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CHIREC is affiliated to and accredited by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The CBSE curriculum envisions a robust, vibrant and holistic school education that will engender excellence in every sphere of human endeavour. The Board is committed to providing quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among its learners. By advocating Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, the CBSE curriculum works towards evolving a learning process and environment, which empowers future citizens to become global leaders in the emerging society.

CHIREC CBSE provides a learning environment to develop confident, responsible and enterprising citizens. Our integrated curriculum is built on the `Whole Child’ concept, along with rigorous CBSE educational practices. This complete and unique curriculum is what has categorized CHIREC as one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad.

Primary (Classes 1 to 5, Ages 5.6 years to 10 years)

The CHIREC Primary Years programme has been designed to creatively prepare students to be adaptable for the later stages of their education, while allowing them to enjoy the many wonderful experiences of their childhood.

The programme has no formal examination. Assessment is formative, continuous, and comprehensive. Our curriculum focuses on activity-based learning, and an emphasis on understanding and appreciating core concepts by going beyond textbooks to relate to real-life experiences. Students also have the opportunity to choose one indoor and one outdoor activity to encourage healthy living habits and to cultivate their physical development.

A day`s journey at CHIREC involves acquiring, analyzing and applying knowledge in different aspects. A home away from home, any day in CHIREC is full of enthusiasm, creativity, noise and enjoyment. Each session is planned in accordance with the 21st century skills, and After-School Clubs help learners develop their passions.

Unique Activities

CHIREC believes in the holistic development of each student. Our programme provides equal opportunity to excel in both academics as well as co-curricular activities. A few important activities include creative work through chart paper projects, clay modeling, small skits, presentations, public speaking, etc. Daily activity updates are put up on a website for the parents to see their child`s creativity and knowledge come alive. Project-Based Learning helps learners mix disciplines, apply academics in real time and develop skills that would help them overcome obstacles and gain new perspectives.

Unique Activities

Topic of the Week

Students can explore their creative and cultural skills in skits, songs and dances performed every week in the assembly. Every student gets a chance to be on the stage. Students have a platform to showcase their talents in a variety of fields, overcome stage fear and become confident speakers. Language and sports assemblies enrich the learners and provide opportunities for learning beyond academics.

Topic of the week

D.E.A.R Period

“Drop Everything and Read” or D.E.A.R. Period, for short, has been initiated with the motive to inculcate reading habits in students. Every Wednesday, a “Read with Me” session is conducted, and a parent is invited to read and share a story with the students of the class, giving the students an opportunity to interact with others, enjoy different stories and stimulate their imaginations. Parents have a wonderful experience with their child, reading and exploring books of various genres together.

Dear Period

Coffee with Class Teacher

Parental involvement allows teachers to focus more on the task of teaching children. During the Coffee with Class Teacher sessions, parents are invited to school every Saturday to discuss the overall development of their child at school. The teacher-student-parent bond is strengthened, and parents develop a greater confidence in and appreciation for the important role they play in their children`s education.

Coffee With Teacher

Know My Parent

An informative session where parents interact with the students about their professions and their aspirations. This opens up a child`s mind to the different opportunities they have in the future. The students learn about the vocations of different parents` during this interactive session, which also includes a segment for parents to answer the students` queries.

Know My Parent


Sports are an integral part of a student`s life at CHIREC. CHIREC encourages students to participate in both indoor and outdoor sports to stimulate physical and mental health. CHIREC`s Sports programmes help students inculcate tolerance, patience, obedience, discipline, willpower and a determination to win. Along with learning the critical value of team spirit, students also learn how to share victory and defeat.


Field Trips

Educational field trips facilitate fast and efficient learning, bridge gaps and provide rich experiences related to concepts taught in class. They provide unique opportunities for learning that extend beyond the walls of the classroom. Field trips are planned to enable students to connect to the real world through different experiences.

Field Trips

Outbound Trips

Educational trips provide an informal learning setting for students to associate with classmates, experience new environments and enjoy a day or two away from their normal routines. Students learn to understand their community and develop an openness to differences in others. CHIREC`s outbound trips encourage students to take part in overnight trips to connect to nature and places of knowledge, gain a perspective of being independent, and acclimatize to new situations.

Outbound Trips

Life Skills

In a constantly changing environment, life skills equip students with essential social and interpersonal skills to cope with the demands of everyday life. The Life Skills programme builds confidence and encourages students to think critically, foster independence and to communicate effectively. It also focuses on skills such as self-awareness, problem solving, decision making, empathy, and dealing with emotions.


Pet Corner

CHIREC houses a Pet Corner to provide students with opportunities to take on more responsibility, inculcate a sense of gratitude, and help build character.



Students learn best through exploration and hands-on experiences. Co-Curricular Activities are blended with academics for effective learning. They help develop various facets of a student’s personality, such as social skills, intellectual skills, personality progress, character appeal, leadership skills, team integrity, and co-ordination skills. Activities include: Chart Competition,   Diya Decoration, Rakhi Making,   Spell Bee, Mask Making,   Lantern Making, Origami, Gift Wrapping ,Rangoli making

Counselling - Parents – Students – Teachers CHIREC has an inhouse team of expert counselors to handle students with diverse learning needs and behavioral concerns. The school also takes support from professional counsellors in Hyderabad.


Reading Programme

As students move from PP II to Grade I, their reading skills are nurtured through the reading programme. The counsellor works with the class teacher to understand the students and their skills in the mainstream classroom. Learning to read in a fun way by addressing individual needs of the students is the main objective of this Programme. A variety of learning material and fun games are used during these sessions. Students who face learning difficulties during their initial stages are identified for the ‘Early intervention programme’. Teachers work closely with parents to ensure that any difficulties are effectively addressed and remedied early on.

Remedial Support

Remedial support is a complete scientific approach through which individual student’s difficulties are addressed using specific remedies. Support is given to students who are identified with mild and moderate level of difficulties in reading, writing and cognition areas. The tenure of remedial support varies from child to child based on specific needs, and students are gradually weaned off from the remedial support programme.

Counselling Workshops


Teacher workshops are conducted to understand the reasons for learning disabilities and behavioral concerns, and to enable teachers to address the needs of each individual student more effectively. Sessions are also conducted for teachers to help them identify a child requiring remedial or behavioral support.

Parent Workshops


Parent workshops are conducted to help parents connect with their children. These sessions emphasize the need for the parent-child bond, different ways to communicate with children, effectively handling children with behavioral issues, etc. The workshops thoroughly address the growing needs of child care.


Keeping in mind that students need support in developing emotional balance, several sessions are conducted for students, depending on their age and level of maturity. Group sessions are conducted to make students aware of the issues they may face during different phases of their lives. These sessions are conducted in an age-appropriate manner, and with prior intimation to the parents.

Group sessions are conducted based on the needs of individual classrooms. Activities such as ‘Art therapy’ are conducted by the counsellors to understand the emotional phase of the students.

Individual sessions are conducted for students who are struggling with the demands of the school environment. These individual sessions help students communicate any difficulties they may be facing and to find a holistic solution which will benefit them emotionally and enhance their academic and behavioral performance in school.


Secondary (Classes 6 to 10)

The Secondary Programme is more formal in structure. The transition from the Primary stage is carefully planned so that the students develop the habit of systematic work. Students of Grades VI – X learn through activity-based assignments, hands-on activities and projects. The use of technology and research is encouraged.

We offer English, Science, Hindi / Telugu / French, Social Science, Mathematics, Computer Science (Optional in grades IX and X). In accordance with CBSE guidelines, students must study 2 languages and English until class VIII. Hindi must be either a II language or a III language.As per Telangana Government guidelines, Telugu will be a compulsory subject. Academics and Activities are integrated within the programme

Senior Secondary (Classes 11 and 12)

The Senior Secondary program is flexible, offering a set of optional subjects to choose from according to students` interests and career preferences. The school prepares students for the All India Senior School Certificate Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education. This degree is recognized as a qualifying examination for admission to Indian as well as foreign Universities. Building on a foundation of critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration, students are more engaged in the learning process and graduate better prepared to thrive in today`s global economy.

International School In Hyderabad


English (Core), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

Optional (One of the following):

 Home Science, Biotechnology, Economics, Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Taxation, Informatics Practices/Web Application, Fashion Studies, Physical Education
International School In Hyderabad


English (Core), Biology, Physics, Chemistry

Optional (One of the following):

Informatics Practices/Web Application, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Taxation, Physical Education, Fashion Studies
International School In Hyderabad


English (Core), Business Studies/Business Administration, Accountancy/Cost Accounting, Economics

Optional (One of the following):

Informatics Practices/Web Application, Home Science, Mathematics, Legal Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Taxation, Physical Education, Fashion Studies
International School In Hyderabad


English (Core), Political Science/ Sociology, History/ Geography/ Business Administration, Home Science /Psychology/ Economics/ Informatics Practices/Web Application

Optional (One of the following):

Entrepreneurship, Fashion Studies, Legal Studies,  Taxation, Physical Education

College and Career Guidance (C&CG)

Through individualized support, counselling and collaboration with families, the C&CG Department reinforces values that enable CHIREC students to achieve their goals and succeed in a competitive college environment. Our objectives are:
• To assist students in making strong academic and extracurricular choices that reflect CHIREC’s values and help identify institutions that best fit their academic interests and priorities.
• To prepare students for the college admissions process and counsel them on admissions based on their interests, abilities, and aptitudes.
To ensure 100% placements to all the students.

CHIREC’s College and Career Guidance Department offers a full range of resources to support the college search and application process, including College Visits, prospective campus tours, and on-campus coaching classes for Indian entrance exams like CLAT and standardized tests like SAT, ACT, and PSAT, which are required for admission in to most foreign universities. CHIREC has been a test center for standardized exams such as PSAT, SAT, Advance Placements for 4 years now. CHIREC is the only center for Advanced Placements exam in Telangana.

CHIREC organizes University Fairs for students to research their options and speak with college admission representatives. The school also invites experts from the industry and various universities across the globe to conduct career talks to keep the students updated about the career opportunities available to them, upcoming careers and the current market trend.



Internships enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development by learning through real-world experience. By working to secure an internship of their choice, students are encouraged to develop expertise in fields that best suit their interests. Diverse internships are offered to the students by collaborating with various organizations and notable CHIREC alumni.

Guest Lectures

Guest speakers provide students with original perspectives on the most diverse range of topics, from the economy to culture and philosophy to politics and the environment. Through these events, students are introduced to diverse professions, career opportunities, and viewpoints regarding different global issues.

Students Achievements

Beyond Academics

Community Service

CHIREC’s community service initiatives emphasize global awareness and the development of attitudes and skills required to make a difference in the world. Participating in these initiatives encourages students to strengthen their commitment to a larger purpose, increase their awareness of real-world challenges and nurture passion for service to those in need.

All community service initiatives take place under the aegis of the Veni Rao Foundation, a charitable trust in the memory of late Smt. D. Trinadha Veni & Shri. D. Appa Rao, parents of Mrs. Ratna Reddy, Director CHIREC. Through the Foundation, CHIREC students participate in initiatives that support Education, Health and Sanitation, and the Welfare of the Aged.


Field Trips

Educational field trips facilitate fast and efficient learning, bridge gaps and provide rich experiences beyond the four walls of the classroom. Students are connected to the real world through different experiences, and are provided with opportunities to apply and reinforce their learning in these environments.


Outbound Trips

Educational trips provide an informal learning environment, and give students the chance to associate with classmates, experience new environments and enjoy a day or two away from their normal routines. Students learn to find their place in the community and develop an openness to differences in others through participating in overnight trips. They gain a perspective of being independent and acclimatize to different situations. Our students have visited Bombay Stock Exchange, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Krishnapatnam Port, CERN (Switzerland), and a few other places which proved to be memorable  educational experiences.


Unique Activities

Exchange Programs

At CHIREC our Exchange Programs give our students an opportunity to broaden their horizons and appreciate different cultural perspectives. We give our students the opportunity to study, flourish, and work in different global contexts, helping them develop into future leaders and citizens who recognize the significance of cooperation, understanding, and compassion.



CHIREC strongly believes in providing ample opportunities for our students to nurture their innate potential and channel their abundant energy in developing skills essential for success in a competitive world. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we offer a range of After School Clubs and Sports activities for students to choose from based on their interests.



Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extracurricular activity in which students typically roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. Model UN motivates students to learn about world issues, and helps build confidence, leadership and diplomacy skills. CHIREC organizes MUN and JMUN conferences every year, and schools from all over Hyderabad register and contribute to the discussions.



TED (Technology Entertainment & Design) is a global set of conferences devoted to spreading ideas that address a wide range of topics. TEDx conferences are independently organized events by curious individuals who seek to discover ideas and spark conversations in their own community. CHIREC hosts TEDx events at its campus welcoming people from different cultures to share their ideas through short, powerful talks.


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