give my 100% to all that I take up, be it academic or sports.
CHIREC is more of a home than a school. The environment here nurtured me and helped me grow socially, emotionally, and physically. It is the best thing that happened to me in my childhood. The teachers look after you like a family. The sports facilities here are the best for any budding player and I am glad I was able to utilize all that the school provided.
In the future, I’d be either playing cricket for Team India or exercising a leadership role that will call for all my passion.
I cannot thank my coaches at the school enough for developing my competence in sports and enhancing my Cricket skills. Although the situation has changed during the pandemic, I urge my young friends to go out and play a little when they can as it helps to build a positive attitude.

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Hi, I am Muthaiah Joga, and I joined CHIREC in 2007 as a Physical Education Teacher and later assumed the role of Activity InCharge. The learning curve has been exceptional ever since then. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree, M.P.Ed and NIS and Diploma in Yoga.
Through my career spanning over more than a decade at CHIREC, what I learnt is that teamwork boosts productivity. I am fortunate to have always had immense support from my colleagues who worked with me as a Team. The coordination and team solidarity helped me become the responsible PT Coach that I am today.
When I see children participating enthusiastically in the fun and recreation activities I plan, I feel my role is fulfilled and that encourages me to perform even better. The diverse facilities for sports and recreation at CHIREC are exemplary. The environment in school energizes the spirit of all those who are a part of it.
In my free time, I practice yoga and engage in activities that raise my fitness quotient. I believe yoga is an excellent form of fitness that excites, and thrills children, and helps increase their confidence, strength, and flexibility levels. I am also passionate about playing badminton and reading books related to yoga and wellbeing. The transition of physical education to the online platform was smooth considering the cooperation and coordination from students and their parents. Activities were planned in more innovative ways to cater to the wellbeing of children even during the pandemic.

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Hi, I am Zamir Khan, and I joined CHIREC in 2012 as the Taekwondo coach. It has been a great learning experience in CHIREC which transformed me both professionally and personally. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree and have NIS in Taekwondo and a Black Belt 3 Dan. I also hold an International Bronze Medal in Taekwondo and have been a Class 1 National Referee for the sport.

In all these years, my best experiences have been organizing sport meets as I had the opportunities to polish my management skills. During my time at CHIREC, I was able to bring out the best in me and learnt to work harder with each passing day.

I have never witnessed a school like CHIREC and it feels very special to be a part of it. The diverse environment and opportunities it provides to its students in terms of academics, sports or co-curriculars, is what makes it different than other schools.

In my free time, I like watching movies and going through Taekwondo videos. I am always curious about learning new things and implementing them in real life situations. When the classes during the pandemic shifted to an online platform, I tried to introduce students to various concepts of Taekwondo in innovative and engaging ways. I made sure that even if students are present physically in school, they don’t miss out on anything and learn and practice new Taekwondo techniques in every session.

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Hi, I am Kalyani and I joined CHIREC in 2009 as a Hindi teacher for the CBSE Section. I hold a Masters degree in Hindi, Telugu and Sanskrit and have also completed the CIDTT certification here in CHIREC. In these 12 years of my association with CHIREC, I have witnessed a lot of transformation not only professionally but also personally.

To tell you the truth, I come from a family of teaching professionals, but I never wanted to become one. However, I was destined to be a teacher and today, I can say that it is a beautiful profession. Not only did it polish my skills but also introduced me to a version of myself that I had never imagined. All these years of my journey here made me even more cheerful and light-hearted and turned me into a confident person who is ready to accept any challenge.

As a teacher, you are a witness to your students’ life journey, and you see them grow into the human beings they are. It’s amazing to see students being promoted to different classes and with every step they take, you are there to observe the changes their personalities incur. This is the most fulfilling part of being surrounded by students.

Apart from my love for teaching, I feel connected with nature and have a deep inclination towards travelling. I love the ocean, the sky, the mountains and visiting different places helps me understand that even though people speak different languages or belong to different ethnicities, their hearts beat together. I am also passionate about playing Veena and try to include it in my schedule whenever possible.

Our biggest concern at CHIREC during virtual school was the personal care of students. The school went out of its way to do the best possible for students. However, we as teachers believe physical classes provide more chances to read students’ behavior and understand their needs just by observing them in the classroom. Now, as schools reopen, I am happy that we will get the opportunity to cater to those unsaid emotions and needs of the students in class again.

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Hi, I am Sriram Kanneganti and I graduated from CHIREC in 2013. As an alumnus of the school and having spent 8 years of my life here at CHIREC, I can say, it has been a journey that one can fall in love with – A journey of learning and passions, budding friendships, and lots of memories! My inclination towards acting goes back to when I was 13 years old. I always knew what I had to do and held on to it. I pursued my BFA from New York University’s Tisch School and have worked on several productions Off-Broadway and Film projects in New York.
I can’t single out a particular event or memory at CHIREC that helped me build a foundation. But I do know the teachers went out of their way to support the students. We could talk to them about anything in the world and they would provide us with all the required guidance. The thing that I love the most about CHIREC is that no matter what, you are always encouraged to bring out your best self, to broaden your horizons and to think beyond books. Every event, cultural programme, inter-school meet acted as the building blocks for me. I remember we had a band in school, and we used to play at many events. The cheering voices of my schoolmates were not just motivating but also fulfilling and these are some of the most beautiful memories of school for me.
Being an actor, I have learnt to live moment by moment and to immerse myself completely while I am in it. I want to be recognized as an international actor regardless of whether I am performing in an English, Hindi or Telugu film. As long as I get a chance to tell a good story that can disseminate a message, I would love to be a part of it. I want to bring recognition to Indian stories on a global level. Now, I’m moving to LA and it feels like taking steps to conquer a dream that dates back to my school days.
Speaking of school days, what made CHIREC different from other schools is the way we were and the way CHIREC transformed us. I had many friends from other schools, but I witnessed them being quite conscious about what socio-economic they belong to and what kind of friends they should choose. On the other hand, we, at CHIREC, never bothered to care or to even know these petty things. Such are the values and environment that CHIREC provides you with – the values that will contribute to your making!

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Hi, I am Shibi Mathew from the First Aid Department and I joined CHIREC in June 2012. I had heard such wonderful things about CHIREC’s culture and values, and this was a constant motivational force for me before and after joining here. I still remember, I was so excited to work under the guidance of Mrs. Ratna Reddy and in all these years, it has been an extremely rewarding experience.

As a Nurse trained in General Nursing and Midwifery, the transition from a hospital environment to a dynamic institution like CHIREC was both challenging and satisfying. Having been in this profession for 23 years, I cherish the joy of working with children and aiding them the most.

I am passionate about music and dancing and since I never got the opportunity to pursue it, I encourage my daughter in her pursuit of classical dancing and my son in music.

The onset of 2020 brought on the pandemic which might have been harrowing for our students, their families and our staff. But CHIREC demonstrated its innovative spirit by quickly moving to an online platform thereby ensuring our health and safety. This response of our School Management has impressed me and reiterated my faith in the institution for the future.

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Hi, I am Damandeep Kaur and my association with CHIREC goes back to March 2015 when I joined as a PG Chemistry Teacher. It has been almost 7 years since I first stepped into CHIREC, and it has been a wonderful journey so far.

Here at CHIREC, every day is and has been worth looking forward to as it comes with novel experiences and various new things to learn. I have very fond memories of my students and colleagues from all these years. I truly treasure the support of my in-charges, colleagues and all the school members to settle down well and feel comfortable when I initially joined CHIREC. It was my first teaching job at school, and I learnt each and every nuance of teaching at CHIREC. Before this, I was dedicated to research in chemistry labs. In CHIREC, I learnt a lot about student-teacher relationships and polished my interpersonal and time management skills.

I feel that CHIREC makes sure to provide the best of everything to its students and staff members when it comes to facilities. CHIREC takes care of everything from provisions to resources that I need as an employee and as a facilitator to my students, making sure that we get all kinds of support in every scenario. What makes CHIREC different from other schools is going beyond teaching by focusing on all-round education and holistic development.

In my free time or when I am not engaged in teaching, I love listening to spiritual music. I feel that for every individual taking time out to rest is extremely important and I deeply focus on relaxing and making sure I get proper sleep.

The shift to online teaching was difficult to manage in the beginning. However, using technology as a teaching tool was very rewarding. I began teaching online with my ordinary laptop using a whiteboard to explain various concepts to students. Gradually, I started using a touch screen laptop and that augmented my teaching methodology even further. While CHIREC always had technology integrated with its curriculum, the past 18 months of online teaching have propelled as further and made us tech savvy educators. I firmly believe that as the world reopens, the new face of classrooms will have a beautiful blend of online and offline teaching tools that provide world-class learning experiences to students.

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Hi, I am Sheela, Senior Admin Executive and I joined CHIREC in 2002. I am a Commerce Graduate and have completed my Diploma in Computers and Commercial Practices. There are no words to express how beautiful and wonderful these 19 years of my association with CHIREC have been. It was amazing to work under the guidance of Ratna ma’am and Manaswita ma’am, and to learn so much from their way of working and handling things.

Here, in CHIREC, each day comes with something new unlike our homes where we follow routines daily. While working in CHIREC, we get to learn new things and gain new experiences with every passing day. Working here for the past 19 years has helped me polish my confidence, communication, leadership, and time management skills and efficiency to a huge extent.

When I joined CHIREC, I couldn’t believe a school could offer such brilliant facilities. I remember I used to quickly cook food for my family in the morning but never had to worry about myself as CHIREC has always been there to take care of us all these years. From our breakfast and lunch to our health care, the school takes responsibility for everything. It’s amazing to see that the school offers facilities like that of an MNC to its employees. I feel CHIREC has always stood at the pedestal of influencing other schools. I don’t remember any other school having the world-class facilities that CHIREC has had since its inception. The other schools have always sought inspiration from CHIREC.

When I am at home, I love cooking, listening to music and watching serials of historical relevance a lot. In my free time, I love spending time with my children while sharing incidents from our day with each other.

I remember one Sunday, in the month of March in 2020, we heard about the imposition of lockdown. At that time, no one even had any idea what a lockdown even was. Initially, it came as a challenge managing home and office work at the same time. We had no idea about how virtual office works but with support of my fellow colleagues and especially the IT Team, we managed everything.

In the past 18 months, we have had a lot of time to spend with our family and understand each other even better. We tried new recipes, talked, shared stories and played games a lot in all these months. I feel these were a few pros that the pandemic brought over a thousand cons.

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Hi, I am Mohammed Abdul Rasheed and I joined CHIREC in 2010 as the Tennis Coach. I took a break for 3 years as I had to go abroad and rejoined CHIREC in 2017. All these years of my association with CHIREC have been much more than just a wonderful journey. In all these years, I grew professionally, and made some wonderful bonds and memories.

I remember, in 2017 on Children’s Day, I sang a song from the movie Taare Zameen Par and dedicated it to the students. Everyone got very emotional. That day, I received wonderful reception from my colleagues and students. This incident is very close to heart and one of the best memories I have of being a part of CHIREC.

Here, in CHIREC, I learnt to be proactive and even more professional. I have always sought inspiration from my fellow colleagues, in-charges, principals, especially Ratna Ma’am and Iffat Ma’am whose dedication, leadership skills and way of communicating and handling things polished me and my skills a lot.

Time and again, I have been very impressed by the facilities provided in CHIREC. The school is always up to date whether it is technological advancements, areas of students’ growth or professional development of the staff members.

For me, what makes CHIREC special and different from other schools are the brilliant opportunities it provides its students. The growth of students is never limited as students don’t just state or national level exposure, but also international experiences. I have friends who teach in other schools, and I have always felt that CHIREC has a very balanced approach to academics and co-curriculars and provides a professional environment for students and staff members to grow.

When it comes to me, other than my professional self, I am extremely passionate about singing and music. I am not just a coach to my students but I myself love playing tennis regularly. I am a person who likes spending time introspecting and analyzing from where I started, how my journey as a professional has been and what my goals and aims are in future.

The transition to online teaching came as a big challenge for all sports teachers. Initially, we had no idea about how we would manage things online but eventually we started making interactive videos and making students understand different nuances of various sports. We even encouraged students to engage in whatever sports possible while staying at home and we came up with plans and ideas to manage everything. We even offered many opportunities to participate in tournaments and championships during all these months. Today, I feel like we have become tech savvy through video editing, voice overs, merging and mixing and using several other digital tools. I would say that is one advantage the pandemic brought to all teachers of the world.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I`m D. Vijay Kumar and I joined CHIREC in June 2005 as PGT of Mathematics. I remember it was a very special year for CHIREC as we were teaching the first batch of Grade XII and preparing them for their board exams. I hold an M.Sc. degree in Mathematics with B.Ed. and also have the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers Certificate from the first CIDTT training session in school during 2009-10. Today, I am the Head of Mathematics Department for CBSE Secondary classes. So far, I have witnessed 16 successful board examinations for Grade XII and hope to see many more.

Here, at CHIREC, every day comes with new learning opportunities. Each year brings new challenges that help us grow, become a better version of ourselves and provide the best for our students. Being a teacher at CHIREC for more than a decade, my maxims have been to maintain self-discipline, being regular to school, staying dedicated to the assigned work, understanding my students` needs, following the instructions of my heads, and providing a helping hand to colleagues. When I am not in my professional zone, I love to watch the news, go for a long walk, and try a variety of snack recipes for my kids to enjoy.

CHIREC provides excellent facilities for its staff and students. What makes CHIREC different from other schools is that it is the epitome of being a disciplined and student-parent-staff centric school. CHIREC practices rules, procedures, and teaching methodologies that makes it a trend-setter for other schools.

During the transition to virtual classes, it came as a challenge to simultaneously balance online classes while upgrading ourselves with PD sessions and workshops. It was difficult at the beginning but exploring technology, molding into the online class structure, and prioritizing students` needs not only made the classes more effective and comfortable, but also a happy teaching-learning experience. In the years to come, my focus is to keep teaching with utmost efficiency by adopting the latest techniques and teaching practices.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Flora Priyadarshini Bethapudi. I am a CBSE Secondary Teacher for English. I did my Post- Graduation in English Language and Literature and persued TEFL at London College of Teachers. Teaching is a profession that I treasure the most as I come from a family of Educators. I have been in this profession for the past 17 years. I joined CHIREC in June 2011 it has been an enriching and enthralling experience.

Before joining CHIREC, I worked in a corporate college with a conventional way of teaching. CHIREC has taught me how to be a 21st century skilled teacher. Here, I have learned what it means to work as a teacher professionally and technologically, especially in the present times under the pandemic.

CHIREC has helped me develop holistocally as an individual as I gained experience in different aspects of teaching, incorporating a variety of teaching strategies in lesson plans, executing them and contributing to the caring culture of the school. The systematic approach that is followed at school made my transition into the system effortless and at the same time, challenging. What was challenging for me was to break out of the conventional methods of teaching that I was subjected to in my earlier workplace and expand my viewpoints towards new pedagogical routines.

To meet the needs of the students, our school has been successful in bringing technology to our classrooms with the introduction of interactive Whiteboards or Smart Boards. These allow students to interact with lesson content while allowing teachers to integrate a range of resources in their lessons. The wealth of activities offered foster the holistic development of the student. There are a number of School Clubs, both academic and co-curricular for the students to profit from. They play a pivotal role in honing a hobby and in moving the child into the learning mode.

CHIREC is more than a workplace, it is a home – a safe haven, where there is constant encouragement and opportunities for students and teachers to gain exposure in various fields. The school always looks to provide teachers with professional development opportunities and mentors to guide us. The school does not focus on just academics but looks into developing deeper bonds outside the classroom. CHIREC persistently advances with new ideas to improve our professional and personal growth.

`Show your passion for what you love to do. The more excited you are, the more excited your students will be.` A teacher`s learning is a continuous endeavor to improve and cater to the needs of the students. The teachers and students that I get to see every day are thoughtful, spontaneous, quick-witted and passionate.

Despite the overwhelming consequences of the pandemic, this global crisis has also been an extraordinary time for learning for teachers. The challenges teachers faced in these uniquely difficult circumstances and the transition into the digital classroom has made several things clear. We have shown the world how adaptable and resilient teachers can be. Teachers have recalibrated their time and teaching practices to adopt more creative methods to keep students engaged.

I love to sing and listen to lots of music. Eating fresh and healthy food, clearing my mind and keeping my body fit are important to me - so I hit the gym and workout every day. I take a bicycle and go for a ride or take a swim in the pool. When I have some free time, I visit charity homes and learn about different people`s stories.

Here at CHIREC, I learnt that the number of years of work experience is not what counts. What is more important is the quality one possesses through their learning experience

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Vijay Krishna and I joined CHIREC in December 2013 as a part of the Purchasing Department. I hold an MBA in Marketing and my passion for marketing has landed in a job of my area of interest. In these 9 years of my connection with CHIREC, I have seen myself grow personally and professionally.

For every event and programme organized in the school, the purchase department has to be on its toes. During offline school, we used to work late at night, engaging our heart and soul in preparation of the celebrations. Those events and the day-to-day errands taught me a lot. It augmented my organizational, management and marketing skills, brought me the necessary experience and exposure, and the art of time management. Today, I am leading the Purchasing Department as the Senior Purchase Officer.

The facilities provided at CHIREC are no doubt better than any other school. The school has provided medical insurance for our families. During the Lockdown, when millions faced economic decline due to lost jobs and lack of opportunities, we, at CHIREC, witnessed secured jobs and no-cut salaries. We are all like a family here in school. I have seen my bond strengthen with both the old and new staff in school. The best thing about CHIREC is that the school provides us with ample opportunities to explore our strengths and excel in our interest areas.

I am very fond of travelling and playing cricket. Whenever I am free, I love to spend time with my family, go out, plan trips with them and practice cricket on a regular basis. The past year has been very difficult for people due to the unfortunate situation of rising cases of COVID. I, too, got affected and had to be on a long leave because of it. But the school management had my back. I was asked to take complete rest and not worry about the work. The support that I have received from CHIREC always makes me satisfied with the fact that I am working for the right organization.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Uday Bhasker, and I joined CHIREC in 2001 as the Dining InCharge. After 8 years of my service in CHIREC I took a gap of two years and rejoined again in 2010. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Arts and have a certification in Typewriting. My time in CHIREC has given me a lot in life. My memories of getting married and having kids are all somehow associated with school.

I remember in 2005, CHIREC hosted the National Games. It is one of the most memorable times for me in school. It left an impact on me and helped me learn a lot about working hard in the most systematic way. In CHIREC, I got an opportunity to polish my communication, organizational and management skills with time management and discipline. With every responsibility I have had on my shoulders I learnt and became efficient day by day.

The facilities provided in CHIREC make it stand out from other schools. The school has provided insurance to all the staff’s families and has offered scholarships to their children’s education. Not only this, but I have also always received moral support in every situation. The school management has always been with me, whether it is a personal or a financial emergency. Here, the staff is like a family, and we are all given many opportunities to learn and progress in our areas of interest.

I love to cook and sing. I also like spending my time watching cricket with my children. When the school was running physically, I and the kitchen staff used to come at 2 am and got involved in all the cleaning and preparing the kitchen to start cooking at 6 in the morning. We would pour our hearts out in preparing meals for students. For the past one year, the classes have been online, and we have been missing those smiling faces of the students.

When I look back to this journey of about 19 years in CHIREC, I always spot support by the management at every step, help received by staff and happy faces of students greeting me every day in all these years. The most amazing thing is to see the graduated students coming to meet their teachers back in school and never forgetting to pay me a visit. Every bit of my journey in CHIREC has been very rewarding.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am P V Sailaja. I am a Secondary Science teacher and a postgraduate in Botany with a B.Ed and DISM from APTECH. I joined CHIREC on November 14, 2014, and my journey has been phenomenal so far. On my first day, which was Children’s Day, I was in awe of the event conducted by teachers and the students enjoying every bit of it. On day 1 itself, I could sense how efficiently and smoothly the school runs.

Since I joined in the middle of the academic year, I was a little apprehensive about how students would respond to me as they were attuned to their previous teacher’s methodology. But my passion for teaching has made the journey very smooth. I enhanced my knowledge of curriculum planning, creating digital resources, taking part in school events and now the smooth transition from physical classes to online teaching.

The most important skills I polished in CHIREC are leadership and organisational skills. According to me, an effective teacher should be able to lead and guide their classroom, manage several different types of students and mindsets and guide them in the right direction. CHIREC has been instrumental in developing these qualities in me.

The facilities provided at CHIREC meet the standards of schools in the top bracket. The meticulous planning in all areas of the organisation, care given to staff, and holistic development of students is what makes CHIREC different from other schools.

I am passionate about learning new pedagogical practices in teaching and growing professionally to greater heights. I love to paint, sing Carnatic classical songs and talk about Indian mythological stories.

My first day of online teaching varied little in terms of my excitement and enthusiasm as I eagerly waited for my students to interact with me. In the online classes, it was more than just engaging with my students and delivering the content. We had to build a teacher-student relationship in a different and dynamic way. Bringing school to a sixteen-inch screen was quite challenging. Trying to create an environment like physical school for students by conducting different activities like role plays, project-based learning activities and CCA was challenging initially but with careful care and planning we succeeded and that felt really rewarding.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Sailaja Prasad, and I joined CHIREC in 2016 as an ADPC and IBDP Economics Facilitator. In addition to my B.Ed and M.Com, I also hold an M.Phil degree. My journey in CHIREC represents a lifelong commitment to learning, not only about my content area, grade level, curricular changes, school policy, and technological innovations, but about true passion for new knowledge and skills that make me more effective as a professional, and a human being. Now I am HOD of Humanities in the International Section.

In CHIREC, I got various opportunities to polish my communication, creativity and leadership skills. CHIREC also helped me to elevate my patience, confidence, dedication, adaptability and enthusiasm for everything I do. It is a beautiful place to be. The academic management is friendly, encouraging and trusting, providing the staff various opportunities to learn and grow.

Global Be Well Day and Active World Challenge were two wonderful initiatives by CHIREC-Cognita that impacted me a lot and to witness different schools from across the globe coming together to connect, promote and practice well-being was a great experience.

CHIREC emphasises developing moral values in students right from kindergarten. A value-based education lies at the heart of CHIREC`s academic programs. Through activities crafted to promote students` mental and psychological growth, CHIREC focuses on Life Skills to develop a sense of identity and responsibility with specific skills that are essential to live in society.

A digital revolution has been underway in schools for many years now. Blackboards gave way to whiteboards and projectors, notebooks to tablets. However, the Covid-19 pandemic brought about a paradigm shift in learning by shifting entire classrooms online. After a chaotic few months, teachers, children, and parents seem to be getting used to the new way of doing things. For teachers, the shift has included learning new online tools, interacting with children on the screen and making peace with frequent internet connections.

I am passionate about teaching because I show the relevance of the subject matter and make it fun and meaningful. My excitement for what I teach is obvious, and my students can see it and feel it. I believe in what I teach. In my free time, I like to read and sing.

Teaching online is very different from teaching in a physical classroom, yet there are areas of overlap that help traditional teachers feel more comfortable in moving online. This is the place where students will access information and resources, engage with their teacher and their peers, and submit their work for feedback and evaluation. It`s important to adopt a modular approach to design distance-learning experiences. Teachers must break up the learning activities into smaller parts and give students time to self-pace through those activities. The beauty of online learning lies in the flexibility that learners can afford. I would encourage teachers to plan a week at a time and post all the videos, articles, podcasts, online discussion questions, and assignments that students will need at the start of the week. This approach allows learners the luxury of completing tasks on time at a pace that works for them.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Jyothi B. and I joined CHIREC in 2016 as CAIE English Faculty currently teaching IGCSE and IB curricula. My first step in teaching started 12 years ago. Along with my PG and B. Ed, I completed PGDBM and PGDSE with a CICTL professional qualification from Cambridge. In a constant endeavour to update myself I attempted the CENTA teacher proficiency Olympiad for Secondary English, in 2019 and was placed first in the state-wise category and 13th in the regional category. Passion and commitment define my journey in life.

CHIREC for me represents the true spirit of a family and I have been fortunate enough to be considered a beloved member since my joining. I had the opportunity of essaying various roles such as IGCSE coordinator, CCA Incharge and presently the Exam Incharge. The true essence of CHIREC is felt in the camaraderie amongst the staff and the trust reposed in us by the Management.

Often, in the struggle for getting A and A*, many schools give up on sports or extra-curricular activities whereas CHIREC always stands by its promise of being a Children`s Recreation Centre and never compromised on those standards. I truly admire Mrs. Ratna Reddy for her unwavering perseverance in making CHIREC the best school in the city. The student-teacher equation in CHIREC is the best I have ever seen. This unequivocal bond has helped in the smooth transition from offline to the online classes.

During Online school, the unlearning and relearning of new methods of teaching-learning has been quite challenging yet exhilarating at the same time. The IGCSE results have been the most rewarding for me. Notwithstanding the myriad of problems anticipated, the students did us all proud with the best result ever both in IGCSE and IB.

In my free time, I am found to be reading books, pursuing new courses or playing video games. The future may hold untoward surprises and constantly challenge us. In such unsettling times I believe having an unshakable belief in God to help us overcome all difficulties. The tough times might not last, but the tough people always do. I will end with one of Cesar`s famous quotes `Veni, Vidi, Vici...`

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Rami Reddy and I joined CHIREC in September 2010 as the Store Executive. I have completed my Graduation from Science Stream and have a certification in Material Management. In these 11 years of my association with CHIREC, I have learnt a lot of things and my journey has been very memorable.

My memory drifts back to the Inauguration of Gachibowli Branch of the school in 2012 when I experienced some of the best days in school coordinating and cooperating in the purchase management of the new branch. I am glad to have witnessed the institution complete 30 years of its foundation in 2018. It was a very proud moment for the whole CHIREC community.

In CHIREC, I got a chance to polish my computer skills and knowledge of different software. I learnt a lot more about purchasing and managing the materials required for school. Above all, I learnt how important a role patience plays behind every successful project.

The best thing about CHIREC is that it is an employee-friendly organization where hard work is highly appreciated and every person is taken care of, be it healthcare, personal or family problems. I have always believed that CHIREC provides very good facilities for its students and employees.

I am deeply passionate about sports and in my free time I like trying different kinds of sports. During the past one year, work transitioned to an online mode, but I never expected that work would turn out to be so smooth. Using MCB effectively and the support of the CHIREC family made everything seamless and worthwhile.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Chandrakala Salunke working as the Admin Coordinator at CHIREC. I did my MBA in Health Care and have a Certification in Educational Administration & Management. I joined CHIREC in 2016 and have shouldered innumerable tasks and responsibilities, since then.

Initially, I used to work closely with the School Principal and COO. Then, I started coordinating with the Admissions and Purchase Department. Today, I am responsible for managing the state government related formalities and documentation for the school. I am also responsible for student ID card management and coordination with the PR Department.

I have a deep connection with CHIREC. About 2 years ago, I met with a brutal accident and had multiple fractures. At that time, I received emotional & moral support from the CHIREC family to overcome my pain. When I rejoined after being a little healed, I was called by Ratna Ma’am and was asked not to take on too much pressure or burden for any work. Her soothing words inspired me, and her guidance helped me a lot in drafting the Standard Operating Procedures of the school. She believed in me and my capabilities and motivated me to do better.

At CHIREC, I polished my communication skills and developed organizing, documenting, managing skills and understanding the State Government and Private School relationship. CHIREC is like a family. No matter who knows me in school, when they see the CHIREC tag around my neck, they never go by without a smile.

I am also a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, and I love practicing it with my daughter. I am passionate about reading books and painting. In my free time, I experiment with cooking and try new delicacies.

The last 1 year was challenging for all. We had one system at my place, and we thought managing the work would be difficult as my daughter also had her online classes, but the school took responsibility to provide a system at home. During the lockdown, the guidance and support from the CHIREC & Cognita Teams helped manage the work smoothly and the Cognita Be-Well challenge kept us motivated and healthy.

International School In Hyderabad

I, Neha Valavala, was 7 years old when I first walked into the CHIREC campus, a curious second grader who loved learning. Now, at 18 years old, my time at CHIREC has come to its end, and I cannot remember how it started. I don’t remember which subject I started learning first, I don’t remember which classroom I sat in, and I definitely don’t remember who sat next to me. My memories of my first day at CHIREC are limited to the car sickness I felt due to the long drive to school and my second-grade teacher’s warm smile. And maybe it’s fitting, but I can’t remember my last day, either: one day I was in class with my teachers and the next I was learning through a screen. My eleven years at CHIREC ended in the blur of ‘thank you’s as my classmates and I left the online meeting. We hadn’t even known it would be our last.

However, though the beginning and ending of my journey at CHIREC have become little more than a mystery, I treasure the moments that came in between. From organizing events to performing on stage to goofing around during free periods, my high school experience was unforgettable. I was constantly presented with opportunities to learn and grow. In IGCSE, I recognized the depth of knowledge for the first time. Instead of learning superficial material across subjects as I had until then, I was introduced to the complexities within each subject and how they related to all the others. More importantly, I was given a choice. CHIREC taught a range of IGCSE courses that was as wide as each course was deep. Moreover, I was encouraged to participate beyond the classroom, given opportunities to dance for huge audiences, compete in tournaments, and participate in the student council. As an IB student, these opportunities only grew. With the CAS committee and the encouragement of my coordinators, I was constantly engaged in some form of creativity, activity or service.

What made CHIREC so special, however, were the people I met there. My friends, teachers, help staff, and lab assistants were solely responsible for getting me to go to school every day. I found people who shared the same taste in books and music, quickly jotting down recommendations between classes. I found people to discuss dance with, comparing notes on our different art forms. I found people who I could tease, and who would tease me. I found people who would always support me, always answer my questions (even if it took a day). I found people I love and trust. And sometime between laughing at the bad jokes, lamenting about our oh-so-miserable lives, and trying in vain to stay on top of everything, I found myself changing. First in IGCSE, then in IBDP, my teachers and classmates have quietly but surely altered my personality.

I learnt to be confident, speaking up in class and seizing opportunities when they presented themselves. From asking questions in class to debating the proper way to tie a shoe, I expressed my opinions in every sphere of my life. While I discussed topics with my classmates, I learnt to be creative. Shouting across the room to convince each other of our method’s superiority, I discovered multiple solutions to the same problem and pushed myself to think in different ways. These past 11 years have taught me persistence, encouraging me to continue trying despite the problems I may face. Because only the most stubborn can change the world or persuade their classmates to lend them a pen during an exam. Most importantly, I learnt not only to think, but to evaluate. I now think like a scientist, and yes, scientists do think differently. Actively looking for patterns, making connections, and searching for solutions in any data presented to me, I now analyze everything. (And then I check whether my results are statistically significant…)

But what I appreciate most about my high school experience is the fact that I didn’t only learn inside my classrooms, but between them. I discovered the intersections between my IB subjects and was amazed to see my teachers collaborating and asking each other questions about their respective fields to better answer the questions we posed in class. I began to notice concepts learnt in class everywhere I went and analyzed their applicability. Moreover, my theory of knowledge classes not only sharpened my curiosity, but also focused it. I recognized that as a sum is made of parts, a question is only answered by coalescing multiple perspectives. And now I search for different perspectives, in the hopes of bringing my answer closer to being whole.

My time at CHIREC wasn’t marked by the first day or the last, or any other conventional academic milestones. It had been measured by the lessons I’d learnt, shaped by the people I’d met, and preserved in the memories I made. Though I have graduated CHIREC now, the years spent wearing the CHIREC uniform will continue with me, tools to help me better navigate my future.

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Hi, I am Tarannum Fatima, working as an Executive Assistant to the MD/CEO. I have been associated with CHIREC for 13 years since 2008. I still remember my first day at CHIREC. I was selected as an accountant, but Principal Ma`am convinced me that my personality is better suited for front office till I get exposure about the school. I have completed my Masters in Commerce from Osmania University and Certification course in accounting packages from NIIT.

Time has flown and I cherish all the memories of the people I have met during this time and worked with, especially Manaswita Ma`am, Iffat Ma`am, Ramani Ma`am, Venkat Sir and Susan Ma`am. To assist our Director Ms. Ratna Reddy was an amazing opportunity for me. Her leadership qualities, dedication and commitment towards work have always inspired me. Dr Peter, CEO of CHIREC have also been a great source of motivation and appreciation to the team.

CHIREC provided me a platform to enhance my knowledge and skills. I not only gained knowledge about the field of education but also learnt about Event management, Construction, Procurement, Vendor Management, Liasioning etc. The variety of my work made me learn a lot about myself – my strengths and weakness. CHIREC made me more confident not only at work, but also in my personal life.

Being an executive assistant is no longer about handling the daily schedule of the boss. It requires competent and effective management and communication skills for fulfilling this responsibility.

My family is my strength and I love spending time with them. I like trying new dishes, maintaining my small kitchen garden, playing with my nephew, shopping and reading during my free time.

CHIREC is absolutely a people centric place with human capital as its prime focus. Together we work as a dedicated team to make CHIREC a great institution with strong core values and a friendly atmosphere. I am very thankful that CHIREC provided us financial security and safety during the pandemic. 

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Shaik Shafiulla and I joined CHIREC in 2007 as the Data Entry Operator. In CHIREC, I have always found support and help for myself and my children. I have a Diploma in Computer Applications and have completed a Higher Grade Typewriting course. I have also been a part of many 3D and 2D Drawing projects. I am currently working inthe Printing Room at CHIREC.

I remember when I joined the school, I used to work in the Audio-Visual Lab with the Pre-Primary students. In all these years, I have closely witnessed those tiny tots grow into career-oriented professionals. Being a part of their journey in school has left an unforgettable impact on me.

In CHIREC, I have learnt a lot of things from in-charges, coordinators, and the rest of the staff. What makes CHIREC different from other schools is its activity-based curriculum. Each student is given the required focus and is helped to polish their skills. Teachers concentrate on fostering the academic and co-curricular needs of students.

I have always been passionate about sports, both indoor and outdoor. I have a special inclination towards athletics, tennis, gymnastics, and swimming. It is a memorable moment for me when I was awarded a Certificate and featured in the leaderboard for covering the highest individual distance of 680 kms in the Cognita Active World Challenge held in CHIREC. In my free time, I like reading books, especially religious books and spending time with my family.

As Printing is usually offline work, the lockdown came with a lot of struggles of its own. However, the coordination with my colleagues made many tasks easy. Despite a lot of problems that the pandemic period brought on us, I feel like it brought me closer to my family and I loved sharing so much time with my children.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am C. H. Rajani, and I joined CHIREC in 2007 as an Accountant. In these 14 years of my association with CHIREC, everyday feels like a new and fresh start as the work never gets monotonous. I am a graduate in commerce and completed my M. Com from Osmania University.

CHIREC is like a family to me, and Ratna Ma’am has been a constant motivation for me to work efficiently. She always supported me and was there to help me whenever I landed in some problem. In all these years, I have also sought inspiration from Ramani ma’am who always was there to support me.

My journey at CHIREC made me polish my skills and knowledge of accounting. I had never worked for a school before CHIREC, and I have always been satisfied with the distinguished facilities it provides to its staff members.

I grew up being passionate about Badminton. I love spending time with my family, especially playing with my children and helping them with their studies.

The past year was challenging for all of us but thanks to the advancements in technology, nothing seemed much of a struggle. Our team made peace with the crisis and we came up with different ideas to deal with systematic working. It has been the collaborative teamwork that made it all easy and maintained a proper flow of working.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am V. Sridhar and I joined CHIREC in May 2020 as a clay modelling instructor. The past 10 months of my relationship with CHIREC have been a wonderful learning experience. I have completed my Graduation in microbiology, zoology, and chemistry. My inclination towards pottery and clay modelling made me further explore the field and choose it as a profession. I remember an incident during a French demo class I was giving at a School. I was teaching basic French grammar to students of Class 3 and 4. I started off with teaching French Vowels with full confidence. Suddenly, a student asked me a question, “Sir, you said the letter "y" is also a vowel in French unlike English, why is it so?” I was dazzled by the student’s curiosity. Questions like what the vowels are have been a constant for me; but for the first time somebody wanted to know ‘why’. I luckily remembered a childhood game of word making and realized many English vowel-less words have ‘Y’ in them. Based on this, I explained why ‘y’ is considered a vowel in French. The students were convinced, and the invigilator selected me as the French teacher.

This incident left a deep impact on me and made me confident about my teaching skills. I believe that every new phase of life is a step towards learning. I have always been passionate about pottery and the happy faces of my students are my prized possessions. My journey at CHIREC helped me polish my clay modelling skills even more. And I am glad that CHIREC provides all the facilities necessary to have a healthy learning engagement with students.

I like studying, meditating, doing micro exercises and most importantly spending time with my family. The past few months have been special to me as I wrote and produced a song with the support of CHIREC.

The transition to online teaching in a subject like clay modelling seemed challenging but everything turned out to be smooth with the help of my team. I am thankful to everyone who has supported me in every way.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am S. Raghuveer and I joined CHIREC in May 2013 as the Librarian of CBSE Senior Library. Since then, with support from my colleagues, the journey has been rewarding and exciting. I am a commerce graduate and have my master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences.

The Cognita Active World Challenge left a huge impact on me. It was a great experience and helped me in adopting an active lifestyle. CHIREC is a unique place to work where people help each other professionally, leading to collective growth. Working together effectively, multi-tasking and coordinating are some skills that CHIREC helped me polish.

When the whole world was suffering with pandemic, we at CHIREC were provided monetary benefits at all levels. I am very grateful to the management for rendering constant support to all the employees. Along with having a wonderful environment to work in, CHIREC provides a deserving amount of salary and many additional perks like free school transport and lunch, medical insurance, leaves and much more.

Though Online Schooling was a different experience than regular classes, I have always been passionate about doing things in a different way. I love to work with students and motivate and encourage them to read and improve their knowledge. Being a follower of Joseph Addison’s words “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”, I like reading books of different genres and authors, especially Self Help and Professional Development books. My favorite author is Sudha Murthy. I also attend many webinars related to Professional Development. I am greatly inclined towards the advances in the field of Library and Information Sciences and work towards implementing these advancements in the present-day scenario.

Though I am not a good speaker, I am a good listener and I have worked closely with CHIREC’s Academic and Admin Teams. I would like to thank the Management for giving me this opportunity. I have always been inspired by the words of Ratna Ma’am, Ramani Ma’am, and Iffat Ma’am.

I am glad to be a part of CHIREC-Cognita Family and extremely happy to share my knowledge and skills with the students.

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Hi, I am Nagulmeera SK and I joined CHIREC in December 2010 as PGT Biotechnology and have been heading the science department since 2018. The past 10 years of my association with CHIREC have been the most joyful and memorable years of my life.

I have completed my M.Tech in Biotechnology from JNTU, Hyderabad and qualified CSIR-UGC JRF-NET and GATE. I have also completed the Cambridge International Diploma for teachers and trainers at CHIREC.

CHIREC has always given me wonderful opportunities to learn and execute new strategies in teaching which helped me grow professionally. Along with teaching, I was delegated the responsibility of Heading CSR activities and mentoring the Interact club in the CBSE section. Both the roles gave me an opportunity to work with diverse people and students very closely.

I firmly believe that teachers are lifelong learners and as generations change, they need to change their strategies to fulfil the needs of the students. CHIREC is a place where teachers get all the training necessary to acquire skills of the 21st century. Learner differentiation, Student-centric teaching and learning, assessment strategies, and use of technology in teaching are few of the many skills that CHIREC bestowed upon me.

The quality that distinguishes CHIREC from other schools is the impeccable comfort and support that is provided to new staff members and students. The work life at CHIREC is professional and exciting. There is never a scope for internal politics and employee discrimination.

The past one year of Online Schooling didn’t prove to be as challenging at CHIREC as the use of technology for education has never been a new thing. However, teaching online was totally a different experience. It tested my adaptability, but with time, things turned out to be smooth and interesting. I take this opportunity to thank each and every one who supported me at CHIREC.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Gunja Barman, and I joined CHIREC in 2018 as a Behavioural Counselor. Since then, the journey has been very enjoyable as I explored new avenues and learned so much.

I have completed my Master’s in Applied Psychology with a specialization in Clinical and Forensic Psychology from Calcutta University. I started to study Psychology when I was in Grade IX as I was very intrigued by the subject and wanted to explore more of it.

CHIREC provides world-class facilities for its counselors. Be it books for research or activities and toys for young students. I not only enhanced my skills over these years at CHIREC but have also been practicing punctuality and multi-tasking with creativity. The school also provides the best kind of support for every child to bring out their hidden potential within.

I am quite passionate about my work. But when I am not working, I like to read and re-read the Agatha Christie collection. Holding a book in my hand is always comforting to me!

A challenge always becomes an opportunity when you change the way you perceive things! During the past year, I have seen virtual learning revolutionize the scope of individual counseling. Now students are able to confidentially write to me about sensitive issues through the private chat options on Microsoft Teams. With the use of Padlets, students have also become very active in group counselling sessions, sharing their introspection and reflections on various topics.

The transition to online teaching-learning was successful and is running smoothly with the help of the staff and facilities provided here, and I am thankful and delighted to be associated with CHIREC!

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You may find it strange, but I landed in CHIREC Jubilee Hills while following its school bus because I was so attracted to its name and logo that just wanted to know more about the school.
Hi, I am Mandeep Kaur, and I started my role as a Pre-Primary Incharge at CHIREC in 2009 when the school was celebrating 20 years since inception. The journey has been fascinating ever since, and I feel happy to be a part of its milestones!

I originally come from an architectural background, and being an educator is my later found passion. I entered the field of education as a learner and rediscovered myself layer by layer as I ventured into this field by attending an array of training on various subjects. I moved from shaping buildings to shaping young minds. Receiving an award for the Best Teacher in UP before joining CHIREC further validated my decision.

I recharge myself by cooking, listening to music and spending some quiet time early in the morning on my balcony gazing at nature.

CHIREC has always motivated me to give my best and that has further helped me enhance my management skills. I have also been fortunate to be an active part of the team that set up CHIREC Gachibowli and have fond memories from that time.

I have witnessed a significant growth of CHIREC in the last 12 years, and the transition from offline to online learning has been a transformative experience for me. The way the school stood by the staff and equipped them with resources, training, and emotional support, is highly inspiring.

I am a firm believer in teamwork, and I feel delighted to be a part of a highly receptive and imaginative team that always walks the extra mile to make the impossible possible. Each day here ends with a new beginning and a new challenge, and I wish many more eventful years to CHIREC so that this cycle of growth and passion continues and creates ripples of happiness.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Mani Sharma, and I rejoined CHIREC in 2016 as the Incharge of Grades 6 to 8 after working here for four years in the past, from 2002 to 2006. I am currently the Headmistress of Grades 8 to 10 and love every bit of my work. I am happy and proud to share my workspace and grow with many talented people I have met here. I completed my Bachelor of Education and pursued my Masters in Geography.

CHIREC has always been very considerate towards its students and teachers. Last year, we celebrated Global Be Well Day to practice and promote wellness in our everyday classroom activities. We all came together to discuss, brainstorm, and formulate various methods to inculcate well-being activities, and to be honest, it left a huge impact on me. I was able to witness how the tiniest activities conducted in the classroom can prove exceedingly beneficial not just to the students and parents but also to the teachers.

At the beginning of every academic year, CHIREC ensures to provide world-class professional development sessions to its teachers. It also believes in the Holistic Development of its students and ensures that academics, sports, MUNs, and other co-curricular activities are given equal importance. I have been able to polish my skills and develop many new ones during these years at CHIREC, and it has helped me think out of the box.

The shift from physical to virtual platform seemed quite challenging as none of us had any prior experience of online teaching. But with proper help and guidance from our heads, we were able to overcome our hurdles and make this year a much rewarding one.

I have always been extremely passionate about teaching. Whenever we explore a new concept in the classroom, the curiosity of my students to learn more fascinates me to keep this passion alive and keep imparting more knowledge to them. If I am not teaching, you will either find me reading a book or listening to some good music.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Richa Goenka, and I re-joined CHIREC in 2016 as a pre-primary teacher after my first stint in 2003. I did my graduation in Educational Psychology followed by Montessori Training. It has been a delightful journey so far, and each day comes with a new learning experience, new challenges, and solutions.

At CHIREC, I have honed and molded various skills such as time management, multitasking, being a team leader whenever the situation demanded and coming up with strategies in short spans of time to deal with urgent situations. These have helped me tremendously in achieving my personal as well as professional goals.

CHIREC’s policies allow and encourage students to be what they want to be and how they want to be. They gain a sense of self, explore, and build confidence through several opportunities provided to them as per their interests. I have seen students feeling proud to associate themselves as CHIRECians, and that feels extremely good.

I am very passionate about teaching. The kind of unconditional love you receive from these young ones is incredible and keeps me motivated. Every morning, I wait to see their smiling faces which drive me to work with greater zeal and passion.

In my free time, I love to walk, travel, and most importantly, spend quality time with my family.

When we started transitioning from offline to online learning, we had a very vague idea about the entire process. Gradually, we sped up, and now, at the end of this academic year, everything is under control and going smoothly. From the management to my colleagues, the people here have always been approachable, motivating, and empowering. I am proud to say that I have met some wonderful people at CHIREC and have made lifelong friends.

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Hi, I am N. Kalpana, and I joined CHIREC in 2005 as the Incharge of Housekeeping, Repairs & Maintenance. It has been a remarkable journey with CHIREC ever since! Coming from a hotel management background with expertise in supervising, joining CHIREC in a different role was quite overwhelming. However, in the first week itself, I realized and felt fortunate to work with such qualified professionals, seniors, and teachers who are committed and dedicated to their students and work. I wholeheartedly enjoy my work here that includes coordinating with teachers and management to organize school events and feel so honoured to have played a role in managing events as significant as celebrating 30 years of CHIREC! In these 15 years of experience at CHIREC, I have earned proficiency beyond my role that has helped me prove myself and achieve greater heights. This school has provided me a platform to enhance my knowledge and skills and has helped me explore other fields ahead of my expertise and master them all. Today, I proudly say that I have gained more confidence and imbibed values that have made me more responsible in whatever I do. I thoroughly relish working at CHIREC and am happy to be a part of this incredible community. When I am not working at school, I dedicate my time to cooking, trying out new dishes and watching TV. To continue my love for gardening, I have allocated space in my kitchen. I enjoy maintaining it and see it thriving!

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What if technology enabled your voice to take over the functions of the Ctrl-F key? CHIREC Alumnus, Vishnu Ramesh, CEO and Co-founder of Subtl.AI – a startup seeded at IIIT Hyderabad, believes technology can do wonders. Tapping into the benefits of tech, he has left no stone unturned to allow humans to speak with technology by facilitating voice search and replacing the Ctrl-F function. How does tech seamlessly merge with documents and complete a cognitive search?  When you look for a particular item in a document, the results fetched could be many when searched with Ctrl-F. Fast forward to the Subtl Bot, document searches are done using a cognitive function that delivers results to your query as an expert would. The Subtl AI tech will soon find its way embedded in NCERT books too.
In the words of the man playing with words, Vishnu Ramesh says “Humans have to look around. Once you do so, your mind resonates with all that’s existing around you. You may encounter problems, solutions, which not many thought of. Your idea might just be the master solution to a problem. Figure out what it takes to grab that one chance and take the risk. As, in the end, everything starts with an idea.”
Vishnu Ramesh also leaves our students with food for thought when he says, “Life is no straight line. There is fun when you come out of a maze with twists and turns different from where you started. At such times, teamwork matters. A question to which you did not have the answer can be answered by someone else helping you reach a solution or destination.”
If you are an alumnus of CHIREC and would like to share your story with us, please email alumnisupport@chirec.ac.in.

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I am Sony Sharma, the IB Diploma Coordinator at CHIREC. I have been associated with CHIREC for more than 2 years. My shift in career choice from college to school raised many eyebrows and brought in apprehensions which was natural. Today, I am proud of that decision which was a game changer. I have evolved as a person, and all this, I owe to the school environment I have been in for years.
From the time I joined CHIREC, my growth curve has been on the rise. Being associated with the IB Middle Years Programme for six years as a facilitator and coordinator, I had the desire to grow and CHIREC provided me with the platform to make the next big leap. With the support that was offered to me, the journey from Associate Diploma Programme Coordinator to Diploma Programme Coordinator became an enriching one. Being open to learning, there was plenty that I could imbibe from the leaders, colleagues, students and support staff and the camaraderie that my colleagues shared with me brought unfathomable comfort in the learning process.
An organization that creates a conducive environment for the growth of its employees makes a mark and stands out amongst its competitors. No wonder, CHIREC has been ranked as the best school in Hyderabad and one of the best in the country. The school provides employees with ample opportunities to grow and if one is looking for growth and is ready to accept challenges, CHIREC is the place!
CHIREC has not only pushed me out of my comfort zone but has also helped me become a more disciplined person, created pathways for growth, and helped me realise my potential. When the school authorities entrusted me with the role of Advanced Placement Examination Coordinator, I was a little skeptical about it. I was given enough space to slip into that role with ease. Successfully handling that for two years brought with it a novel unparalleled experience that has benefitted me in multiple ways.
I am a fitness enthusiast and have managed to do some form of exercise all my life. This pandemic has saved me my travel time that I can utilize for Zumba, playing the piano, and writing short poems. Here is one quatrain:
For the fluttering birds who wish to fly,
CHIREC propels you higher up in the sky.
For those who never fail to give it a try,
Lies here umpteen opportunities, I testify.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Seesti Moharana, and I joined CHIREC in 2014 as a Business Development Manager. Time flew so quickly, and my experience at CHIREC taught me many things that I am proud to boast about! Currently, I am working as Manager – Admin & Communications and love every bit of it. These six years at CHIREC have been the most productive years of my life and speak volumes about the skills and experience that I have inculcated here. One of the most challenging and best parts of working here is that you are always allowed to explore the roles in different departments. This has helped me in my all-around development, not just professionally but also in my personal life.?? I have completed my M.Sc., PGDIPM, DCS, SIMAP, MDMM & Certificate Course in Corel Draw, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Indesign & Flash. Being a family-oriented person, when not at work, I dedicate my time to my family! Watching movies or cooking meals together gives me sheer happiness. I believe a happy family helps a person grow in life and I am blessed to have one.?? CHIREC promotes a healthy working environment, supporting you in all your endeavors. From an employee`s perspective, it makes us feel valued by constantly appreciating our work and efforts by providing enormous facilities. CHIREC also left no stone unturned to support its employees even in the COVID situation. From giving salaries before time to helping us cope with the pandemic, it made us feel safe and secure.? It wouldn`t be an exaggeration to say that the People at CHIREC are my second family. The first person who helped me gain a brilliant perspective towards life and working culture is Ratna Ma`am. She always believed in me, supported my actions, and encouraged me to strengthen my dreams and passion. I can proudly say that I have been surrounded by incredible people at CHIREC who would do anything in their capability to provide support and a healthy working environment. I would especially like to thank Ramani Ma`am, Manaswita Ma`am, Iffat Ma`am, Susan Ma`am, and Ms. Deepa for being such admirable personalities and for making my years count at work!

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I’m Vinoda Vadhitya and I’m one of the cricket coaches at CHIREC with a special focus on bowling and improving fitness levels. Cricket has been a passion of mine from a very early age and I started playing when I was seven years old. It was my Physical Education teacher Mr. Srinivas Reddy who identified my cricketing skills and motivated me to get the training necessary in school to develop my skills. I’m an all-rounder and my first big break was at 13 when I was selected to be a part of the Andhra Pradesh team to play for the 52nd National School Games. I have led Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state in both T20s and One Day Internationals, whilst being one of the youngest players in the team. My greatest achievement till date was leading the under-19 Indian Cricket Team to victory in the World Cup. I’m extremely grateful to all my colleagues and the management at CHIREC for support and constant motivation. They have applauded and celebrated all my achievements. They have also been extremely accommodative of my rather demanding schedule as a player. My happiest moment at the school was when Ms. Ratna Reddy noticed me and appreciated me. Another very happy memory is from the time the students won the Col. CK Naidu tournament

International School In Hyderabad

I, Vaidehi Gupta, have been a part of the CHIREC community since 2010 and am extremely grateful for my journey here. From an immature and loud kid in the third grade to a mature but still loud girl in twelfth grade, many prominent qualities in my personality have been nurtured by CHIREC. Over the last two years itself, I have served as Deputy Head Girl, published my own novel, developed a product, and initiated an-all Hyderabad community service project. I am currently heading the literary committee. Recently, I even got a chance to meet Ruskin Bond through school! All these opportunities have fostered good communication, collaboration, and risk-taking qualities in me, overall making me the confident student I am today. The credit goes to the extremely supportive faculty here who will always have a special place in my heart, no matter where life takes me!”

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I, Yoshitha Muthyala have joined CHIREC 6 years ago in stage 7, since then school experience has been wholesome. The school has played a vital role in shaping up my career and has helped me evolve into who I am today. CHIREC has always provided balance for students between academics and co-curricular activities. We are given ample opportunities to explore our talent and learn new things. I’m currently the Head of Community service of the International section of CHIREC. Engaging in community service provides students with the opportunity of creating a lasting positive impact on society. Community service also enables students to acquire life skills and knowledge. It enhances the overall life satisfaction and allows students to develop social awareness and responsibility. Personally, through community service, I learned valuable lessons that are not taught elsewhere. Every time it’s a new experience, a new challenge. But mostly we get a chance to make a difference in the world. My passion for community service has led me to adopt a village and a street school to make significant developments in both. I’m an enthusiast when it comes to searching for new ideas and implementing them. Before that, I try to understand the root cause of the problem and then start looking for solutions. One of the problems that are I observed is the lack of extra-curricular activities taught to the government school children. As the community service head, I always thought there was this void that had to be filled. Something that they thought was unachievable simply due to lack of resources. We have the power and resources to fill this void. After a lot of planning and research, we had successfully made a curriculum for extra-curricular activities. We aim to inculcate Art, music, sports and life skills into the students of the government school. CHIREC has always encouraged us to take up such initiatives. I thank all my teachers who supported me to take part in such activities. Furthermore, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Venkat Raman K for always guiding me, motivating me and most importantly inspiring me.

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I am Parth Agarwal and I joined CHIREC when in the 5th grade, completing 7 years in this school. CHIREC has helped me become what I am today and I would have it no other way. From being a Prefect and the director of the Interact Club to becoming the President of the Interact Club and finally becoming the Head Boy, I have definitely come a long way. The opportunities that came my way helped me understand myself better, helped me express my talents. From being a young confused 5th grader, I have grown into a confident, knowledgeable and determined 12th grader. I learnt to break out from my shell and see the world as my canvas; I learnt the leadership qualities that are helping me in any corner of my life. The school gave me the opportunities to bring my ideas to the table and help organize various events that I grew up participating in. The school has been an integral and inseparable part of me since day one. I can never forget all the memories that I have made and the things that I have accomplished because of CHIREC.

International School In Hyderabad

I, Siddharth Tripurani, have been a proud student of CHIREC International School for 7 years and I believe I have grown a lot as a person. Currently serving as the Head Boy of the International Section, I was able to partake in basketball competitions, debate meets, and play music in the morning assembly, thanks to CHIREC for providing me the opportunities. I’m extremely passionate about graphic designing and have made the designs for numerous school events. I plan to do justice to my position with my last year in this school and look forward to keeping the student community happy.

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I remember my first day at CHIREC: The induction period, the tradition of total staff gathering, the Directors Address, and the introduction of the new staff members. The mic is passed around and arrives in my hands. My voice suddenly boomed, “Hellow! Everybody, I’m Susan Bird. I’m no sparrow. I’m an Albatross.”

Heads turned, eyes rolled, ears flapped. Truly, I’m not small made, and my new colleagues could see that. It’s been six years now, and my journey here at CHIREC has been swift, remarkable and fulfilling. From Classroom Teacher, to Middle School Incharge, to Secondary School Head Mistress, the school built me. It put me in a box, and I outgrew it, so every year, I was put in a new box with a new label, and now I’m in a box that fits all sizes!

Understanding CHIREC and all its stakeholders took time; not surprisingly, while I was coming to understand others, they were coming to understand me as well, so very soon I came to feel that I had become CHIREC. It’s philosophy, it’s practices, it’s quality consciousness, it’s compassion, it’s progress, it’s climb, all became my work nature.

At this point in time, when I look back on my 20 year teaching career, I feel boastful about my stint here. It has been so enriching. Professionally, I am tempered to fit the 21st century teaching community; emotionally, I am balanced; economically, I have sufficiency; temperamentally, I am funny and straight forward. To my colleagues, I seek to be a strong pillar; to the support staff, I m a friend; and to the students, I’m humorous, blunt and direct, and always try to remain the reasonable one. We share space with the present generation. They look up to us and we look up to them and we’re running the race together in the scenario of changing needs and demands. No losers, no winners, all survivors, who are better humans and more enterprising. At CHIREC when change is seen in the horizon, we pick up our baggage and embrace it.

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My name is V.K.L.T Katyayini , I teach Fashion Studies. I joined CHIREC in 2004, I graduated from Masters in Apparel and Textiles. I enjoy reading books, listening to music, doing embroidery and designing dresses. Before joining CHIREC, for 12 years I worked in Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University as faculty in Indian Council of Agricultural Research – All India Cooperated Research Project. I organise fashion shows for the students of Fashion Studies to showcase their designs. Also, I coordinate for workshops and internships CHIREC students of Fashion Studies have been placed in world ’s top universities such as London college of Fashion, Parsons College of Design, New York and National Institute of Fashion Technology.
My best moments at CHIREC are when I was recognized for my contributions. I am proud of my contributions toward placing CHIREC as a top CBSE school for Fashion Studies students achieved 100 percentage pass rate in Grade XII AISSCE Examination consecutively from 2012 to 2016. All my class X graders, batch of 2012, attended the Alumni meet and surprised me by recalling their memories. Proud moments for me are when my students keep in touch with me and inform about their achievements and take my suggestions for their projects and start-ups.
CHIREC is a place for continuous learning, both for students and teachers. It seems as if only yesterday I started my journey at CHIREC but it is already 13 years. I feel proud to be a part of CHIREC community which supports and provides opportunities to teachers to grow professionally as well as an individual. Also CHIREC’s contributions towards community service and responsibility towards eco-friendliness is appreciable.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Leena Rao, Headmistress Cambridge Primary. I have been in CHIREC since June 2003. The 13-year journey at CHIREC has been an enriching experience! I started as the class teacher for Grade 1 in CBSE curriculum, taught the first batch of Stage 1 for Cambridge curriculum, moved to teaching Stage 4, worked as Primary Wing Coordinator and taught Science to Stage 6. Eventually in the year 2014, I took up the role of Cambridge Primary Headmistress and am thoroughly enjoying it. A teacher affects eternity; he/she can never say when the influence stops, this quote by Henry Adams has had a long lasting effect on me. I realized that the profession of teaching is where you are able to give the greatest gifts to children – the roots of responsibility and wings of independence. The most rewarding aspect of my job is that I am able to contribute towards grooming the students in the age groups of 5-10 to become confident, inquisitive, caring and responsible kids.

The factor that sets CHIREC apart from other schools is that it provides the right learning environment both for students and the teachers. The work environment is very encouraging. I feel that for teachers who are committed to their profession, CHIREC is the right place. One of the best compliments that I have received is once when after a presentation to parents, a few of them told me that their kids consider me as their role model and look for my appreciation which motivates them. An incident that I will never forget is when I used to teach Stage 4 The entire class presented me a scrap book that had each student writing a page about me and it was so gratifying to note that I was able to have a positive influence on each of them. The book is something which I will always cherish. I like spending quality time with people whom I care for, watching funny movies, listening to music, traveling and with friends catching up.

I have completed my education in Hyderabad and have visited many places in India, owing to my husband being an army officer. My journeys abroad have been an enriching experience, I traveled to Boston for the first teacher exchange Program between CHIREC and Thayer Academy, in 2009; to Cambridge Conference at Singapore in 2013 and to Cambridge in 2016 for a training program for Cambridge Primary Global Perspectives Pilot Program. My children are my source of happiness and my family is my pillar of strength!

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Hi, I am Snehalatha and I have been a part of CHIREC for 5 years now. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Education and have completed my M.Sc in Geology. I was appointed as an Internal-Auditor for Academics in 2013, a first of its kind role made to ensure quality in education. CHIREC believes that students and staff are like two eyes of the organization and has given me an opportunity to be a life-long learner. I was registered to the Cambridge International Certificate for Teaching and Learning through school and faired with Distinction. I was able to extend this learning into an award-winning opportunity for the International School Award, which also led to a successful student exchange program between Mauritius and India. I can confidently say that CHIREC gives you an opportunity to engage, explore, and achieve laurels for yourself and the school collectively. It had been a fruitful journey of five glorious years at CHIREC and I am grateful to this institution for providing me with opportunities to exhibit my knowledge and grow as an educator, facilitator, and guide for my students. #PeopleofCHIREC

International School In Hyderabad

I love the following quote which states So often you find that the students you are trying to inspire are the ones that end up inspiring you.
Hi! I am Mrs. Swapna Kannedi, working as a Middle wing coordinator in CHIREC International. The long journey at CHIREC has given me a mountain of experiences, invaluable growth in terms of a person and a teacher and above all, a deep satisfaction that I would cherish all my life.
I started off as a primary teacher in CBSE, learnt a lot of skills and enjoyed the experience of building young minds who shower unconditional love on you and exhibit unexplainable trust. When we started the first batch of CIE, it was a challenge but in a year’s time we could crack the primary checkpoint and it was a feeling of achievement for the students and the staff and also of an approval that we were on the right track.

Two years down the line I was moved to the middle wing as a coordinator. If primary students teach you to be patient and loving, the middle school students teach you to accept questions of all kinds, to respect in order to be respected and be open minded. As they say teaching middle school is an adventure, not a job. Yes, the adventure is still continuing.

I had been teaching science to these students and the rapport I build with my students is something I love and probably will build on this skill, to know and understand them better. I am presently teaching biology for stage 9.

The best part of being a teacher is when the students who have left school tell you how happy they were in your class and the role you had played in building their skills in life. I live with my very supportive.

International School In Hyderabad

Hi, I am Kavita Mehta, Incharge of Gachibowli Campus. I have completed a year at CHIREC and truth be told, it has been a roller coaster ride for me. When I had joined this school, I was made the Incharge of the Admin department. After three months, the Director of CHIREC, Ms. Ratna Reddy, showed her confidence in me and made me the overall Incharge of Gachibowli campus. After successfully receiving my bachelor’s degree from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi, I further studied Bachelor’s in Applied Arts from Delhi College of Art, New Delhi. I then pursued Nursery Teachers Training from Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi, followed by a diploma course in Early Childhood Education from Hibernia College, UK. I also completed a Certified Hospitality Educator course from American Hotels & Lodging Educational Institute, USA. After working as a teacher with reputed organizations including Kids Central Cambridge International School and Indus Early Learning Center in Chennai, I joined SRM – Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University as a Training Consultant and a Senior Lecturer and was also an External Examiner. With brilliant facilities such as interactive boards for students, well set-up libraries, a transport system in place and delicious lunch, CHIREC International School remains on top for me. It has a systematic platform in place which monitors everything very closely. I have always embraced challenges as it not only makes me more confident but also prepares me for any hurdles in life. People at CHIREC have made my journey quite smooth with their constant motivation and encouragement. I would especially like to mention Ms. Ratna Reddy, Ms. Iffat Ibrahim and Ms. Ramani Ysv who guided me at every step and with their support, I could sail through here. Last year during summer vacation, I conducted the Personality Development Program for teachers of Gachibowli Campus. I am still learning and inculcating new skills every day at school. At CHIREC, instead of doubting your caliber, they appreciate your efforts and give you the responsibility to channelize your skills. Since I was closely connected to the hospitality industry, I always enjoyed a systematic way of working. So, when I came here for the interview, I was very fascinated with its well planned and structured environment. I don’t consider this as my workplace, it’s my second home and I sincerely look forward to doing my best for the growth of CHIREC

International School In Hyderabad

I Sujatha. K joined CHIREC in the year 1991. I was a fresh trainee of Preschool. Ratna Ma am gave me an opportunity to teach PPII class. I was a bit nervous in the beginning to teach little children. With Madam s support and encouragement, I was able to handle the class confidently. CHIREC gave me the platform to be a confident, strong and to face the world no matter whatever comes your way. CHIREC has made me a strong lady. It is unbelievable that I have been in association with the school for 25 yrs. It gives me immense pleasure when children come to me and say Ma am, You was our PP teacher please come to us in the higher classes too, we love you Ma am! I still remember one student Harshvardhan whom I taught him PPII came back after 10 years and tells me that I still remember you Ma am how much care and love who showered on us. Sarvesh another student visits the school makes it a point to meet me. It really gives me happiness and pleasure when the students come back and say Ma am we always remember you as our first teacher.

I always loved teaching the little children and listening to their innocent talks. It gives me immense pleasure and happiness when people say You have been in school for 25yrs.

My association with CHIREC has been for 25 years and would like to serve still beyond. Teaching is my passion specially Pre-Primary classes. It gives me immense pleasure, joy and happiness working at CHIREC.

International School In Hyderabad

I am Manju Sharma, Head of the Hindi Department at CHIREC. I still remember the day I was at my radio recording when I was introduced to CHIREC. I applied and soon enough I was part of the CHIREC team and from that day on to today, I am grateful to CHIREC for providing me with opportunities to exhibit my knowledge and grow as an educator, facilitator and guide for my students.

I thoroughly enjoy every responsibility given to me by the school including my classes, class observation, magazine work, conducting workshops for teachers, organizing a special assembly, and checking lesson plans.

Working as teacher is as demanding as it is stimulating. Balancing between my role as a teacher and HOD is tough but a satisfying challenge to have overcome. I graduated from Jaipur University. My favorite hobby is reading and I enjoy reading Hindi literature and books like Shrinkhla Ki Kadiya and Chitraleka. I haven’t traveled much apart from Banaras, Rajasthan, Chennai, Mumbai and now in Telengana. My Guru, Prof Rishabh Dro Sharma is my role model as he inspired and motivated me a lot. I started teaching right from my college days and my journey has brought me to CHIREC. My fondest memory is when I received my Ph.D degree. I beam with pride when I see the textbooks I’ve authored are used in schools. The grammar textbook currently used at CHIREC is my hard work too. These may be little milestones, but the joy of teaching just pushes me forward to achieve greater milestones in life. Teaching at CHIREC is both rewarding and motivating. The fun which I have with my students in the classes is immeasurable. I would like to think that the love we have is mutual as the the kids have awarded me titles like: ‘Dedicated Teacher’ and ‘Pretty Lady’.

People always ask me, why learn Hindi in a time where other languages are fast catching up in the nation. I have always believed that learning Hindi is as helpful as learning any other language in the world. There are so many untapped resources of employment out there that are waiting to be utilized by educated young individuals who are familiar with Hindi, be it in India or abroad. The richness of the Hindi vocabulary cannot be matched by most foreign languages. And in these modern days, the world is interested to learn the culture of India and the Hindi language.

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I am Komma Ramesh Babu, a student of IBDP year 2. I have been in CHIREC since 2008 and I have always been a curious and enthusiastic learner, moreover, a keen observer of my immediate surroundings. I like to refer to myself as a young environmentalist, advocating for quick climate change. This is an area I take a profound interest in, and over the years, with research and active involvement, I have gained extensive knowledge in the field. I am the Founder and Head of the E3 club and have been involved in various projects like “Composting bin” and “Planting drives” at school. CHIREC has played a key role in fostering and developing my interest. All my teachers have been supportive of my various endeavors, and I am proud to share that recently we have planted a total of 1100 saplings on World Environmental Day which was recognized by the UNEP. Our school, as a collective body, is moving towards environmental sustainability and I am grateful for the much-needed change that has been brought about. Today, nearly every junior I meet attaches environment to my name, and it is thrilling to be putting in even minimal effort in the time of such a global crisis. I sincerely hope to continue pursuing my passion during my further studies and be an environmental scientist one day.

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My name is Manorama Anne, and I have been working as a Math teacher at CHIREC since 2005. I did my Masters in Mathematics from Ravi Shankar University, Bhilai, Chattisgarh and completed B.Ed. from Jabulpur, Rani Durgavathi University. Ever since I joined CHIREC, it has been an amazing journey. I have been a part of various activities like CHIREC@25, Sports day, CHIREC fests, Children’s Day celebrations, academic fairs, class competitions, and house competitions. I learned a lot of skills and enjoyed the experience of building young minds who shower their unconditional love and respect. In three glorious decades of CHIREC, I proudly say that I have transformed myself into a better being than I was 13 years ago.CHIREC has developed a sense of community and classroom belonging in my teaching pedagogy. The culture of transparency, respect, and continuous professional development hold CHIREC higher than the rest. I can never forget the guidance and support given by Mr. Venkatraman and Ms. Rajalaxmi, the then Principal- in 2006, in setting up Math Laboratory first in CHIREC. Each person whom I have worked with has also contributed to enhancing my personality. Ms. Iffat Ibrahim - the Principal has always left me astounded through her perfection of work: be it planning and executing of a lesson plan or formatting the report card. Ms. Susan always helped me to stay calm and composed in every situation. The never-ending support and encouragement I’ve received from the director, Mrs. Ratna Reddy, my in-charges, and teachers, really mean a lot. I thank the management for giving me this opportunity and I hope to live up to the expectation of our Director, Mrs. Ratna Reddy.

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I am Mrs. P Parvathi and I very proudly say CHIREC is my school. Yes, I can say it as I have been with CHIREC for 20 years now and this is how CHIREC has made me feel. Initially I taught Classes 1, 2, and 3. In my very first year of work, being with the young minds, their friendly nature, their energy, love and enthusiasm took me to the whole new world and these children became a part of my life forever. One of the most memorable experiences was when I got a chance to train the kids to sing for the school anniversary. It was a song written and composed by me. The encouragement that was shown to me on that occasion by Ms. Ratna and the others left an indelible mark and became the driving force for me for all these years. As I went ahead to teach higher classes later on, I got the opportunity to attend numerous workshops which taught me various pedagogical skills, interpersonal skills, and helped me become better and better.There is one thing about us at CHIREC, no matter what the task at hand is, we succeed Our school provides a safe, friendly, encouraging and motivating environment for our students. Our students attend various competitions and they are trained to give best in everything they do, and bring back laurels. My eyes swell up with tears each year during the alumni meets where our ex-students like Ashritha, Varun, Tejaswi, Juhi, Sneha, Minakshi, Swathi, Veda and Deepti Kodali who are now successful in their careers and in different spheres, come back to visit us and fondly narrate their memorable experiences and the valuable lessons they learnt here. Being associated with a school which constantly strives to achieve the highest standards in education is a pleasure beyond words. I will be forever indebted to Ms. Ratna for giving me the opportunity to work for and be a valuable member of this wonderful CHIREC family.

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I am Shahana Khan. I did my Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education and Masters in Economics from Osmania University, Hyderabad. I have also done my Masters in English Literature from EFL University, Hyderabad, and completed Cambridge International Diploma Teachers Training from Cambridge University and Diploma in Computer Applications. I come from a family of educators in Hyderabad. As a child, I was always fascinated by my aunts and uncles who were educators. I have twenty years of teaching experience and I joined CHIREC in 2005 as a primary teacher in the CBSE curriculum and then had a smooth transition to teach the Cambridge curriculum. I have attended seminars, teachers’ training programs conducted by Cambridge University which helped me to keep myself updated and stand able to deliver Twenty first century skills to learners and help them become global citizens. I look forward to learning and implementing my knowledge and skills in the best of ways. I feel education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. I believe in always following my dreams and believing in oneself.

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I am RSAP Sharma, better known as Sharma Sir at CHIREC. I am the IT Manager and have been with the school since 1996. I had joined as a Computer Teacher at the Jubilee Hills branch. I coordinate with the Administration and IT team to ensure that we use the latest and safest technology to facilitate teaching at its best and enhance our in-house systems. I have worked on technologies form as basic as MS DOS, Lotus to present day technologies like MS Windows 10. There were numerous challenges during our years of transition, but each new move opened the doors to a new opportunity! The best part about our Director, Mrs. Ratna Reddy, is that she ensures positive growth, supports us and is always open to integrating new technologies for the organization. One of the most difficult and challenging situation was one when our website had some technical issues at the server end, my team and me worked continuously for hours together and restored the site within 5 hours, it was a sense of accomplishment and pride.

I am a district level Chess Champion, that s the reason that I was introduced to the field of IT years back, when the computers weren’t very prevalent. I first played Chess on a computer and then studied further. It was like immersing into the whirl of technology ever since then, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly.

I have a very strong family, which is my support system and the reason for my happiness. Worshiping God gives me strength, peace and tranquility. My favourite destination is Varanasi, I adore its sanctity, and I believe it is the center of energy on the earth! The book that inspires me is the Autobiography of a Yogi. I am grateful to everyone for the immense respect that I get. My team at CHIREC has been my pillar of strength throughout and reason behind my success story here! My best and one of the most memorable compliments was by the Director, Mrs. Ratna that I am a very hardworking person, it encourages me at every stage and motivates me to put in my best foot forward, always!

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Hello! My name is Srivani Laxman and I am the Data Coordinator in the IT Department. I joined CHIREC in 2002. I graduated with a MBA in Information Technology and also hold a post-graduation Diploma in Programme Engineering. I am an avid reader of books and thoroughly enjoy gardening. I am a self-motivated person and I believe in perfection and always strive for excellence. My motto in life is ‘Nothing is impossible’. I stepped into the world of education as a Headmistress at a school. But as my passion for technology grew, I decided to move to the corporate world where I worked as an Administrative Officer. But I missed the education field so dearly that my love for schools brought me to CHIREC. My role at CHIREC is quite diverse. I am responsible for the management of the school website, the CHIREC Mobile Application, CHIREC social media accounts, the alumni reconnect, e-designing, photography, videography and data coordination.

I enjoy updating content on the social media. It is a tedious process but one that fills my heart with pride. My team and I work round the clock to update our various social media network sites like Facebook, Twitter and tumblr with posts of student achievements, latest happenings at CHIREC and parents led activities at school. Today at CHIREC is our very own version of flash news where the daily happenings on all three campuses are updated on our website within a couple of hours. You can catch short live streaming of events on the CHIREC instagram account or scroll through various posts on the wall. Every week we post pictures from the days of CHIREC inception to the early 2000s as throwbacks from the glorious past. People at CHIREC is a unique feature on our Facebook page where we post a brief write up of our students, teaching staff and non teaching staff, for the CHIREC community to know about us better. Our students have shared their success stories with us and have inspired many readers. We also stay in touch with our alumni and share their achievements, big or small, with pride. We have always encouraged our alumni to stay in touch with us through our alumni portal - alumni.chirec.ac.in.

My best moment at CHIREC was during the 20 years ceremony. It was a proud day for me as my hard work and dedication was applauded by all on stage. Another day I fondly remember is when we launched the first CHIREC website under Iffat Ma’ams guidance. CHIREC has always given me a space to take innovative and initiative steps and encourages me to work towards brilliance. I am proud to be part of CHIREC family.

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Hello! My name is Sandhya and I am the HOD of the Computer Science department in the International Section at CHIREC. I graduated from Loyola Academy, Hyderabad and completed my MCA from IGNOU University after my marriage. I have been teaching for nearly 15 years. This profession is truly satisfying. It taught and continues to teach me patience and the skill of understanding people. When not teaching, I love reading books, cooking, listening to music, and singing.
I joined CHIREC in the year 2011 as the PGT teacher in the CBSE section and was responsible for teaching the subject “Informatics Practices” for classes 11 and 12. I am grateful to the Principal Mrs. Iffat Ibrahim for her guidance at all levels. Her professionalism and eye for detail is something that I admire and hope to imbibe it in myself. I transferred to the International branch in 2016 and I am now the IGCSE and IB facilitator. Here I teach computer science to the students of Stage 9, 10, As & A Level and IB. This transition was the biggest challenge for me as I entered a totally different arena of academics and methods. It was quite overwhelming in the beginning but with the support and guidance of the Principal Mr. Joshi and Vice-principal Mrs. Ragini, I am now finding it comfortable. Mr. Sharma, the IT manager has been a good guide and mentor. I am ever grateful to all my colleagues and in charges for their support and patient guidance through the understanding process.
Working in CHIREC has changed me in many ways. Two most important ones that I would like to mention are that it made me more confident and multi task. I was always hesitant to move out of my comfort zone but CHIREC made me a risk-taker and accept challenges. It is here that I learnt how to prioritize work and face any situation. My mantra has always been “SINCERITY, HARD WORK AND HONESTY”. I believe that it never goes unnoticed.

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