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CHIREC Alumnus, Vishnu Ramesh, CEO and Co-founder of Subtl.AI – a startup seeded at IIIT Hyderabad

What if technology enabled your voice to take over the functions of the Ctrl-F key? CHIREC Alumnus, Vishnu Ramesh, CEO and Co-founder of Subtl.AI – a startup seeded at IIIT Hyderabad, believes technology can do wonders. Tapping into the benefits of tech, he has left no stone unturned to allow humans to speak with technology by facilitating voice search and replacing the Ctrl-F function. How does tech seamlessly merge with documents and complete a cognitive search?  When you look for a particular item in a document, the results fetched could be many when searched with Ctrl-F. Fast forward to the Subtl Bot, document searches are done using a cognitive function that delivers results to your query as an expert would. The Subtl AI tech will soon find its way embedded in NCERT books too.
In the words of the man playing with words, Vishnu Ramesh says “Humans have to look around. Once you do so, your mind resonates with all that’s existing around you. You may encounter problems, solutions, which not many thought of. Your idea might just be the master solution to a problem. Figure out what it takes to grab that one chance and take the risk. As, in the end, everything starts with an idea.”
Vishnu Ramesh also leaves our students with food for thought when he says, “Life is no straight line. There is fun when you come out of a maze with twists and turns different from where you started. At such times, teamwork matters. A question to which you did not have the answer can be answered by someone else helping you reach a solution or destination.”
If you are an alumnus of CHIREC and would like to share your story with us, please email alumnisupport@chirec.ac.in.

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