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CHIREC hosted the maiden edition of TEDxYouth@CHIREC today. An initiative of TED, the American non-profit organisation, TEDx events all around the world stand for independently organised, community initiatives of the TED talks. In the same spirit, CHIREC International organised its first edition with the theme `Accelerating Cognizance` with the aim of enlightening tender minds with talks delivered by people from different walks of life. The event was attended by 109 students from seven different schools of Hyderabad.

The guest speakers included some eminent personalities who influenced the attendees with their inspiring talks. Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy, an entrepreneur, discussed the three lessons that helped him succeed in his life. Ms. Mahima Datla, managing director of Biological E., emphasised the importance of vaccines in our life and their impact on the economy. Mr. Prshant Lahoti, an artist, explained how he uses the creative and analytical sides of his brain efficiently; he reminded the youth that art is an important part of our lives. Ms. Meera Shenoy, with her initiative - Youth4Jobs, spoke about how providing job opportunities for people with special needs has impacted global economic growth.

As a TED guideline, two videos of TED were screened for the attendees. The first being that of Michelle Obama, who talks to school students and narrates her life stories to inspire them to work hard for they aspire to become. The second video showed the talk delivered by Caleb Barlow who spreads awareness about cyber bullying and harassment in the most amusing way using thick statistics that darkly cover the world as people disguised behind screens have attacked those that are vulnerable to the chains of social media networks.

As a TEDx guideline, two TED videos were screened for the attendees. The first being that of Michelle Obama, who spoke to schoolgirls in the UK about the value and impact that her education and values have had on her life, and in helping her become who she is today. The second video showed a talk delivered by Caleb Barlow, who spreads awareness about cybercrime and the need to democratize cybersecurity data in order to make cybercrime a less lucrative sector.

The student speakers of the day included Maitri Paul - Stanford bound CHIREC alumna, who talked about her love for Marine Biology and her passion for the earths oceans. Next, Tejaswi Polimetla, a Grade 10 student from Oakridge International, talked about the false dichotomy between sciences and arts. She took the audience on a journey to prove that dreams and interests were never related to the restrictive subject groups in the education system. Finally, Shashank Venkatesh, an 11th grader from CHIREC and the founder of an educational group, spoke passionately about the need to reform the education system in India.

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